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  • Norway Suspect Breivik to be Quizzed Again

    Oslo, July 29 (): Norwegian police are to question massacre suspect Anders Breivik again today, as new information emerges about his killing spree. Friday’s interrogation will be only the second interview after police quizzed the far-right extremist on Saturday, the morning after his shooting rampage on Utoya Island and the bomb blast in downtown Oslo…

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  • More cracks in Mullaperiyar Dam

    Kochi/Chennai, July 29 (): As Tamil Nadu and Kerala are battling over the construction of a new dam to replace the existing 100 year old Mullaperiyar the earthquakes in the last two days near the dam have led to cracks in new areas according to the Kerala officials. The seepage too has increased they claim….

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  • Hina blames Indian paparazzi

    Lahore, July 29 (): Back to the land purdah and fatwa’s, Pakistan’s first woman foreign minister, who returned after a three-day visit to New Delhi, reacted angrily to questions pertaining to her coverage in leading Indian dailies? “You see paparazzi are everywhere. Besides, you (referring to media) should not do such acts,” Khar said, in…

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  • Human skin cells converted into functional brain cells

    Washington, July 29 (ANI): A scientist has discovered a novel way to convert human skin cells into brain cells, offering new hope for regenerative medicine. Sheng Ding, PhD, from the Gladstone Institutes reveals efficient and robust methods for transforming adult skin cells into neurons that are capable of transmitting brain signals, marking one of the…

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