Arvind Kejriwal launches indefinite agitation against Khurshid

Arvind Kejriwal launches indefinite agitation against Khurshid

New Delhi, Oct 14 (TruthDive):Beginning an indefinite agitation against Union cabinet minister Salman Khurshid over the alleged misdeed by a trust run by him, Arvind Kejriwal who was released on Saturday  launched an indefinite agitation against Khurshid seeking the minister’s resignation  from the cabinet and  to arrest him immediately.

Arvind Keriwal who was detained yesterday by the Delhi police was accused by Mrs Louise Khurshid, claiming the allegation of money scandal in the Zakir Hussain Memorial Trust as unjustified and also said that “Kejriwal should feel ashamed for doing politics by climbing on the shoulders of disabled.”

The IAC activist, Arvind  Kejriwal along with the disabled made their  presence at the police station in Parliament Street on Saturday afternoon after being released from the Bawana jail in New Delhi. All the activists including Kejriwal were stopped and detained by the Delhi police on their way while moving towards the Prime Minister’s race course residence on Friday.

After being released, Kejriwal said that he will not stop his agitation till the Law minister tenders his resignation and is taken into custody along with his wife for his involvement in the alleged scam which was denied by both Khurshid and his wife.

Arvind Kejriwal took an oath of eliminating the UPA government in the coming elections. In a country where Bhagat Singh and Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose was born who sacrificed their entire lives for the sake of the country and its people cannot withstand traitors like Salman Khurshid, stated Kejriwal.

Disapproving the allegations, Khurshid‘s wife while reacting to Kejriwal’s demand regarding  her husband’s  resignation from the cabinet, said that there was not a bit of truth in the IAC member’s allegations; therefore there is no need for the resignation as well. Mr Khurshid when contacted was not available for comments as he has gone to London on an official tour, said sources.

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