Activist Thirumurugan Gandhi reprimanded as Tamil Nadu police react to Anti Nuke protesters in Chennai

Chennai, Sep 11 (TruthDive): Mr Thirumurugan Gandhi – leader of the May 17th group has been reprimanded in  Saidapet J1 police station yesterday. He was taken into custody when he visited the site of Anti- Nuke protest by students of Nandhanam Arts College. Reason for his reprimand is not known at this time.

Mr Thirumurugan Gandhi is a vocal supporter of the Anti-Nuke protesters and was championing the Kudankulam Anti-Nuke protests. His facebook account posted a commentary of the Idinthakarai happenings and his latest post informed that journalists were attacked by Police at Koodankulam.

“Sathyam TV team at Kudankulam were thrown at the sea by policemen and Times of India reporter’s head was broken on lathi charge. All other reporters were chased away by the police – May 17 team.” – said his latest post.

The Police have not officially informed about Mr Thirumurugan Gandhi’s arrest and his party and family members were not aware of his arrest for several hours. It is not clear on what charges he is being kept in custody or when he will be released.

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