Daring woman tries to stop the marriage of her lover

Daring woman tries to stop the marriage of her lover

Bangalore, May 15 (TruthDive): Pushpalatha a woman in 30’s in Bangalore who tried to stop the wedding of an advocate, which was going on at Kodigehalli Gate in Bellary Road, claimed the man had married her already in a temple four years back. Pushpalatha and Prabhakar, were in love with each other for the past six years since their college days.

Pushpalatha hailing from T Dasarahalli, along with activists of women’s organization reached the hall which was thronged with friends and relatives, in the neck of the moment, a few minutes before the muhurtham. As she entered the hall she ran towards the bride and told her that the boy whom she is going to get married was in love with her since their college days.

They both studied together at Vivekanada Law College in Rajajinagar, and also claimed that Prabhakar has tied the marriage knot four years back at a temple in Pandavapura near Srirangapatana.

Prabhakar and Pushpalatha went to see a movie on Wednesday, just three days before his marriage, but then still he did not reveal that he is going to get married to another one girl. She also said that as there was no evidence to her claims she cannot prove what she said.

She stated that even Prabhakar’s parents were aware of their love. Pushpalatha came to know about the marriage only after she received a notice from Prabhakar on Friday, which declared that he had no relationship with her. Unfortunately the next day was a court holiday, she was not able to give a reply to the notice, immediately, Pushpalatha said.

After the police intervened both the parties had an ear to ear discussion in a room and came to a conclusion. Later Prabhakar married Poornima with whom the marriage was fixed. The police said that if Pushpalatha gives a complaint against Prabhakar, they will take action against the advocate.

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