Hillary Clinton, India and War crimes in Sri Lanka

Hillary Clinton, India and War crimes in Sri Lanka

The Indian agenda on bilateral talks with USA has put a lock over the liberal mouth of Hillary Clinton regarding the genocide and war crimes in Srilanka. This is in tune with the calculated silence of Indian Government about the war crimes in Srilanka.

For Hillary Clinton who has maintained a sympathetic look for Ealem Tamils it should be a compulsory official instruction to shut down her heart from commenting on genocide in Srilanka despite visiting close to the killing fields.But Hillary need not follow Indian instructions in this respect.

It is a pity that the world’s biggest democratic country India tries to silence the loudest speaker of human rights USA and suggest to follow the gestures of three Gandhian monkeys on the issues of democracy and human rights in Srilanka.

According to spokesperson in the Ministry of External Affairs Vishnu Prakash the dialogue with USA is based on five pillars which include strategic cooperation in defense and counter-terrorism, energy and trade. It is not known why all the five pillars are not explicitly stated. The first pillar appears to be a long pillar ” Strategic cooperation in defense and counter terrorism”. This may be taken as one pillar or two pillars depending on whether you consider the counter terrorism as a separate one.

If the strategic cooperation in defense between India and USA can include the issues of Pakistan, Afghanistan and China then why the China- Srilanka partnership is excluded? Is it so negligible?

Let us try to believe that the influence of China in Srilanka through massive and sudden investment drive in that country is not a valid point in the strategic cooperation between USA and India. India and USA should have genuine concerns on the growing clout of China in the Indian ocean island but it will not be stated in public in a bilateral dialogue. It is similar to Srilanka playing double game with India.But if some thing is hidden in this the President Rajapakse has to find it out for his strategic planning.

In the recent meeting with Dalai Lama USA President Mr. Barack Obama shared his concerns about human rights of Tibetans. He was particularly worried about traditional religious and linguistic rights of Tibetans. Such courtesy can be extended to Tamils for their linguistic rights or at least their human rights. Therefore it is only natural on the part of people of Tamil nadu to expect Hillary Clinton visiting Chennai to share the concerns of the Chief Minister Jayalalithaa over the war crimes in Srilanka. If it is only for dollars earned by selling Ford cars any US Official is enough to assess it and a high profile politician like Hillary need not visit Chennai.

The Indian diplomatic sources are trying hard by imposing an agenda on Hillary’s visit to Chennai which is said to be ” strictly non- Governmental” This means the US Secretary of state should do her business only on business and should exclude the political issues.

It is to be seen whether Hillary Clinton can break the barrier and speak frankly if such an opportunity develops in Chennai. The indications from the American side suggest that there will be a meeting between Hillary Clinton and Jayalalithaa. If Srilankan Tamil issue does not figure in the discussions it will damage the reputation of both the leaders.


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  1. The write is not even aware that the name of the country of interest is ‘Sri Lanka’ NOT ‘Srilanka’. With this level of ignorance how can someone expect him to give a useful insight into the matter? It’s good he has written USA instead of writing Unitedstatesofamerica.

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