White House to announce new computer security rules for classified documents

Washington, Oct 7(ANI): The White House is set to issue an executive order to replace flawed computer security measures, which were exposed after a huge stockpile of classified government documents was disclosed to a whistle blower site, WikiLeaks.

President Barack Obama’s order comes after the US Government undertook a seven- month review of policies to ensure security of classified information, the New York Times reports.

Obama has also ordered the creation of a task force to combat “insider threats.”

The directive also establishes a special government committee empowered to assessing the classified information’s protection on government computer networks.

Computer security analysts said these safeguards aimed to bring greater consistency and accountability to information sharing and protection policies.

“The real surprise continues to be that relatively elementary procedures should have been in place and were not,” said University of Texas’ Institute for Cyber Security Executive Director Ravi Sandhu said.

Administrative officials said a new procedure aimed at maintaining classified documents’ secrecy is relatively untested.

“I don’t think we’ll ever be able to guarantee this won’t happen again, but this greatly enhances our chances of preventing it or catching it in the process,” National Security Council’s Identity Management and Biometrics Policy Director Monte Hawkins said. (ANI)

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