CGTR premiere review: Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu opens to special praises

CGTR premiere review: Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu opens to special praises

Hyderabad, Oct 17 (TruthDive): Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu is the next biggest edition of power star Pawan Kalyan after Gabbar Singh and the movie is gearing up for a mega release tomorrow, 18th October.

Prior to the release, a special premiere show was screened today, 17th October at 10 am in Prasadz Multiplex in Hyderabad. This show is the first show in Andhra Pradesh, specially meant for the industry people only.

The invitees who saw the premiere show could not stop praising the performance of Power star. Many of them said that the movie is much better than Pawan Kalyan’s blockbuster film Gabbar Singh. Those who saw the premiere show gave the movie 8 stars out of 10.

The director of the movie, Puri Jagannath organized this special premiere show in the multiplex. His family members along with cast and crew, the movie’s technicians and some important guests from the film industry watched the movie.

Viewers said the movie has an excellent story, lively music and all other mass masala elements. The main highlight of the movie is the Power star’s electrifying performance and white beauty Tamanna has added up her glamour quotient to rock viewers, especially in the song sequences.

A comment from the person, who watched the premiere show, said that the movie has rich production values and that it would definitely satisfy the expectations it has caused prior to its release. Already, the promos, music, trailer and posters have created curiosity among Pawan Kalyan fans.

Now, the Pawan fever is at its peak and expectations around CGTR have gone sky-high. The advance ticket booking for this film opened a few days back and it is learnt that a couple of days ago all the tickets were sold out in just a few hours after its opening. This definitely shows the power of Pawan Kalyan. Trade experts feel that the Power star’s latest movie will surely beat Gabbar Singh record.

0 thoughts on “CGTR premiere review: Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu opens to special praises

  1. Rambabu story is same as Bussinessman, a revenge story, pawan losts his parents and every thing and takes revenge on villains just like Mahesh in Bussiness man

    the story has been leaked today ——> > > >
    Ramababu and ganga are two reporters
    working in an news channel. Rambabu
    feels himself as the most responsible
    person in the society. He has a very
    tragedy story in his village (where he
    lost h
    is beloved ones because of
    prakash raj & kota) which makes him to
    strive to become a News Reporter.
    Prakash Raj & Koto srinivasa rao played
    opposite negative role who are two big
    leaders in Hyderabad. Movie runs around
    how these politicians play with normal
    people and how they use them. then
    comes our hero into action and takes
    revenge on prakash and kota by
    separating his team from them and
    downgrading their power. The Twist of
    the Movie lies with Tamannah if i reveal
    this u guys gonna Hate me, im thrilled to
    the tamannah twist.
    Rambabu is the character played by Pawan
    kalyan as a news reporter and ganga role is
    played by tamannah as the cameraman for
    (tamannah twist – tamannah was the
    person appointed by news channel
    owner shivaji shinde who is a friend of
    prakash and kota) but tamanah at last
    loves pawan with good ending

  2. Area ram babu , endhuku ra theliyani story cheppadaniki antha kastapaddav? Moosukoni velli cinema choodu. Good movie to watch.

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