Mahinda Rajapaksa a Pseudo Buddhist

Mahinda Rajapaksa a Pseudo Buddhist

Sep 21 (TruthDive): People from few countries have adopted Buddhism as their way of life. This religion is spread in South and South East Asia. Buddha, the founder of the philosophy was born in India and attained enlightenment about 2600 years back. The basic principle of this religion is non-violence. Buddha, a prince of a province was compelled to go to jungle when he argued against a war among the same clan regarding a river water dispute. He was later preaching against violence, animal sacrifice and caste system of the Vedic/ Brahminic religion.

Sri Lanka, a country with majority of people following Buddhism has become a country of intolerance, massacre, genocide and war crimes. Even the Sinhalese are ashamed of calling themselves as Sri Lankans after the exposure of war crimes of Sinhalese army. The elected leader of this country, Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa claims to be a Buddhist supported by Buddhist monks.

Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa is not alone in his war crimes. He was supported by India the country where Buddhism was born and China where it was grown. Another Buddhist country where people suffered a brutal suppression with force is Myanmar, a regional ally of China. Moreover, Mr. Rajapaksa represents evolution of a tyrant from the past successive Sinhala Buddist supremacists in Sri Lanka. He is a product of internal and external environment who took advantage of the so called global war on terror to suppress a freedom struggle.

Tamil people in Sri Lanka, who are the original inhabitants of the island initially struggled for freedom through peaceful means but took up arms only to tackle individual, social and state sponsored terrorism of Sinhala fanatics. Therefore the origin of the violence is deep-rooted in the Sinhala Buddhist majoritarian psychology which is ruling the empire of minds of Rajapaksas. He can even be described as a Buddhist terrorist considering the evidences surfacing about the killings and disappearances of 1,46,000 Tamils in the island during May 2009.

Should this monument at Sanchi be cleaned with Holy waters by Dalai Lama?

Now, the Mr. Rajapaksa is being given red carpet welcome in India in the name of strengthening the cultural ties between these two “friendly” countries.

Mr. Rajapaksa is now on a visit to  India to show himself as a representative of Buddhism.  He is invited by Congress-ruled India and BJP-ruled Madhya Pradesh to lay the foundation stone of Buddhist and Indic Studies University at Sanchi. It is the strategy of China to show this man as a representative of Buddhism as an act against Dalai Lama. Just before his arrival, Rajapaksa awarded many infrastructure projects to China ignoring India. In reality, everybody knows he is a true friend of China which oppresses the Buddhists in Tibet.

His claims of being a Buddhist can be subjected to scrutiny with reference to Dhammapada.  Dhammapada which means the path of Buddha’s teachings is a compilation of Buddha’s words. It depicts three levels of mind, the fool, the wise and the enlightened.

Verse 19(19) of Chapter one explains the personality of  Rajapaksa very clearly.

The thoughtless man, even if he can recite law or sacred verses, but fails to follow it, can have no claim on religious life . He is like a cow-herder counting the cows of others.

Chapter 4, 8(51) says

Like flower, colorful without fragrance, are the fruitless words of him who does not act according to his own words of virtue.

Rajapaksa enjoys the power as an elected President of a state. Therefore he is not punished for his atrocities committed on innocent Tamils. He enjoys the death of Tamils as a victory and celebrates it.  But according to Dhamma, the fruits of his evil deeds will definitely ripen.

Chapter 5, 10(69) says

So long as the evil deed done does not bear fruit, the fool thinks it is like honey; when it ripens, then only  the same fool suffers grief.

Chapter 9 5(119) says

Evil-doer sees happiness as long as his evil deed has not ripened; but when his evil deed has ripened, then does the evil-doer see evil.

What will happen if Rajapaksa is punished for his evils? Will he mourn in this birth? Or can we imagine that he will mourn for it in his next birth, born probably as a demon in various hells?

Chapter 1, 15(15) says

The evil-doer mourns in this world, and he mourns in the next; he mourns in both. He mourns and suffers when he sees the evil of his own work.

Will he suffer in the next birth too?

Chapter 1, 17(17) says

The  evil-doer suffers in this world, and he suffers in the next; he suffers in both. He suffers when he thinks of the evil he has done; he suffers more when going on the evil path.

Rajapaksa has wiped out his enemy Prabhakaran along with thousands of innocent Tamils. He is having full authority in his island. All the countries in South Asia are  his “friendly” countries. Then who is his greatest enemy?

It is stated in Chapter 5. 7(66)

Fools of little understanding have themselves as their greatest enemies, for they do evil deeds which must bear bitter fruits.

During the Mullivaikkal war, the request from human rights activists and organizations all over the world has fallen in deaf ears of Rajapaksa. What punishment awaits Rajapaksa?

Chapter 12, 8(164) says

The foolish man who scorns the rule of the venerable, of the elect,  of the virtuous, and follows false doctrine, he bears fruit to his own destruction..

He ordered to kill innocent people of his own country. What will be the fate of a person who killed innocents?

Chapter 9, 10(125) says

If a man offends a harmless, pure, and innocent person, the evil falls back upon that fool, like light dust thrown up against the wind.

What kind of punishment Rajapaksa deserves? It is explained as below

Chapter 10, 8(136), 9(137), 10, (138), 11(139), 12(140)

A fool does not know when he commits his evil deeds; but the wicked man burns by his own deeds, as if burnt by fire. He who inflicts pain on innocent and harmless persons, will soon come to one of the ten states: He will have cruel suffering, loss, injury of the body, heavy affliction, or loss of mind, Or a misfortune coming from the king, or a fearful accusation, or loss of relations, or destruction of treasures, Or lightning-fire will burn his houses; and when his body is destroyed, the fool will go to hell.

But the Buddhist monks in Sri Lanka are on the side of a person like Rajapaksa. Because of this he is building up more desire and pride.

Chapter 5, 15(73) and (74) say

Let the fool wish for a false reputation, for precedence among the Bhikshus, for lordship in the convents, for worship among other people!

May both the layman and he who has left the world think that this is done by me; may they be subject to me in everything which is to be done or is not to be done,’ thus is the mind of the fool, and his desire and pride increase.

According to Buddhism followed in Tibet, Vajrapani the protector of Dharma should perform spiritual battle against the forces of lust, hatred and hallucination. Dalai Lama should become Vajrapani  and have the authority to argue and lead a campaign against Rajapaksa.

If Rajapaksa lives long without any punishment by the international organization, and dies a natural death will he be happy in his next birth?

Chapter 10, 1(129) , 2(130), 3(131) say

All men tremble at punishment, all men fear death; remember that you are like unto them, and do not kill, nor cause slaughter.

All men tremble at punishment, all men love life; remember that thou art like unto them, and do not kill, nor cause slaughter.

He who seeking his own happiness punishes or kills beings who also long for happiness, will not find happiness after death.

All men tremble at punishment, all men love life; remember that thou art like unto them, and do not kill, nor cause slaughter.

He who seeking his own happiness punishes or kills beings who also long for happiness, will not find happiness after death.

Mr. Rajapaksa can never understand about the suffering and have no quality to take refuge in Buddha, Dharma or Sangha.

He is a Pseudo Buddhist.


Reference from various versions of Dhammapada available in the internet including courtesy for


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  1. Buddha never designate anyone to decide who is a true Buddhist who is not . Let each person mind his own practice. You must be a Muslim in disguise. They have a tendency to criticize or put a guilt trip on Buddhist.

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