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Arjun: The Warrior Prince – Preview

New Delhi, May 24 (): Animated action film in Hindi, ‘Arjun: The Warrior Prince’ is releasing on May 25th. The Indian audiences have before seen movies such as ‘Roadside Romeo’ and ‘Rancho’, but still Indian movie audiences are not aware much about animation films.

Jaaved Jafferi, bollywood actor states his view about the future of animation films in India. The attitude of Indians that the animated movies are just for kids is wrong. ‘Jungle Book’ series, ‘The Incredibles’, ‘The Lion King’ are the animated films which have grossed well at the box-office.

‘Arjun: The Warrior Prince’s director Arnab Chaudhuri rejects the charge that his movie is made especially for children. He stated Arjun is not a kids’ movie, it is an action movie. Filmmakers choose mythical stories as they offer reference points. Early Disney pictures were mostly fairy tales for the same reason. Magic started when filmmakers began to bring their own viewpoint into the old mythological films.

‘Arjun: The Warrior Prince’ depicts the story of Arjuna, one of the Pandavas. The movie captures his life story which starts from Hastinapur to Himalayas. The promotion of the movie gives us the glimpse of how the movie is made.

Arnab says he could not say to which level of Hollywood pictures they have attained. When comparing the budget, Hollywood budget are huge and one would not hit the ‘Tintin’ budget.

The film is produced with assistance of UTV and Walt Disney Pictures and it is a story about a person who becomes a hero.

Some renowned voices of film and TV industries are used in the film for the characters. Yuddvir Bakolia has given voice to Arjun, Anjan Srivastav plays Lord Shiva. Sachin Khedekar plays Lord Krishna, Ila Arun plays Kunti and Vishnu Sharma plays Bheeshma.

Vishal-Shekhar has scored music. The animation film depends majorly on the background score.




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