English Vinglish review rated well by critics

English Vinglish review rated well by critics

Mumbai, Oct 5 (TruthDive): Sridevi is back in the big screens after 15 years in ‘English Vinglish.’ This movie is the directorial debut of Gauri Shinde and also marks the comeback of Sridevi. Critics feel English Vinglish is a remarkable movie and says is definitely one of the best films of the year.

Apunkachoice critic has given 4.5 rating and says “English Vinglish” is a fabulous fable of a woman’s self-actualization. Sridevi playing Shashi’s character, simply vanishes into her character living every breath of Shashi’s voyage from laddoo-making to self-actualisation. In the movie, her inviolable virtuosity and exceptional grace get brilliant support from every department of the film.

DNA has given 3.5 rating and says English Vinglish is a great effort at combining meaningful content with light Bollywood entertainment.

Rediff movies has rated it 4 and says English Vinglish sees the veteran heroine trade in glamour for primness and chiffon for cotton, and reining in her wondrously exaggerated acting instincts: even her inimitably shaky-shrill voice works here as a facet of her character’s fragility, her constant insecurity.

NDTV movies have rated it 2.5 and says Sridevi is obviously the soul of English Vinglish.

TOI has rated it 4 and says English Vinglish has the feel-good factor. Sridevi is the backbone of EV. Anxiety, anger, arrogance, anguish, attraction – the actress conveys emotions effortlessly with or without words. Returning to the silver screen after a 15-year hiatus, Sri’s performance here is a master-class for actors.

MSN entertainment says specially memorable are Sridevi’s scenes with her French co-star Mehdi Nebbou who is so splendidly supportive, we forget what a major star he is in France.

IBN tweet review says music is a plus for English Vinglish and supports the film…you really don’t need an item number to grab eyeballs every time. Talking about performances, this is what you call a comeback. Sridevi’s simple look n awesome acting will really impress you in English Vinglish.

The Guardian, UK website says here is a likeable family comedy from India with its own air of innocence, and a boisterous cameo from Amitabh Bachchan. Former ad director Gauri Shinde makes her feature debut, and the star is Bollywood veteran Sridevi. An undemanding picture that goes down as well as the heroine’s tasty ladoos.

Mostly all the critics have rated the movie very well and surely Sridevi has got tremendous triumph in her second comeback venture.

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