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Naan – Review

Sep 1 (): Naan is an onscreen taradiddle of a man disturbed from his childhood days. The director Jeeva Selvam has marvelously moved the screenplay. It’s quite visible from his acting that this is Vijay Antony’s debutant movie.

Me Alias Naan!

Karthik (Vijay Antony) is a juvenile kid with troubled parents. When he finds out his mother is having an affair, he sets the house on fire with his mother and the one involved with her. Karthik is sent to prison for his ruthless act and spends part of his lifetime there, graduating. He gets back to the real world at the age of thirty and strives to survive every single day not having to face people with a guilty conscience.

While he tries to live a honest life, the fate plays its part. While commuting, his bus meets with an accident and his co-passenger dies. Thinking to start over, he switches his identity and starts living the life of passed away co-passenger, as a new student named Salim.

He starts over with a lie, but there is always a second lie and a few more follow-ons to cover up the preceding lies. When things get out of hand -what then! will his identity be revealed? Will he seek redemption? Find out in cinemas near you..,


The way the honor killing is justified is good, the director has subtly conveyed the (t)reason behind it!
The way the concept – “Once a criminal, always a criminal” is emphasized sounds good.


Company kudupa’nu partha love panuralam’le! Apadi partha oorula irukka ellarayum naan love pannanum!
<half the woman population!>>

Kid Karthik (to his father): enna mattum kelu, amma thappu panna edhuvum ketkadha!
<<Why question me alone when wronging! Why is mother an exception? >>

Lyric: Thappai nee sariyai seydhal thappu illa! Thappu illa!!
<is done right it’s no more wrong!??


I wonder when our directors will start to think for themselves.  The storyline has taken birth from Angelina Jolie starrer “Taking Lives” (2004).
Casting scores poor – for the screen looks like a fresher’s party at Kodambakkam!


Upon seeing the overwhelming reaction of the audience on the opening day, the distributors decided to add 20 more shows across all major cities. The movie picked up pace due to word of mouth and gained favourable response from the audience. It was declared a Hit!

Best Rated: 5.1
Worst Rated: 5.6

Naan – The Identity!




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