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Kareena starrer ‘HEROINE’ ~Exclusive Review

Sep 22 (): Heroine – is another flick which sheds light on behind the screens after Vidhya Balan starrer Dirty Picture. Kareena Kapoor fondly known Bebo has put up some fat for this movie and it seems to have done justice to her role. Arjun Rampal and Randeep Hooda characters have backed up Bebo well.

Behind the screens

Mahi Arora (bebo) is a successful actor but not for long now. When her time comes to an end she’s stranded in the middle of nowhere – no career to support or no relationship to hold on to and the beauty is there is none to blame but herself.

With the help of a PR and lots of deceptive, dishonorable and unethical acts, she gets back on track and this time she decides to play it nice and smooth, but there is something called fate which pushes her back to dungeon again.

She needs to prove that she’s not just a showpiece but a worthy actress. Will she be able to do that, will the complicated cine industry let her par the unimaginable? How far, how cheap does she have to act to acquire the once lost stardom? Even if she acquires it, what is the point of it after losing everything else? Find out from cinemas near you.


The team deserves a big applause for their guts, indeed it needs a lot of nerve to shed some light on the dark side of the actors, the competence factor and the unethical methods to acquire stardom!

Bitter truths have been boldly brought to light. A brilliant portrayal on how media persons, gossip columnists, actors and cine industry are inter-related.

Also the director has touched the fact – how yester-year actors are stamped veterans and kept aside.


Bebo: Zyada ka zyada kya hoga, mera career katham ho jayega. Bas main kisi business man ke saath IPL team kareedhlunga
<IPL team alongside some businessman!>>

Veteran actor: Glamor ki chamak me ko jathe hai aur thab patha chaltha hai, dher ho jatha hai!
<<We forget ourselves, falling victim to glamor and stardom, and when we realize it’s already too late!>>

PR: Ek insaan hothe hei, aur ek actor
<can be categorized as two – one is human and the other actor!>>

Randeep Hooda: Actress ko pyar karene nahi aathi hei, bas pyar karne ki acting aathi hei!
<<You damn actress can’t love, you can just act as if you love!>>


If you had seen Angelina Jolie starrer Gia, you might know where parts of the plot have evolved from.

A minute Bebo seems to plot brilliant plans, the next she does something stupid which foils them!

What is the need to showcase real life incidents? For a period in the movie, Kareena has hiccups, then soon after the flop, breaks up with her love, then a come back with Lakme brand, followed by a couple more endorsements and finally reaching stardom by getting back with her ex! (it resembles her very own life, and the ex part reminds us Shahid Kapoor)


Prior to Kareena, Aishwarya Rai was signed for this movie. Rai later left the film due to her pregnancy, and Bhandarkar re-approached Kapoor.

Best Rated: 6/ 10
Worst Rated: 6.5 /10

Heroine her life, behind the screens




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