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Modi in yet another controversy,calls Shashi Tharoor’s wife 50-crore girl friend

New Delhi, Oct 30 (): Taking a dig at union minister Shashi Tharoor, Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi yesterday made fun  at the Union Minister  mocking about his  personal life which drew quick reactions to a wide range  across the social network daïs.

“A Congress leader who was a minister in the ruling government was found guilty of adding huge wealth from cricket. Anyone ever has heard about a fifty crore girl friend?” asked Narendra Modi in a gathering.

The Gujarat chief minister indirectly pointed towards the IPL controversy which linked Tharoor’s relationship with Sunanda Pushkar that led to the minister’s removal from the external affairs ministry earlier.

Modi’s remarks towards the minister were condemned by a large number of people all over the country by saying ‘immature as well as contemptible’ remarks.

Meanwhile, Shashi Tharoor who has returned back in the union council of ministers after a period of two and a half years took the oath at Rashtrapati Bhavan as the state minister in the Ministry of HRD during Sunday’s cabinet reshuffle.

Earlier in 2010, Mr Tharoor was forced to step down following an accusation of a clash of interest in encouraging an IPL team for Kochi that was related with Sunanda Pushkar whom he married after he resigned from his ministry.

“I have left the whole IPL issue far behind me for more than few years now. Actually the issue went worse due to the media who created unnecessary problems,” stated the minister.

Before taking charge, Mr Tharoor who was dressed in a white kurta pyjama, along with his wife Sunanda Pushkar went to a temple to offer prayers.  Sunanda is the third wife of the minister who was captured in the camera by reporters while giving sweet to the minister.

Getting legally separated from his ex-wife Christa, Tharoor married   Sunanda Pushkar in his ancestral village after resigning from his ministry.




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