RE60: Bajaj Auto unveils Tata Nano rival

RE60: Bajaj Auto unveils Tata Nano rival

New Delhi, Jan 4  (TruthDive): Indian’s Bajaj Auto Ltd. has unveiled on Tuesday a low-cost car expected to go up against the world’s cheapest – the Tata Nano.

Bajaj Auto is best known for scooters and three-wheel auto-rickshaws. It is India’s second-largest two-wheeled vehicle maker and is a world leader in three-wheeled vehicles.

The RE60 – Bajaj’s first foray into the four-wheel market,  is being pitched as a solution to pollution and congestion. The firm said the car had high fuel efficiency and low carbon dioxide emissions.

RE60 would target commercial users and three-wheeled vehicle owners in India, and that production could involve Nissan and Renault. Bajaj said the company had spent nearly four years in developing the product that has a top speed of 70 kmph.

RE60 is powered with a water-cooled 200CC DTSi 4 valve engine with a closed loop fuel injection system. The engine is positioned in the rear of the car. The car will do 35km (22 miles) per litre of fuel and emit just 60 grams of carbon dioxide per km, the company said.

The vehicle is expected to be ready for commercial production in the next few months. While the company did not set a price, RE60 will likely be a much cheaper alternative to even the cheapest passenger cars currently used as taxis.

Motoring writer Murad Ali Beg told that the car was expected to be a competition for the world’s cheapest car, the Tata Nano. “The RE60 shows that the Bajaj group is moving from two-wheelers and three-wheelers to four wheels now. This way they plan to cover the whole spectrum of vehicles.”

Bajaj’s new hatchback will create a new public passenger vehicle or “city taxi” segment, Managing Director Rajiv Bajaj told.

“About 5 million three-wheelers made by Bajaj are [currently] on the roads. We are extremely hopeful RE60 would gradually replace these,” Mr. Bajaj said, adding the vehicle also had “excellent export opportunities”.

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