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Anna Hazare at Medanta Medicity for medical check-up

Gurgaon, Jan 30 (): Anna Hazare, who was being treated at the Sancheti Hospital in Pune for acute bronchitis, is said to be suffering from side-effects of medicines. He had persistent cough and back pain.

In order to get a second opinion, Anna is undergoing a full medical check-up at a super-speciality hospital here.

Anna Hazare arrived here on Sunday afternoon for a medical check-up at Medanta Medicity in Gurgaon. He was escorted by heavy contingent of police, though there were no supporters to greet him at the hospital. He will undergo a detailed medical check-up.

He has been ailing since his fast in Mumbai. He had to suspend his fast due to the acute bronchitis. Medanta hospital’s head eminent cardiologist Naresh Trehan monitored his health during his fast at Ramleela Maidan and after it ended.

Anna is likely to spend two to three days in Medanta and then head to Bangalore for Ayurvedic treatment at Jindal Nature Care.

“He will be here for another two days for required medical tests and leave for Jindal Nature Care Centre in Bangalore,” spokesperson of India Against Corruption told.

One of his trusted aides Manoj Sisodia said, “Right now Anna has gone through the tests, and we are waiting for the results. The problems are persisting. There are still swellings on his body. Due to his ill health he had to postpone his all-India tour.”

Dr RR Kasliwal, head of internal medicine at Medanta hospital, said, “We have taken blood samples and conducted some tests. But it’s too early to comment on his health. He is stable at the moment. He has no heart ailment and his vital organs are all right.”

“He came in with complaints of breathlessness and high blood pressure. We have made all the check-ups. Some of the kidney tests we did have already come out fine. In my view he is stabilizing, and the rest will be clarified once the results come out tomorrow,” added Dr Kasliwal.




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