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Obama to shun famed Guinness beer during Ireland visit

London, May 12 (ANI): There will be no picture of US President Barack Obama lifting a pint of Irish Guinness to celebrate his arrival in the land of his forefathers, Ireland.

According to the Daily Mail, White House security staff are taking no risks when Obama arrives in Ireland later this month, and that includes screening everything he will eat and drink.

The highlight of the trip will be Obama’s visit to Moneygall, the village in County Offaly that was home to his great great-great-grandfather, and his route is expected to include Ollie Hayes’ bar.

However, while the US leader may get a taste of the local atmosphere, any beer he drinks there will come straight from a keg supplied by his security detail.

The bar has already been searched by the U.S. secret service in preparation for the visit, but yesterday Majella Hayes, Ollie’s wife, said: ‘We haven’t heard anything about security staff supplying kegs or drinks to the bar.

“We don’t know for sure if he is coming here, but we would be very honoured if the president were to drop by,” Hayes said.

Obama’s favourite brew is Chicago-manufactured Goose Island 312 ale. (ANI)




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