Taj Mahal replica to be built in Dubai

Taj Mahal replica to be built in Dubai

Dubai, Oct 5 (TruthDive): A replica of India’s Taj Mahal will be built in Dubai. The project developers said the replica will be “many times” bigger than original Taj Mahal.

The name of the project is Taj Arabia, which will be one among the several replicas of architectural developments in 3.8 million sq.m Falcón city of Wonders development on Emirates Road.

The replica will have a hotel with 300-rooms, commercial buildings and shops, said Arun Mehra, the developer. Further, the building will have big malls, exclusive bridal shops surrounded by Mughal-style gardens, said Salim al-Musa, the chairman of the multi-purpose development Falconcity of Wonders.

It would be finished by 2014 and would be called as “New City of Love.” The developers hope that Taj Arabia will become a symbol of love and destination for weddings.

The replica will be situated within Dubai in an area of 227-square kilometres. The city hopes this construction will be the “world’s greatest theme park.” The size of the theme park will be double the size of Disney World resorts and all Disneyland combined together.

The Taj replica will be a part of Falcon City division, which is designed to look like a falcon spreading its wings. Taj Arabia will also join copies of other structures like Egyptian Pyramids, Eiffel Tower, Great Wall of China, Hanging Gardens of Babylon and Pisa tower in the Falcon wonder City in Dubai.

London Bridge, St Paul’s Cathedral, Houses of Parliament and Big Ben also will be replicated in the overwhelming development, which would be larger than Birmingham.

Dubai is already known for the flashy and massive developments in mega size buildings. The other prominent buildings include Burj Khalifa – world’s tallest tower, Burj al Arab hotel – iconic sail-shaped hotel, the biggest mall and a man-made archipelago of islands in the shape of a palm tree.

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