Ilayaraja works free for 'Pachai Kudai'

Ilayaraja works free for 'Pachai Kudai'

Chennai, Sept 17 (TruthDive): The music legend of 80’s and 90’s Isaignani Ilayaraja is always there to encourage good things. He is at it again, as Ilayaraja has worked without taking any remuneration for ‘Pachai Kudai’, a film by director R Selvaraj, which talks about the importance of green cover to protect the world from global warming.

Isaignani Ilayaraja has composed tunes for hundreds of big hit films but this musical genius is all content with compositions only for simple and meaningful productions.

Selvaraj is a longtime colleague of Bharathiraja and Mani Ratnam and he is the brain behind some of the blockbuster films of Kollywood. Now he has come out with ‘Pachai Kudai’, a period film which is about a pair who lived 2,000 years ago.

And, the big news is that Ilayaraja is doing the composition by taking nothing as salary for the film. Yes, the Maestro has politely rejected the offer of salary for the film saying, “This film is one that tells the message of the green cover of the earth, and propagates greenery and saving our mother Earth. It is my responsibility and duty to do my part for the well-being of our planet”.

The film tells the greenery message and also depicts a story of a young couple, who are in love in the age of BC! The film will be screened in multiplexes, television channels around the world and also in all major International Film Festivals.

Nithya Das plays the heroine, the role of a tribal woman. “She comes across a guy who is in the forest to cut trees. Both fall for each other and Nithya Das makes him understand the need for green cover. Selvaraj has sandwiched a good message in a love story,” say sources.

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