Sex and the Guru

Sex and the Guru

With the internet raging with people wanting to search for sex video’s of the hapless Swami Nityananda having sex with a famous Tamil actress, you have to ask what this is all about ? While people express outrage all over India through acts of violence against him and his property, others desperately want to voyeur into the wanting to look at the act.

Why ? Watching a Guru having sex with with an overweight actress who’s face you cannot see is pleasurable ? What drives us ?

It is not possible to have a Guru unless YOU worship him or her. So in effect YOU create the Guru, YOU set the rules, YOU decide what the Guru practices in his or her daily life. And then when the Guru does not conform to YOUR expectations, and finally having created him, YOU destroy him.

We need to know that there is something beyond the mundane existence of our lines. We are scared of death. We are desperately afraid of that which we cannot comprehend of course, but mostly that which we can. Like failure or self loathing. Like disease and loss. We can comprehend these things, but are so mortally afraid of OURSELVES that we look for people who can take responsibility for our lives. And the first person that is willing to come out and say ” That’s my problem, and I will look after it” becomes your Guru. Unfortunately that is what more and more people are understanding ‘Faith’ as.

shekhar-kapur_9326So a Guru has had sex. Who decided that he/she must not ? The Guru or you ? The Guru said it of course, but almost certainly in response to a need in you that if someone had to be ‘PURE’, then they must not have ‘SEX”. Why is Purity and SEX so closely related ? Why are we so afraid of sex, so filled with guilt about it that at the slightest provocation we are willing to destroy and revile other people over it on the one hand, and use it as tools of humiliation, conquest and rape on the other hand. I know a lot of people are going to be upset when I equate puritanical attitudes on sex with rape, but the provocations are fundamentally the same.

Some will say that a Guru must be above the 5 senses realm. But hey, it’s like saying that if he suffers pain and feels it, and dies of a heart attack or has cavities and has to have a tooth extracted, then he is a mere mortal and cannot be a Guru either. Why just sex and not hunger ? Why does no one object to the sheer luxury and wealth that surround our most successful Guru’s? A Guru is a realized soul, they will say without the slightest understanding of that actually meaning. I am not sure I do, but I can certainly say that merely changing your clothes into expensive designer ‘Guru Fashion”, being able to give long lectures that appease and assuage your guilt and fears, and not having sex does not mean realization.

I do not deny the existence and possibility of beings that have come to experience their Universal Selves. Who are now existing constantly in a full experience of their lack of individuality. But what’s sex got to or not got do with that? What do we know about that state to be able to say it is sex less ?

As I said, more often than not, we create the Guru, we make the rules, we ask for behaviour patterns based on our own sense of guilt and morality. And finally we Crucify the Guru for being Mortal. I am sorry, but they were always mortal in any case, but immortal only in our creation. So much so that while everyone else just dies, a Guru ‘decides to leave his/her earthly body/

So do I, mate !

About the writer: Shekhar Kapur is a noted film maker with international repute. One of the few Indian movie directors to make a career in the U.S., Shekhar Kapur has proved his filmmaking worth in both countries.

4 thoughts on “Sex and the Guru

  1. Refer your article Sex and the Guru.OK, let us agree sex is a natural phenomena and Gurus can have sex.Then why do some of the ashrams run by these gurus want their shisyas/sanyasins/sanyasis to be celibate in life?Is this not against nature?
    Leave this sex scandal.How many are aware of usage of Idols made of Mercury (dangerous metal) for spiritual enhancement? Isha Foundation, Coimbatore has Mercury based (99.9% according to their website) linga weighing 700 Kg placed inside a pond and by standing inside the pool, you get approach to spirituality.They have two more idols made of Mercury for worshipping.There is Siddha Forest Ashram in Pune which has Idol made of 1500 Kg Mercury one more in Ujjain having 1000 Kg Mercury idol.List goes on and on.In my opinion,Mercury useage for this type of activity may surpass all industrial use put together in India.Having know the danger associated with Mercury, most of the industry are going in for Mercury free alternate.Chlor alkali industry from Mercury cell technology to Membrane cell technology, health care sector thermometer based on alchohol, BP monitor to digital( even WHO has come out with Mercury policy paper in Health care sector for phasing out Mercury over a period of time).

