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A P J Kalam fails to satisfy anti Koodankulam protestors

Chennai, Nov7, (): Dr A P J Kalam Former President and advocate of nuclear energy after an inspection of  Koodankulam nuclear plant gave it a clean chit and added that it posed no danger to people or environment. The protestors led by Udaykumar did not meet but felt that Kalam had not answered many of their queries

Kalam met some forty people but they do not represent the protestors said Udyakumar. Kalam citing many safeguards said  “There is no need to worry about the safety aspect of the plant, as it is in a low frequent seismic zone. There is also no threat of a Tsunami as the plant is 1,300 km away from the seismic centre point. Besides, the plant is 13.5 metres above sea level,” Kalam’s claims that the plant was safe in the event of a tsunami was not convincing as the tidal waves from the December 2004 tsunami rose above the 133 foot statue of Tamil saint poet Tiruvalluvar at Kanyakumari, Udaykumar said.

Kalam said that his mission was not to mediate with the protestors but to only give his report to the Government and committee. He pointed out that six scientists were injured during  the Rohini satellite launch but the programme was not shelved. He was available on his email for those who wanted info on Koodankulam . His opinion was that the plant would help Tamil Nadu’s growth and people should have confidence in the Government. Udayakumar  asked whether the Centre would dare set up a nuclear plant either in West Bengal or Kerala




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