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Osama Bin Laden hid in Pakistan, not caves, for decade says wife

Islamabad, April 1 (): According to a police report dated Jan. 17, Osama Bin Laden’s youngest wife Amal Ahmad Abdul Fatah claims that except for the eight or nine months just after 9/11 when the family “scattered” and she does not account for Bin Laden’s whereabouts, the most wanted man in the world skipped from home to home in Peshawar, Swat and Haripur, Pakistan before settling in Abbottabad for about the last six years of his life.

The intelligent agency has just found an ornate but not lavish two-story house tucked away at the end of a mud clogged street. This is where Pakistan’s intelligence agency believes Osama bin Laden lived for nearly a year until he moved into the villa in which he was eventually killed.

The residence in the frontier town of Haripur was one of five safe houses used by the slain al-Qaida leader while on the run in Pakistan according to information revealed by his youngest wife, who has been detained.

The ISI discovered that the Haripur house, like the land on which Bin Laden’s Abbottabad villa was built, was rented by two Pashtun brothers claiming to be from Charsadda, a Pashtun dominated town about 110 kilometers (80 miles) away.

Osama Bin Laden’s youngest wife has revealed that the al Qaeda leader spent a vast majority of his time after the 9/11 attacks not hiding in caves but living in Pakistani cities, where he moved several times and fathered a handful of children.

American officials have said they suspected some Pakistani officials must have known Bin Laden had been hiding in Pakistan.

“I don’t have any hard evidence, so I can’t say it for a fact. There’s nothing that proves the case. But as I said, my personal view is that somebody somewhere probably had that knowledge,” Panetta told.

“The inescapable conclusion is that he was helped by high-level officials in Pakistan,” said Richard Clarke, former White House counterterrorism advisor.




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