Chef Jacob dies of heart attack in Chennai

Chef Jacob dies of heart attack in Chennai

Chennai, Nov 6 (TruthDive): Popular chef Jacob Sahaya Kumar Aruni, famously known as Chef Jacob passed away on Sunday of heart attack at the Apollo First Med Hospital, in Chennai.

Chef Jacob was 38 and he was the host of Aaha Enna Rusi, a popular cookery show of Sun TV. Also, he was a successful restaurateur. His restaurant is named as “Chef Jacob’s Kitchen”. In 2010, he created Guinness record for the world’s longest barbeque marathon by cooking outdoors, for 24 hours and 5 minutes.

Jacob was a resident of Anna Nagar and a bachelor. He is famous for exploring the south Indian cuisine. He was born in a doctor family; he had passion towards cooking from his mother, Vimala Aruni, principal of C S I Jeyaraj Annapackiam College of nursing, Madurai.

He started cooking from the age of 14. He soon got his mother’s cooking style. His passion toward cooking started growing, which led him to study a degree in catering after finishing his bachelor’s degree in Physics in American College, Madurai. He did his advance course in cooking in SNR & Sons College, Coimbatore.

Jacob did research on the cuisines of Sangam era – the food habits of people who lived between the 3rd and 16th century through numerous primary sources. He served as the Director of Catering Department in the Sankara College of Science and Commerce in Coimbatore.

Through his TV cookery show, Aaha Enna Rusi, he was well-known for exploring unfamiliar locations and demonstrating his recipes in those locations.

In his Guinness Record for the longest individual barbecue cooking marathon, Jacob cooked up a total number of 485 dishes, which included 150 non-vegetarian dishes at Radisson Temple Bay, Chennai, India on 14–15 March 2010.

His restaurant, “Chef Jacob’s Kitchen” in Chennai, mainly focusses on the traditional south Indian flavours. The restaurant opened to much critical and commercial success.

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  1. My deep condolene to his family. I have not missed his sesions on sun tv and tried most of his style. This is a huge loss towards to South Indian cuisine.

  2. I feel very sorry for what happened to Chef Jacob. I dont miss to watch his episodes in sun tv making some interesting like sangam era and many dishes which is very good for health. He give us some healthful tips every time he cooks. Even he is a christian, he taught to cook food items for every hindu and muslim festivals which i and every one liked him most. He is one of the very few chefs made the cooking program in tv a worth to watch. The food world and we miss him a lot. My very deep condolene to his family.

  3. Its truely a shocking news. And as every one mentioned, I never miss his episode every week and he even impressed my 1.5yr old daughter who never misses his program too. Iam still not out of this. All good people never stay in the world for too long.. May his soul rest in peace.

  4. A smiling face is half the meal and A good meal makes a man feel
    more charitable toward the world than any sermon… as the saying goes!!! And that’s Chef Jacob!. we are going to MISS “U” Chef !

    My heartfelt condolences to his family “.May His Soul Rest In Peace”

  5. i am really shocked the news heart that chef Jacob and my deep condolence to his family this is a huge losses for culinary world .

  6. I felt shock when i got the news from my family members,
    I got more inspiration from Mr. Jacob, in fact i tried his cooking and served a lot.
    a great loss to all of us.

  7. It’s a very shock news foe me, My entire family watching his show on every saturday. He is an inspiration for me having some good time in kitchen trying some new dishes.

    here after every week saturday we miss him. great loss for all loving food lovers.

  8. this is really shocking to all tamil people who loves cooking as a passion.
    he is such a very nice and down to earth person always smily.
    even i cannot comeout of this.
    may his sould rest in peace.
    we are really going to miss AAHA ENNA RUSI.
    He will be always with us.
    we really missed smily person.

    god always take good souls with him.

  9. it was really shocking, and we couldn’t believe it,.
    he is such a very nice and down to earth person always smily.
    may his sould rest in peace.
    we are really going to miss AAHA ENNA RUSI.
    He will be always with us. My deep condolence to his family.
    well all good people loved by us is also loved by God, and thats why he has taken Chef Jacob from us & kept him beside him & asked has to keep his rememberance in our Hearts.
    so people don’t ever forget him & the tastiest food we discovered courtesy Chef Jacob.

    You are the man who still live in our Hearts.

    May your soul rest in peace.

  10. It was very shock news.every week saturday 1 pm we all in malaysia will wait for his programme,. now realy after hearing this iam deep condolences to his family.India loosing one of the talented and wonderfull chef.

  11. RIP Jacob, miss ur show .. very entertaining and we could see how he loves his job .. a very young age to pass away .. miss ur show on saturdays ..

