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Cloud Atlas – The connectivity between past, present & future

Oct 27 (): Cloud Atlas is an adaptation of a novel of same name penned by David Mitchell. An epic revelation of how one can be born a killer and evolve into a cultist of satanic practice and might even rise to be a hero all over again. This epic is written and directed by Lana, Andy Wachowski and Tom Tykwer. Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Hugh Grant and Donna Bae have aesthetically played their parts doing justice to the film.

The Culmination

It’s narrated by an aged post-apocalyptic island dweller (Tom Hanks) to a bunch of children eagerly listening to their bedtime story. This post-apocalyptic age is yearless and is pictured “106 years after the fall.” The screenplay goes forth and back ranging from 1849 in the south pacific sea where a devious physician (Tom Hanks) slowly kills a passenger (Jim Sturgess) in the name of treating him with medicine to acquire the wealth in his possession.

Soon after the plot takes a leap to 1936 where a naïve musician (Ben Whishwaw) with a desire to reach heights in music ditches his gay-lover with a note to assist a glum composer (Jim Broadbent). And even before your eyelids rest, another big leap to 1973 where a journalist (Halle Berry) joins hands with an ethical scientist (T Hanks) to unearth sullen corporate secrets. The cross-cuts between tales continue as they next stop by in near future 2144 at Neo-Seoul where a fabricated being (Donna Bae) is tormented for seeking independence from modern-day slavery.

And again we get back to the post apocalyptic age where the island dweller, alongside a woman from sophisticated society, seethes vengeance for his villagers and also to safeguard himself from the island cannibals – not by chance but by choice.

When it all ends, the interconnection between these people, their incarnation across periods, dissimilarity in their behavior and characters and “how everything is inter-woven” is artistically revealed. In a line, ‘a must watch’ for this season.


Have you ever realized what you were in your previous birth? This movie makes you think and you’d be astounded to believe what you think to be offending now was your belief back then!

Tom Hanks and Halle Berry leave a permanent mark in your minds with their performance and it keeps resonating.

Screenplay keeps you attached amid lots of confusion caused by innumerous appearance of repetitive casts.


What is a critic? One who reads quickly and arrogantly but never wisely

Hugo: No matter what you do it wouldn’t amount to anything but a single drop on an ocean!
Ben: What is ocean, but a multitude of single drops!!

Journalist (Halle Berry): You have to do whatever you cannot do!

Ben: The minute you stop trying to find it, it finds you

Jim: A half-finished book is a half-finished love affair!


Inevitably ineffective in making audience understand. The plot is too confusing that the screenplay runs past ahead of you even before you could understand what just happened.

Intricately revealed with a sole intention as to test the patience level of audience!


A recording budget of over $102 million

Best Rated: 6/ 10
Worst Rated: 7/ 10

Cloud Atlas ~ An epic culmination 




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