Dump the Remote Control as Motion Detection Makes a Debut

We have always wanted to get rid of the remote control, dreaming of operating TV without depending on this device. There are times when we curse ourselves for misplacing the remote control and missing some must –watch parts of our favorite program. Finally, these prayers seem answered with the invention of devices where your voice, hands, feet, or eyes can control it. Inspired by Minority Report touchscreens, these advanced devices were introduced to the world that could respond to your voice and gestures. Toshiba, Samsung, Microsoft have turned out to be a few to turn the tide with this technology.

While this may seem a paradigm shift, it existed previously, may be not in the entertainment segment but were used for application purposes like the ones used for athlete training to measure posture, speed and poise, and medical purposes where navigation of a patient’s body without touching it was possible through a 3D scan. In fact, this technology is no more a possession of the Goliath ones like Microsoft. Smaller players have been gaining ground to introduce and develop full body motion capture in an inexpensive way.

 Samsung makes it possible for you to communicate with your TV just like how AI could do in Iron Man movies. The CES 2012 witnessed the unveiling of Samsung‘s SMART TV that would respond to your ‘Hi’ and ‘Bye’ based on the key phrase that you have programmed. In fact, it even identifies your expression and logs into your account with its face detection software. Right from volume to switching channels, it does it automatically comprehending your preferences. It will surprise you by robotically switching to your favorite program at the right time and probably paving way for a saying ‘TV is my best friend.’

Different companies have been complying with different technologies to get the grip of Motion Sensor technology. Toshiba’s experimental TV has a camera enclosed and software infused to study your motions. Microsoft Kinect with its infrared projector emits infrared light grid on the user and examines your motion based on the same. A microchip placed within will gauge and process the light reflected on the user and tracks the gestures and hand movements in three facets. The user’s voice, face, and motion is tracked with the Kinect sensor. The new software in Kinect based on the state of the art technology has been designed to track joints of the body like arms, head, and neck.

Another one jumping to the bandwagon is the Leap Controller by Leap Motion, designed for controlling laptops and desktops will now control television sets. It adheres to the same infrared technology that Kinect uses. The instantaneous and powerful sensor ensures that it gives no room for repeated gestures and time lag.

Motion Sensor Technology is going to be the next big thing with every technology giant keen to explore and invest in the same. In fact, the success of touch screen technology makes it evident that we have been keenly waiting for the same. Is it time to bid adieu to the remote control?

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