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  • Rockstar – Review

    Mumbai, Nov 11 (): Rockstar is a bittersweet journey of a man, an artist, from being an ordinary man to a superstar. The movie is not just a journey of an aspiring musician. It also charts the main lead’s spiritual path and highlights that just making it big in life doesn’t lead to inner happiness….

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  • Android phones under Rs 20,000

    November 11 (): Here are 5 inclination in Android operation that make for a good buy below Rs 20000: 1) LG Optimus Black (Rs 19,500): LG Optimus Black has a thin, elegant and clean design, and comes with a 5 megapixel camera, 4 inch in-plane switching display, and the capability to record 720 pixels video…

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  • Now, T-shirts recycled from cigarette butts

    London, November 12 (ANI): University students in Japan have found a way to turn cigarette butts into T-shirts. Shinji Sawai, 21, a student at the College of Economics of Ritsumeikan University came upon this idea when he saw huge quantities of cigarette butts at his local station everyday. He formed a group called AOI with…

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  • ‘Killer solar flare’ not to be blamed if world ends in 2012

    Washington, Nov 12 (ANI): NASA has assured worried public that a gigantic, killer solar flare won’t destroy the Earth in 2012. Citing the accurate fact that solar activity is currently ramping up in its standard 11-year cycle, there are those who believe that 2012 could be coincident with the “killer solar flare”. This same solar…

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  • Falling into toilet major reason of water damage to Brit phones

    London, November 12 (ANI): A survey has revealed that almost half of phones in Britain that had been water-damaged had fallen into the toilet bowl. The study conducted by GoodMobilePhones.co.uk surveyed 1,937 mobile users over the age of 18 in UK, and asked questions related to phone usage. Conducted by GoodMobilePhones.co.uk, the study found 31…

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