  12. I used to watch his cook shows every weekend with my family.He captivated the young and the old.It is sad to hear of his untimely death.Sadly nothing was shown on Sun TV news here.We in Malaysia deeply miss you Jacob.May your soul rest in peace.

  13. I’m really shock and sad hear the news in the morning…..i really miss the show host by Chef Jacob. Condolence to his family

  14. it is unbelievable!!…chef jacob’s loss is a huge loss to the culinry world
    we will miss his cooking.may his soul rest in peace:'(

  15. A Shocking News,,,,My Heartfelt Sympathy and prayers to his family members.His Demise Is Also A Great loss To The Kids World.

  16. oh am very sad about this incident am a big fan of chef jacob sir, still i could not come out of this shocking news , i pray god to give peace to their fam

  17. I live in Melbourne and I love watching Jacobs Aha Enna Programme. One of the recipe which I still cook today is the banana flower briyani which all my friends love. He will be deeply missed. What a shame such a good soul taken away so early. He simply amazed me how he was able to show us how to cook for different occasions, like Ganesh Chathurthi, Muslim Festival and so on. I think the lord wanted him more. May your soul R.I.P. We love your show so much.

    Uma from Melbourne

  18. On 5th of Nov we got this sad Information from Sun TV Flash News. We were shocked while heard this sad news. We can’t believe this. Really we don’t know what happened to Jacob Sir Health. He only given us a lot of suggesstions while doing the cooking. We got so many essential tips from him. Apart from Cooking he is a Nice Jovial Person. We don’t know why God was played like this ??? Let us all pray for the peaceful rest of the soul and may God give strength to his Family to bear this unrepairable loss. We really miss him a lot.

  19. we all deeply miss u jacob sir. its a shocking news to all ur viewers.
    all children loved u very much.our very deep condolence to sir’s family & the team.

  20. im very shock to hear…………..just an moment my heart was stop wen i saw this sad news…….my son love s programme we missu………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….chef………… very deep condolene to his family

  21. I am really shocked and worrying to know this. Jacob sir is such a nice person. I had chances to talk with him few times. He always seems to be smiling. Really it is a great loss to all his fans. An young man with lot of love and dedication in his field. He is one of the good role model to our young generations..I pray god to give peace to his soul.

  22. Its truly shocking news. my family miss the jacobs program . i am very worry this news. My very deep condolene to his family.

  23. Nay his soul rest in peace. I am totally disappointed that SUN TV. Which gained huge profits by playing Jacobs show did not acknowledge the Chet’s death. Shame on you SUN TV. Solluinga boss spoke about Jacob.

  24. I am really shocked this is very unfair done by the god. he is very much nice person and very smily. why the god calling the nice people very early cauz he liked very much those people. Anyway I am praying for his athma shanthi.

  25. It is amazing to read all the comments. There is not a single negative post. That just shows what a great man Chef Jacob was. He was truly loved by everyone. RIP.

  26. My friend, I had met you only once. It must be around 2004 or 2005, when you were in-charge of the catering department in a private college nearby Coimbatore. We had a long chat, when we also exchanged our business cards. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that since then, you had grown in your status in leaps & bounds. During one of my return home from my overseas visits, my wife told me that she will have to rush to the TV as it was your show. It was a few years after we had met in that private college. When I joined her at the TV, I was truly happy to see that the well-liked person was you. I still remember how fond your students were with you. May your soul rest in peace and may the good people who had been your keen viewers, continue talking about you and your valuable contributions to the millions of people throughout the world!

  27. i feel very bad for my favourite chef jacob death.every week i never miss the chef jacob’s recipe.but now……………………..mmm i was very very very sad for it. when i saw mr chef jacob’s until now my ambition is become to a popular chef in the earth……………….may chef jacob bless me ……………

  28. dedicated gem of cooking. really miss u.. prayers for u & ur social services to continue in the world for ever.Its a shock which cant b bearable even by us. i enjoyed ur shows with kids n all. Pray for us to God. Ibelieve that u’l b in the hands of jesus as he loves u more and took u soon…

  29. i was really very shocked when i saw the progamme of aaha enna rusi 2day. It took some minutes for me 2 realise dat chef jacob s no more. I am a great fan of him. I admire the way he presents the show. I dont know how can his mother accept his death i feel realy sad for her. 1 thing i want 2 tell her he lives in the heart of every tamil people and wil live forever. May his soul reach the almighty.

  30. How sad to loose this young soul, Chef Jacob. He was a Skilled Cook, a Good Samaritaian, a true human being. I never miss his programme every saturday. I have prepared many of his dishes myself, so yummy, tummy tickling recipes.

    I pray to THE LORD to offer ever lasting peace to his departed soul

  31. really unbelievable news…… god made every one to born with in a seconds…..
    as soon as possible ,
    he collects a good soul with in a seconds…. god’s creature or humans nature….. whom weeeeeeee judgeeeee?????????????

