Swami Nithyananda: A victim of Indian social system

Swami Nithyananda: A victim of Indian social system

Anyone could wonder about the topic which should be reading the opposite way. But I would like go into the depths of the real truth surrounding Swami Nithyananda and the Indian social system which is directly responsible for the rise and fall of Swami Nithyananda.

Swami Nithyananda who climbed the top of international fame was suddenly thrown overnight by a television media which showed video clips of Swami Nithyananda indulging in sexual activity with a popular actress. The video clip sent shockwaves across the states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Many of his devotees were not able to comprehend what they saw in the video clips. Since the video were broadcast, there have been mass agitations by Hindu outfits who ransacked several of Nithyananda’s ashrams. Few of the outfits called for immediate arrest of Nithyananda and insisted the Government to freeze the Multi-Million dollar assets of Nithyananda. 

Nithyananda runs ashrams not just in India, but across the globe. His assets are worth several Million US Dollars. His network spreads across continents and he managed more than thousand ashrams. There are more than thousand videos of the Swami posted in internet sites including Youtube. His presentations were recorded and sold as DVD’s which drew thousands of devotees all over the western world. He is also known for his intellectual discourses that have gained him popularity not only among ordinary people but also among top notch professionals from global corporations such as Microsoft and research foundations such as NASA. His television interviews in the US channels captured the interests of many Americans and NRI’s. NASA and Microsoft professionals were dumbstruck and mystified when they attended his highly elevated lectures with strong scientific backing. His knowledge of Tamil, Sanskrit and English gave him an added advantage for articulating his thoughts to deliver mesmerising speech. He showed the way towards enlightenment. This keyword ‘enlightenment’ was enough to capture millions of people and also for making millions of dollars.

Now I would like to examine what made the rise and fall of Nithyananda. What is the background of Nithyananda?

Nithyananda’s real name is Rajasekaran  (age 33) and he was born to a farmer in the temple town of Thiruvanamalai in northern Tamil Nadu. From early childhood Nithyananda was spiritually inclined and frequently visited temples and had a strong desire for becoming a “Sanyasi” which literally  means an ascetic. He completed his schooling and college education in Thiruvanamalai.

He was often sighted near by the caves and hillside of Thiruvanamalai practicing meditation. This created a small group of followers who constructed an ashram for him. This was the first ashram founded by Nithyananda which started to attracted not just Indians but also foreigners. Nithyananda now moved to next level by narrating his experiences of Samadhi to the visiting foreigners who were curious to know about this mythical and super natural state. As Nithyananda was very articulate to explain about his Samadhi experience, devotees and spiritual aspirants multiplied in hundreds. Soon he started to spread his wings across the USA and India by starting ‘Dhyanapeetam’ or meditation centres. Many locations for such centers were donated by his devotees and several were purchased by his management trust. This accumulation of wealth was running to the tune of Multi Million dollars. Very soon he rose to prominence among many God-men or ‘sat Grus’ and he was seen in par with Swami Vivekananda in inspiring the younger generation.

Nithyananda’s posters were common in the streets of the cities and towns of Tamilnadu and Karnataka. His seminars, lectures and practical classes attracted many youth and spiritual aspirants. His devotees were no ordinary people. Many were powerful politicians, popular movie actors and business tycoons. He organised mega spiritual tours and events which made people to follow him in blind faith. His words were powerful enough to move mountains. His lectures were based on Vedanta and scientific findings. The Hindu spiritual elite approved and recognised his lectures and thoughts which was a milestone for Nithyananda’s journey to name and fame.

As some sections of Hinduism believes in the supreme authority of Vedas and Vedic beliefs, it was quite easy for Nithyananda to capture the mindset of such spiritual followers who firmly believed Vedas word to word. Blind following of Veda amounted to firm belief that what Veda says are truth and nothing but truth. Similar to cult following , No one is encouraged or entertained to question the authority and authenticity of the sacred Vedas. If someone challenges Vedas, they will be considered as anti-Hindu and unintelligent amongst the spiritual circles. This section of the spiritual followers are brainwashed to firmly believe some of the versus in the vedas such as

“Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru Devo Maheshwarah! Guru Sakshat Param Brahma Tasmai Sri Guruve Namah”.

