Vanni Mouse

Vanni Mouse

Vanni Mouse is a short film following the journey of two mice which flew from the wood of Vanni. The two inseparable couple end up unfortunately in an internment camp (Manik Farm) located in Vavuniya (Sri Lanka) where hundreds of thousands of Tamils are imprisoned by the Sri Lankan government. These two mice witness the tragedy of many innocent civilians behind the barbed wires, which remains as unspoken truth. Whether the two will escape from the terrifying environment is the climax of this short film.

This short film produced by Tamiliam, directed by a diaspora, Eezham Tamil Tamiliam Subas. It won the best award in an international festival which is seen as a first. It has won the best film award in the fiction category in the nine-day 11th International Short and Independent Film Festival (ISIFF) in Dhaka 2010. This was the first time an Eezham Tamil artist being awarded at an international film festival.

Balumahendra,the Indian filmmaker, screenwriter, and cinematographer says , “This is very important short film registering tamil genocide in srilanka. If start talking about the film i will get emotional, if so please pardon me. If we shout from kanniyakumari borders, can be heard in Thalimannar, its just that far, while dreadful insufferable slaughtering against lacs of tamilian, our people, our blood- what were we all doing here? such terrifiing episode at vania camps was conveyed impeccably with casting two mouses, I am literally astounded , in my fourty years of experience, i never expereinced someone capturing such obnoxious episode so subtle, with strong impact,heart thrombing pathos in vividness. My hearty congratulations, Hats off to subas.

“As far as content is concerned, the film is against violence perpetrated in the name of national integrity. To convey this message, the director picked up a form, which is an interesting combination of wild life cinematography, surrealistic backdrop and realistic incident. A monotonous journey of some mice ends up in an unexpected revelation of a human tragedy. The approach is quite original for anti-war film,” said the Jury Recitation during the announcement of the award.

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