Why Aseem Trivedi appears friendly to BJP, inimical to Congress?

Why Aseem Trivedi appears friendly to BJP, inimical to Congress?

Sep 14 (TruthDive): There is a difference between Cartoon and other expressions of Word by Speech or Script. There is a difference between Modern art and Conventional art.

The meaning of an expression may be Abstract and subtle or Concrete and direct.

Fools and idiots cannot differentiate this or that.

But when Congress party defends the arrest of cartoonist Aseem Trivedi and BJP opposes, a question arises whether this is a political issue and if the artist is a supporter of BJP.

Once upon a time, one of the Congress leaders Digvijay Singh alleged that BJP supported Hindu “fanatic organisations” which attacked the house and vandalized the works of Great Painter MF Husain. Mr. Singh was referring to Bajrang Dal, a constituent of Sangh Parivar. It is also recorded that a BJP councillor called MF Husain is a traitor.

But in the case of Cartoonist Aseem Trivedi, Honourable Ambika Soni of Congress party says that Indian citizens should respect all national symbols. At the same time, BJP issued a statement asking whether the cartoonist would be a threat to national security.

This clearly explains the double standards and hypocrisy of both the National parties. They play the cards of Religious sentiments and National sentiments and are making fun of people.

These are the evidences that the real issue is not the freedom of expression. The recent struggle against corruption initiated by (Gandhian – fast-blackmailer) Anna Hazare backed by RSS was supported by the cartoonist. Most of the electronic, print and net media made a hype out of it. The anti-corruption movement went against the Congress party. The whole exercise appears to be stage managed by Sangh Parivar and many neutral and innocent citizens fell prey to the propaganda machinery of anti-Sonia establishment.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in his unusual anger turned the table on BJP by stating that the policy in Coalgate was endorsed by BJP ruled state Governments. Aseem Trivedi has become a soldier shield for the King and Queen of Sangh Parivar. Aseem has been exposed to the Congress army in the game of political chess.

For the media as usual, this is an attack on their(?) freedom of expression. The mainstream media is so much interested in Freedom of Expression to an extent of not republishing those cartoons. How careful they are with ad revenue consciousness?

Now, let us see the real core idea, opinion and question of these cartoons.

What is wrong if Aseem Trivedi depicts Parliament as a toilet? Why a case of treason or sedition should be imposed for this cartoon? Why should one get ill-feeling about a water closet which is useful and cleans the human excreta? Was that night soil not created in your intestine before getting out? If you exhibit all the inventions in the world including Water closet, Bulb, Radio, Telephone ,Television etc I will vote for Water closet only. The next should be a male condom.

What is wrong in urine? Why you cry when Aseem shows a dog urinating our Constitution? Are you not using your reproductive organ for bringing out urine? Will you cut it down or pluck it because you consider urine unholy? Now it is discovered that the total volume of human urine of this planet earth can be used to absorb one percent of man-made carbon emission. How useful will it be! Then why should you hate it? Our BJP brothers consider Cow’s urine as holy water. Why one animal is a holy creature and another ugly?

The stigma attached to water closet is the exposure of hidden Indian psyche of caste system which compelled one group of people to be slaves to carry their masters’ kakkaa to dispose. If it is dirty, then that kakkaa is in the brains of defenders of caste system and Manu Dharma.

If you want to dive in to the truth, please be a scholar to read all the literature written painstakingly by Ambedkar and Periyar EV Ramasamy. They are the authorities who explored the written constitutions of many countries and unwritten Indian social constitution respectively.

Courtesy: Picture and Cartoon from Wikipedia as on 14.09.2012


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