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Slum-dwellers to be provided property rights soon

New Delhi, Oct 31 (): Ajay Maken, housing and urban poverty alleviation minister, after taking charge of his ministry made an announcement that slum-dwellers will soon be provided with suitable rehabilitation as well as legal property rights to their houses.

Soon after the minister took charge, Maken said,” The government has decided to rehabilitate the people living in poor conditions in slums within five kilometers where rehabilitation is difficult. Keeping in mind the source of livelihood of the poor, the government has taken this decision since it is not appropriate to move them from their places.”

Long-term property rights for slum-dwellers will also be released legally after issuing an executive order in a year in order to provide property rights to the poor, until the model bill regarding the issue gets passed.

As land comes under the control of the state government, the ministry has decided to link payment of government funds with completion of development like property rights, make changes in rent control as well as preserving 15-20% of floor area for the people who are considered to be in an economically weaker position.

In order to woo the urban poor and slum-dwellers, keeping in mind the next general elections, the minister announced a number of eye-catching plans to grab the attention of the poor which he anticipated to put into practice in the remaining eighteen months’ rule of the Congress government.

As the plan announced by the minister needs full cooperation from the state government, it is not quite sure whether the minister will find way to implement his plans. However, Maken added by saying that the Slum Dwellers Model Property Rights, is likely to be soon approved and the states might be passing the law accordingly in a year’s time.

“The government expects the state to put the plan into practice by an executive order to provide slum-dwellers their property rights,” added the minister.




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