Spanish King Juan Carlos apologizes for elephant hunting trip

Madrid, April 18 (TruthDive): The Spanish King Juan Carlos on Wednesday 18th April apologized for having done elephant hunting in African forest while people of his country every day are enduring a severe economic crisis.

The King agreed he was very sorry that he had made a mistake and would see to that that the incidence would not happen again.

The King is 74-year-old who this week has come under mocking criticism after he took an expensive safari to Africa when both Spain and the country’s citizens are struggling with an economic crisis and the condition is worsening day by day.

The King looked sheepish and ashamed. He was walking using crutches and he spoke to the reporters while leaving to Madrid hospital. He had undergone a surgery after his hip was broke in a fall when he went for a hunting trip to Botswana.

The trip was known to all when the King had a fall in the forests of Africa and was rushed back to Spain on Friday.

An official of the royal palace denied the news that accounted the King left the country without giving any information to the government. The official told that on 2nd April the King had meeting with the PM and told him that on 9th April he would be in Botswana. The official told the king’s was a guest trip of unnamed hosts with no taxpayer money spent.

Many Spaniards were astonished that the king made this trip when his country is under 23 per cent unemployment rate with shrinking economy following the fears that the country would be next after Ireland, Greece and Portugal to need a bailout.

The King apologized for his act and the royal palace official confirmed the regret was exceptional and unprecedented in Spain’s monarchy history.

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