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  • Nayanthara joins International celebs list

    Chennai, August 9 ():South Indian actor Nayanthara joins list of International celebs George Harrison and Julia Roberts as well as our desi celebs Illayaraja and Raghava Lawrence among those who converted to Hinduism from Christanity. This move is apparently seen as the step towards tying the knot with actor-director-choreographer Prabhu Deva. There was a speculation…

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  • Pakistan – USA ties hit new low

    ISLAMABAD,Aug 8,(): US and Pakistan aviation are at loggerheads  after  the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)  rejected a US plea seeking permission for parking five of her planes at Benazir International Airport, Islamabad. The American Embassy had contacted Aviation Wing of the Ministry of Interior for acquisition of NOC, offering the ministry to use the planes…

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  • Osama killers not in Afghan plane hit

    Kabul, Aug9, (): General John R Allen, International Security Assistant Force Commander (ISAF) denied that any combat soldier  involved in the operation that led to killing of Osama Bin Laden were among the 30 US soldiers who were killed in the chopper crash. Taliban had claimed that it had hit the chopper. Among those killed…

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  • Gunman killed in U.S. after shooting eight

    Copley, Ohio, U.S., Aug 8 (): A man gunned down seven people outside an Ohio home in Sunday morning, and he was shot and killed in an exchange of gunfire with police, authorities said. The rampage which was apparently rooted in a domestic dispute left bodies strewn across, otherwise quiet street in Copley Township beginning…

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  • CAG reports stall Parliament

    New Delhi,Aug 8,(): CAG report on Mayawati Ministry and Shiela Dikshit ministry continued to rock both houses of Parliament. It adjourned for the day. In the Lok Sabha as Soon as Speaker Miera Kumar took up the question hour SP members moved to the well with newspaper reports of CAG indicting Mayawati ministry, Soon BSP…

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  • Panic hits Indian stock markets

    Mumbai, Aug 5, () As the stock benchmark Sensex crashed by over 700 points to slip below 17,000-point level for the first time since June 2010, Indian Government said the markets were reacting in a panic mode due to plunge in overseas Asian markets and the Wall street. Stocks in IT firms were hit since most…

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  • 2000 families of Tamils -Muslims deprived of income in SL

    Colombo, Aug 5 (): “Nearly 2000 families of Tamils and Muslims who were doing prawn farming on this Periya-karaichchi land and another five hundred families who benefited from the subsidiary employment related to prawn farming have been pushed out and some outsiders from other districts have come started a saltern. This is extremely unfair,” said…

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  • Sonia undergoes surgery in US

    New Delhi, August 4 (): Congress spokesperson Janardhan Dwivedi confirmed that UPA Chairperson and Congress President Sonia Gandhi underwent a surgery abroad and would be back after a fortnight. The country where she is currently now and at which hospital is kept secret. Sources say that she boarded a US bound flight but whether she…

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  • Novel breakthrough brings quantum computers closer to reality

    Washington, August 3 (ANI): Scientists at the University of Bristol (UK) have developed a novel technique whereby the circuits are simplified to crack complex quantum algorithms, paving the way for building a quantum computer. Dr Xiao-Qi Zhou and colleagues believe their technique will find applications across quantum information technologies, including precision measurement, simulation of complex…

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