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  • Poor sleep aggravates health and behaviour problems in young diabetics

    Washington, Jan 2 (ANI): Young diabetics struggling to get a good night’s sleep have worse control of their blood sugar, perform poorly in school and behave badly, a new study has found. According to Michelle Perfect and her colleagues, lighter sleep and breathing problems lead to trouble controlling blood sugar, despite adherence to diabetic health…

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  • Amy Winehouse’s dad plans annual concerts in her memory

    London, Jan 2 (ANI): Mitch Winehouse plans to hold star-studded concerts every year in his daughter’s memory to help raise funds for the Amy Winehouse foundation. He said that he will also call on stars like Lady Gaga to donate money for the cause. “We need to make sure the money keeps coming in,” the…

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  • Venkatraman Ramakrishnan honoured with knighthood

    London, Jan 1 (): 58-year-old Venkatraman Ramakrishnan, India-born US citizen who won 2009 Nobel Prize in chemistry, has been honoured with a knighthood by the royal establishment here. Knighthood is a rare recognition of achievements by foreigners based in Britain. Venkatraman, known to most as Venki, is based at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in…

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  • Make Chai Not War :U.S sponsored NRI comedy team to spread religious harmony in India

    Ohio, Jan 1 ():   A trio of Indian origin comedians – Rajiv Satyal, Hari Kondabolu and Azhar Osman will be on an US sponsored Indian tour in an effort to strengthen ties and spread religious harmony. The state department officially announced the trip. Victoria Nuland, a State Department official said, “We are, indeed, sending an Indian-American comedy group,”…

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  • China losing its cultural heritage, Great wall of China under threat

    Beijing, Dec 31 ():  China has one of the richest heritages in the world. A report after a census conducted by the government’s own State Administration of Cultural Heritage (SACH) shockingly revealed that China’s rich cultural heritage is literally disappearing. According to a survey which concludes  the country’s first heritage census for more than 20…

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  • Breast Implants save lives of many in Sweden

    Stockholm, Jan 1 ():  If you deny them breast implants they may commit suicide- An advocacy group in Sweden has come out with a shocking revelation that transgender people in Sweden who are denied breast implants are more likely to commit suicide. The group has urged health authorities to frame suitable guidelines and make the…

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  • Bigg Boss 5: Sunny Leone evicted

    Mumbai, Jan 1 (): Indo-Canadian porn star Sunny Leone has become the last contestant to be ousted from the reality show this season. Sunny’s eviction came just a week before the finale and she feels that people did not vote for her because she did not create much drama on the show. “I feel sad that…

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