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  • Son of sardaar trailer gets over 14 lakh hits online

    Mumbai, July 26 (): The first trailer of the highly awaited and the most expected film of 2012, SON OF SARDAAR, starring Ajay Devgn, Sanjay Dutt, Sonakshi Sinha and Juhi Chawla was launched on Thursday night on Youtube. The trailer went viral immediately after its launch and has got over 14 lakh hits in a…

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  • Japanese made Indian bike to race in Japan roads

    MUMBAI, July 26, (Truth Dive): A Japan made bike manufactured in India will be sold to Japanese. Twenty-seven years back Yamaha set up a manufacturing base in Surajpur (India), little did it imagine that it will export sports bikes to Japan from India. It is termed as a first in the history of Indian two-wheeler…

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  • Why women are often subjected to sexual objectification

    Washington, July 25 (ANI): Our brains process images of men and females differently and see men as people and women as body parts, according to a new study. When casting our eyes upon an object, our brains either perceive it in its entirety or as a collection of its parts. The new study suggested that…

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  • Where is the Rule of Law today?

    New Delhi, July 26 (ANI): Not a day passes when the front pages of newspapers, whether in the capital city of India New Delhi, or the states are not full crime stories, and the fact that the police, or the forces of law and order, are failing the citizens of the country in their basic…

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  • Some tropical forest reserves in danger of sinking

    Washington, July 26 (ANI): Almost half of the tropical forest reserves are ineffective towards preserving biodiversity, according to a new study. The researchers also pointed out that even well-protected tropical reserves may not protect wildlife if the surrounding habitat is degraded. “Biodiversity is declining rapidly at reserves including Kahuzi Biega in the Democratic Republic of…

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  • People today burn as many calories as hunter gatherers

    Washington, July 26 (ANI): Modern adults burn as many calories as their hunter-gatherer forebears, meaning that the obesity epidemic cannot be blamed on our lack of exercise, a new study has revealed. The research found that there is no difference between the energy expenditure of modern hunter-gatherers and Westerners, casting doubt on the theory that…

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  • Internet sensation Michelle Jenneke blessed with beauty and brains

    Melbourne, July 26 (ANI): Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke, who has enthralled the world with her pre-race warm-up dance routine, is not just blessed with beauty and a bubbly personality but also turns out to be brainy. This year she deferred a course in mechatronic engineering at Sydney University, a combination of mechanical and electrical engineering,…

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  • Indian rollerskater takes limbo stunt to new ‘low level’

    New York, July 25 (ANI): 11-year-old Indian boy stunned the world when he performed the amazing feat of flattening himself to cruise under a horizontal pole just 6.75 inches from the ground, at a Hong Kong mall event. The event held on Wednesday was aimed at promoting exercise among the elderly, the New York Daily…

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