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  • Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur much bigger than earlier survey

    Chicago, Oct 16 (): The most popular dinosaur on record, the Tyrannosaurus rex may have been much hungrier and much heavier than palaeontologists had previously thought. “We estimate they grew as fast as 3,950 pounds (1,790 kilograms) per year during the teenage period of growth, which is more than twice the previous estimate,” study researcher…

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  • Google to shut down Google Buzz,Jaiku

    San Francisco, Oct 16 (): The search giant, Google announced to shut down the highly controversial social networking product, Google Buzz and Buzz API, Google Code Search, Jaiku along with several other services. Google had announced in September that they are conducting fall spring-clean in the coming months by either shutting down a number of…

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  • Steve Jobs’ ill biological mother unaware of his tragic death

    Washington, Oct 16 (ANI): Steve Jobs’ death may have grabbed the world’s attention because of the headlines that hit global newspapers, but one of the very few people who is unaware of the tragic news is his own ill biological mother. Joanne Simpson, who reluctantly gave her son up for adoption after falling pregnant when…

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  • No more long-distance swimming challenges, says David Walliams

    London, Oct 16 (ANI): Funny man David Walliams has reportedly vowed that he will never attempt any long-distance swimming challenge in future. The ‘Little Britain’ star had to cancel work commitments to have hospital treatment and physiotherapy post his epic 140-mile Thames swim for ‘Sport Relief’ last month. “This is it now. I think because…

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  • Duchess’ bridal gown raises 1 pounds million for charity

    London, Oct 16 (ANI): The Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding dress is said to have raised 1 million pounds for the charities supported by Prince William and Kate, although official announcement has not yet been made. The charities chosen by the royal couple are expected to benefit from the huge amount raised from the visitors at…

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