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KKNPP: Time to hit the bull’s eye

Sep 19 (): Kudankulam once again is hitting the headlines. It is indeed unwelcoming that a year-long peaceful stir has turned violent. The agitator’s inflexible attitude against the operation of the plant has created havoc all over the state as well as the country. The protesters being illiterate might not be easy to convince about the safety of the nuclear plant. The government should take preventive measures to educate these protesters.

If people indulge in continuous disruption of functioning of the plant blaming the nuclear system,   then how can we achieve economic progress? In my Grandma’s days, I have heard people fearing to use LPG cylinders.  If the trend of Grandma’s days continue, can India be named as one of the developing countries?

When eminent scientist like Dr Abdul Kalam has declared the plant to be safe, what else can one expect? When the state of Tamil Nadu is facing acute shortage of power supply and agriculture almost on the edge of getting extinct, I fail to understand, why is the state government giving liberty to such protests?

Contempt proceedings should be initiated against those responsible for the protest.   It is the work of those godfathers whom these uneducated fisher folk blindly believe. Actually to my knowledge, the agitation which is not getting compromised gives rise to the suspicion that it is very cleverly supported by the foreign NGOs as said by the  government earlier. It is time the central government squeezes these NGOs who instil fear among the people.

These religious leaders who have less scientific and technical  knowledge about the plant should stop fuming smoke in order to destabilize the country.  Those who brainwash the people by comparing the Fukushima plant with the Kudankulam nuclear power project are all anti-social elements. People should understand if they oppose the plant for which thousands of crores have already been spent, then the development of the nation will be put in danger.





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