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RSS: Nitin Gadkari will not quit as party president

Nagpur, Oct 26 (): Following the BJP leaders who came out openly to back Nitin Gadkari, the Sangh Parivar made a confirmation that Gadkari will not quit his post even after a series of corruption charges are levelled against him.

Even after several allegation charges being levelled against the party chief, the BJP seemed to be less worried and RSS leader Mohan Bhagwat and  Joshi Bhaiyya instructed Gadkari not to lose his patience and to face the probe courageously unless he is found guilty by the investigating panel.

Nitin Gadkari yesterday cancelled his trip to Delhi and stayed at Nagpur to discuss the matter with RSS top leaders. The RSS is now waiting to see the outline of the battle, how far the allegations are successful in tainting Gadkari and also how far the ruling UPA is able to oust the party chief Nitin Gadkari.

Sources from RSS said that the ruling UPA government wanted to create confusion in the BJP till the elections in Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat takes place so that they can take advantage of events unfolding within the party.

Gadkari even desired to tender his resignation as he does not want the party to  be affected in any way, but RSS leaders did not agree with this and convinced Gadkari by saying that at the beginning rivals seem to look bright but as truth starts coming out, they get faded out. The RSS by indirectly pointing the ruling UPA government soothed the BJP chief and told him to face the challenge with a smile just as Veer Bhagat Singh.

Meanwhile,activist-turned-politician Arvind Kejriwal responding to Gadkari facing a probe said that it is all an eyewash as both UPA and the BJP are like hand in gloves. They both pretend as if they are against each other, but the reality is something different, said Kejriwal while reacting to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs probing Gadkari’s investment sources.




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