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Jism 2: Trailer crosses 8 lakh views in three days on YouTube

Mumbai, July 2 (): Porn star Sunny Leone’s Bollywood debut Jism 2’s uncensored trailer was officially released on internet on Thursday mid-night by movie director Pooja Bhatt. The first exclusive, overtly sexy song promo has received phenomenal response from the fans.

Director Pooja Bhatt did not disappoint the fans when she revealed the first trailer of the film online. The trailer posted on Jism 2′s official YouTube channel has received more than 8 lakh views in just three days.

The released un-cut version received “A” certification from the censor board but still it turns out to be a big hit, especially among Sunny Leone’s fans. This “A” certified trailer has received mixed response from the viewers. Some say it is “too hot”, while others slam it for being obviously erotic.

Jism 2 trailer is still soaring high on the internet. Film’s title song “Yeh Jism Hai to Kya” exceeded 3 lakh views till Saturday morning, while the one posted on “Jism 2″ official channel received more than one lakh viewers within hours.

With the trailer showing everything fans want- from oomph to stunning faces to soul-stirring music, ‘Jism 2’ looks to be rather promising. Apart from racy promo, Jism 2’s official page has unravelled a raunchy poster that stars Randeep Hooda and Sunny Leone.

And, Pooja is not stopping at this stunning promo. She has planned for another striking promo of the film, which she will be releasing. Pooja tweeted, “So within the hour you will see the 2′nd promo for #Jism2. Song is titled ‘Abhi Abhi’,is composed by Arko Mukherjee & vocals by K.K.”

Later Pooja tweeted the link to the new song. “Here it is, ABHI ABHI from #Jism 2 by Arko Mukherjee with vocals by K.K.”

Jism 2 is hitting the theatres on August 3.




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