Average family home sees 2,000 arguments, 928 sex sessions over 8 years

London, Sept 15 (ANI): The average family home witnesses an overall of 2,000 arguments, 928 sex sessions and 233 slammed doors, a new study has found.

It will also be the scene of 4,880 kisses, 14,016 TV programmes, 957 spilt drinks and 274 DIY jobs.

The figures were calculated based on the average eight years a family owns a house.

A typical property will also witness the birth of one child, the purchase of three pets, two cars and play host to 1,144 visitors.

Over the years, 14 rooms will be redecorated with 10 new carpets, 12 sets of curtains and 17 pieces of new furniture.

“Our homes are the focal point of our lives and every home will have its own story to tell, whether it’s good or bad,” the Daily Mail quoted Nikki Sellers, Head of home insurance at esure, which conducted the study of 3,000 Brits, as saying.

“It’s heart-warming to think that it’s the place where babies are brought home, marriage proposals are made and parties are held, but equally, it sees arguments, doors slammed, food burnt and drinks spilt.

“In a typical eight year period, the average house in Britain could tell many stories,” he added. (ANI)

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