    Mercury in any form is harmful to human and environment.It can cause personality change, lassitude, dementia,kidney failure and even death.What happened with Hindustan Unilever Ltd’s Thermometer plant at Kodaikanal, T Nadu? This plant is closed long back and still compensation litigation is going on for the affected victims.Even a stature of Unilever could not handle Mercury properly and Mercury handing in these ashrams by devotees and people are highly questionable.In the first instance why mercury,why can’t they have mercury free spirituality.These people use Mercury for unscientific purpose and barbaric in nature.

    Why can’t you also take with Pollution control board for safe disposal of Mercury from these sites?
    Should you need any further information on Mercury please feel free to write to me.

  2. What Mercury for Linga? Am neither a scientist or expert in mystic science..But this sounds like a scary misinterpretation of science! Hope the scientist spell out the positives/negatives and the science behind the mercury linga

  3. Respected Sir,
    All Paths lead to unreality. Paths are creations within the scope of Knowledge. Therefore paths and movements cannot take you into the Reality, because their function is to enmesh you within the dimension of knowledge, while the Reality prevails prior to it. The whole content of Consciousness is made up of ME that is emotions, anger,good, bad, real, unreal, compassion, hatred, pain, pleasure etc etc etc….. If one stays in Consciousness ” I AM” everything gets dissolved easily. Thought has created the external GURU and PRIOR to the thought, the real GURU is ” YOU ARE” which self evident, self existent and knowledge. External GURU are pointers but the REALITY is a Pathless LAND, you alone have to go not even the Content of Consciousness “ME”. Great Masters like Ramana Maharishi, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Atmananda Krishna Menon, J.Krishnamurti, ++ have time and again said DROP the ME, DROP the teachings, just stay as YOU ARE, that will become the Portal to the ABSOLUTE.. You may give any name you want.

    To exist as a separate individual constitutes the entire problem. And all these things, the various sense caterings, all reading, search for knowledge, for pleasure, everything is related to that, that is born our of knowledge. ANything that is born is perishable, but the Real Knowledge that YOU ARE is immortal. People may not understand the word “YOU” in TRUTH the words has no place at all. All words are only concepts. YOU is beyond concepts and it is infinite. The moment YOU is said, you reader take it with your body mind principle which is again born out of THOUGHT. Its like the seed of a banyan tree, the whole content of the tree is inside the seed, yet you break the seed you dont see it, it grows into bigger tree because the THOUGHT that has identified itself as the ME sprout into bigger tree. (refer not to the biological but the Psycic) Hence remain as the SEED alone let the seed sprout to a a tree by its Prarabhda – leave it alone but stay as the SEED that is I AM…. Once all that subsides, there is no more problem. Then the bliss you experience is TRUE bliss. The foregoing is not a ban on activities. What ever appeared is a state, and as such it has to go.

    Most of the reader are not going to understand what is being said by great sages and said here, because you are taking yourself to be the body. Whatever knowledge given is not directed to the body. So long as you and the real (YOU) are the body, whatever is told by us or sages is not going to be of any use to you. Because whatever knowledge we take, we take it as body-mind, since it adds to your existing store of knowledge and information. We then feel we have become more knowledgable, again another concept and bondage. Free yourself from the KNOWN.


  4. What nonsense are u talking kapoor ? Who say dont have sex have sex and enjoy BUT do not fool people by wearing the ochre robe. Is it difficult for a person like u to understand? Please u have displayed ur understanding of indian culture and ignorance of it. try to read some ancient scriptures before writing such crap!

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