Four Al-Qaeda operatives killed in drone strike

Four Al-Qaeda operatives killed in drone strike

Sanaa, Oct 23 (TruthDive): Yemeni security spokesperson said four alleged militants of Al Qaeda extremist network were killed on Sunday’s midnight drone strike assumed to be carried out by US drone in the country’s east province of Sanaa. Officials said the attack targeted a car travelling on the outskirts of the city of Marib. Reports say a local al-Qaeda leader was among those killed in the attack.

An investigation officer at the Marib’s Investigation Department said that they could not identify the dead person’s identities, as the corpses were all charred. He said that the car belonged to al-Aqili, an Al-Qaeda member and that amongst the other three Al-Qaeda members was Abdullah Oraidan.

The drone was aimed at targeting Abdullah Oraidan, but all the four members in the car were killed.

The drone attack is the second attack in four days. The first attack took place on Thursday, when rockets fired up from a drone near the southern city of Jaar in Abyan province. At least seven suspected members of the terror network were killed, including a local leader, an official in the restive region said.

Yemen’s government has intensified its campaign against militant groups with the help of U.S. advice and logistical support. Militants have carried out attacks in retaliation.

U.S. drones arranged in the region have supported Yemeni forces in their fight against Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. Al-Qaeda took control of parts of southern Yemen last year during an uprising that ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh. Suspected militants have carried out suicide bombings and other attacks targeting officials.

Yemen’s richer Gulf neighbours and Washington are worried that Islamist fighters and Al Qaeda functioning in Yemen could create a threat to Saudi Arabia and to nearby shipping channels.

While Washington usually avoids comment on the strikes in Yemen, the UK-based Bureau of Investigative Journalism, which tracks U.S. operations, says as many as 56 civilians have been killed this year by drones.

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