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  • Sundarapandian – Review

    Sep 17 (): This flick from Madurai origin seems to touch every Tamil soul with their witty rejoinders in its very own slang and style. Sasi Kumar as usual is portrayed a violent villager, but in addition he also plays the charming womanizer, but in a good way. The new look on Kollywood screens – Lakshmi Menon…

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  • Russian Soyuz space capsule returns to earth

    Moscow, Sep 17 (): A Russian-made Soyuz spacecraft landed successfully on a cloudless central Kazakh steppe on Monday morning, after delivering a three-man crew of astronauts after 123 days stay at the International Space Station – ISS. Two Russians astronauts, Sergei Revin and Gennady Padalka, and an American astronaut Joe Acaba belong to the three-man…

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  • Manmohan Singh Sells India in Retail

    Sep 17 ():  After heavy criticism in American media Dr. Manmohan Singh the Prime Minister of India has decided to sell India in retail to USA. The American President Barack Obama has improved his prospects of winning his re-election. He has had the last laugh after achieving Nuclear pact and retail business with India. The…

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  • Man in Salem set fire to self protesting the visit of Mahinda Rajapakse to Sanchi

    Chennai, Sep 17 ():Twenty-six year old Vijayaraj, an auto driver attempted self-immolation in Salem on Monday protesting against the Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse who is about to visit  Sanchi in Madhya Pradesh  this week-end. On Monday morning in broad daylight, Vijayaraj raised slogans against the Sri Lankan President and poured petrol immolating  himself  near…

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  • Mamata threatens to pull out ministers from UPA

    New Delhi, Sep 17 (): The Trinamool Congress has threatened to pull out its ministers from the UPA government, if the Centre fails to roll back its earlier decision on diesel and the cooking gas price hike and permitting the foreign direct investment (FDI) in retail. Even though the Congress has declared that it is…

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  • Life is Beautiful gets mixed reviews from critics, Rajamouli lauds

    Hyderabad, Sep 17 (): Telugu movie, Life is Beautiful starring Amala Akkineni, Anjala Zaveri and Shirya Saran in lead roles and directed by Sekhar Kammula, has failed to astonish film critics. The Tollywood movie, a romantic family drama has earned mixed reviews from the film critics. Director Rajamouli has loved the movie and has praised…

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  • ISRO’s 100th space mission, a historic event

    Sep 17 (): September 9, 2012 is a very special day to the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), as the organisation has successfully launched its 100th space mission. This success marks the spirit of Indian space scientists and would surely lift their spirits further to face more greater challenges. Having established in 1969, with its…

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  • India plans fastest supercomputer by 2017

    New Delhi, Sep 17 (): The Indian government has excellent plans for developing next generation supercomputers that would be about 61 times quicker than the existing machines. Kapil Sibal, Telecom Minister is said to have informed Indian PM Manmohan Singh about the plans to develop “exaflop and petaflop range of supercomputers”, with an estimated budget…

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  • First alien planets found around sun-like stars in cluster

    Pasadena, California, Sep 17 (): NASA-funded astronomers have found for the first time planets orbiting sun-like stars found in a crowded group of stars. The discovery offers the evidence that planets could sprout in dense environments. Though the newly found planets are uninhabitable, they would have starrier skies than Earth has. There are two starry-skied…

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