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Auto Expo 2012: Bajaj’s small car RE60 to be unveiled at Delhi

New Delhi, Jan 1 (): Bajaj Auto, the fourth largest two-wheeler and three-wheeler manufacturer in the world, is all set to launch its low-priced car at the upcoming Delhi Auto Show. Bajaj in its eighty years of history is going to launch its first four-wheeler on 7th January 2012.

The concept model of the car was previously showcased at the 2008 Delhi Auto Expo. Bajaj Auto is determined to give fierce competition to Tata Motors, which gained instant success by introducing Nano, with this vehicle.

Bajaj’s small car is named as RE60. The small car by Bajaj Auto will be brought in collaboration with Nissan Motors and Renault. The RE60 was originally conceived as the ULCC project or Ultra Low-Cost Car.

Bajaj has made it very clear that it does not intend to build another Tata Nano but its own version of what it thinks is a perfect, low-cost transportation solution. In comparison to Tata Nano’s fuel efficiency of 25 kmpl, Bajaj car is expected to give higher fuel efficiency of 30 kmpl. Regarding engine capacity too, Bajaj Auto has an advantage over its rival Nano as the former is equipped with an 800 cc engine in contrast to latter’s 624 cc engine.

With power on the slower side, the vehicle may not hit more than the speed of 90 Kph. It has better fuel efficiency which is expected to be around the 30 km / litre mark.

The model is a five-seater like Nano, but will be more spacious. As soon as the small car by Bajaj launches, it is expected to entice customers who were thinking about purchasing Nano, the world’s cheapest car.

In a recent statement, a Bajaj Auto executive commented, “The car’s model is already complete. However, the company has got the final nod from its other partners, Nissan and Renault, which have approved the design. Earlier the car was supposed to be cheaper than Nano. However, other partners (Renault-Nissan) said that there should be no compromise on quality even if it means pricing it higher.”




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