  32. i am realy very sad. he gives us some healthful tips everytime he cooks. i am still not out of this . the food world & we miss him a lot . my very deep condolene to his family.

  33. I really shocked on hearing the news of chef I loved his programm a lot, My deep condolene to his family and friends.

  34. May his soul rest in peace.
    My deepest condolences to his family, especially his mother and father who need the utmost supporting shoulders at this time. I pray God to give his family the strength to go through this difficult time.
    Also on another note, I would like to know the cause of his heart attack. But none of the news had any word on what exactly happened. Did he have a high Blood Pressure that was not managed well, or did he have any other problems that had lead to his heart attack? Any light shed on this would spread the word and atleast educate the rest of the world so that this kind of tragedy at such a young age could be avoided.
    God bless all.

  35. Jacob gave us many tips in a short period of his life,now its our duty to creat more chef like jacob.i too worked with him ,and i will be always proud of him,as i always take him as inspiration.

  36. Today only i heard of sad demise of great chef Jacob. I can’t believe this news. Such a great person’s death has been published in dailies in a small column like obituary. No one can forget his smiling face, his way of cooking and his explanation. He only made me to think that cooking is not such a difficult job.

  37. Too young to die. Very sad to think that such a promising career came to an abrupt end. my heartfelt condolences to his family.

  38. I I was terribly shocked to know that he is no more. It is UNBELIEVABLE. I never missed his programme. In every programme he used to give healthful tips which did’nt help him. My heartfelt condolence to his family and MAY HIS SOUL REST IN PEACE.

  39. My deepest sympathies on the demise of Chef Jacob…….. May his soul rest in peace……………….. I still can’t believe that he is no more….. ;(

  40. i realy tell u god is blind .one of the nice person mr jocob .
    & his programmes are very usefull to every one . especialy in sun tv AAHA ENNA RUSI PROGRAM is execelent no one can fullfill is place .In chutties kitchen he will give exelent encarage to the childrence to their carreares and he will never scold the childrence all childrence like him .WE REALY MISS YOU

  41. Jacob,a wonderful person…….we miss him a lot.No one can play his role……My mom like his program very much….she didnt miss his episode,…….wat a talented person he is…….we cant forget him wen we watch any other progrmmes regarding cooking,,,,,our mnd will definitely thinks jacob a second……….jacob we really miss you……….

  42. I dont watch his program but the ad was shown often, he used to cook varieties with cute little children.. This is so unfortunate. let his soul RIP.

  43. yennala nambavey mudiyala…………nan unga program regulara pathuttu varn jecop sir…………….. really un seiranaraiya dishes nan try pannirkkan sir…………….. ungala yenakku romba pudikkum sir………………. yennala nambavey mudiyala sir……………… really i miss u anna………………………..

  44. yennala nambavey mudiyala…………nan unga program regulara pathuttu varan jecop sir…………….. really neenga seira naraiya dishes nan try pannirkkan sir…………….. ungala yenakku romba pudikkum sir………………. yennala nambavey mudiyala sir……………… really i miss u anna………………………..

  45. it was abig shock 4 me to hear the news of his death.
    I love watching his program.
    He looks very simple, humble and pleasent personality.

    Will miss him badly.
    God loves him than us may be he wants to taste his cookings.

    Love u and miss u chef Jacob.

  46. I feel so sad hearing about his sudden demise.He is a great loss to all food enthusiasts..God Bless Him forever in His Heavenly Kingdom.He was such a wonderful person and I will miss all his shows of Aha Enna Rusi..Great cook Chef Jacob..I will surely visit his restaurant when I go to Chennai again..

  47. I feel very sorry .I likes his cooking programmes on tv.he is such a nice person and down to earth.He likes kids very much .It was a great loss to tamil people.I heard today i can,t to accept this news that he died. I felt sorry.Really no one can fulfill his place.Such a wounderful person he is!.May his soul rest in Peace and my deep condolene to his family.I wish anyone from his family should take charge and run his JOB’s KITCHEN.please try to do this jacob ‘ll be happy to see this from heaven and he may give strength and help.

  48. How sad I have not known he has died but it is very sad chef Jacob was so famous he was an Indian chef I wonder where his grave is

  49. i will always try to notedown his recipes…without missing it on satdys…but just 2day i heared about jacob chef from vijaytv program.his brother with tears told dat he passed away….really shocking…i like him ..he was a .gud human…god..let his soul rest in peace….ther’s only one jocob chef..

  50. We heard the news today, and its a big shock, Jacob was a gentleman, we admire his TV programs. We pray almigty to rest his soul in peace.

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