Meaning the guru is the embodiment of the creator, operator and the destroyer. Guru is exactly the supreme God himself and therefore hail the guru.

Belief and affirmation on the “Guru” made life very simple for Nithyananda as he was able to portray himself as a perfect guru. His ability to discuss on Bhagavad-Gita and Vedas clearly found a permanent place in the hearts of a section of the Hindu faith. Such an endorsement from the elite spiritual groups made the other sections of Hindu’s to blindly follow their footsteps. This phenomenon of approval and following has been the trend in the Indian society since ancient times. One thing Nithyananda was careful about all the time was that he never preached Thirukkural, Naladiyar or Avvai Kural though he was a Tamil. He knew the pulse of the people who controlled the Hindu spiritualism. Sections of the Hindu religious structure do not advocate Tamil treatises to stand at par with Vedas or Upanishads. With the help of his followers, Nithyananda climbed to the pinnacle of name, fame, wealth, spiritual and social authority. He wanted to become the next Vivekananda by shaping the minds of youth to follow the Vedanta path.

It was also alleged that Nithyananda was posing a great threat to Saibaba and Ravi Shankar Swamiji in terms of stealing their devotees mainly from the western world. Many of the devotees in USA started flocking Nithyananda retreat instead of Saibaba or Ravi Shankar’s gatherings. Nithyananda became a strong rival and alternative for other spiritual giants of India. In a surprisingly short span of time Nithyananda reached great heights which his rivals had accompioshed in a long time. He almost achieved the supreme state of fame and was just few hundred yards away from his goal of becoming the undisputed spiritual master.

Only at this juncture, Nithayananda has been caught red handed in the sex scandal when his video was released by a television network. It is also widely suspected that this incident took place because of business rivalry among the spiritual gurus. His spiritual kingdom crumbled overnight. As a former spiritual aspirant, I could understand Nithyananda more than anybody else. In my opinion, he should have been extra careful in hiding his secrets. If his scandal wouldn’t have leaked out, he could have continued as a torch bearer for the nation. He would have done wonders in directing many youths towards spiritual path. He was quite unlucky that his secrets came out too early.

Many politicians manage very well in maintaining their secrets. Be it any Indian Chief Minister, deputy Chief Minister or MP, all of them are invariably clever enough to hide their secrets. Spiritual guru Puttaparthi Saibaba has managed to come out of scandals few times in the past. Though BBC reported with established evidence about Saibaba and his homosexual affairs, Saibaba cleverly planned and walked out of those traps. Saibaba is doing very well today among his followers and millions of Hindus. God-man Kalki Bhagwan has several charges, but every time he has managed to come out of those allegations. The greatest of all techniques is simply hiding one’s own fault perfectly. However it is evident now that Nithyananda did not master this technique well enough and has taken this sudden and steep fall.

A scholar quoted that every one in this world is a culprit, but what makes the difference is one who is caught and one who is not.

Would anybody follow Swami Vivekananda, if they knew that he was a chain smoker? Would anybody follow Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, if they knew that he was a tobacco addict? Thank god that there were no hidden cameras those days, otherwise these spiritual leaders would have been caught on the tape and India would have lost great spiritual leaders.

This is a fine lesson to all the social and spiritual reformers that they should be careful in public life and protect themselves from the candid cameras. Otherwise India will lose many more Swamijis like Nithyananda in the coming years. The rise and fall of Nithyananda cannot be attributed to his personal behaviour but has to be attributed to the social system which promotes and then and ditches them for some reasons.

People want an all-perfect leader which they imagine with selected qualities and when these gurus fail to deliver this all-perfect image, the same people trash them.  This is not only with the case of Nithyananda, but also with all the eminent swamiji’s and guruji’s of India. Therefore the mistake lies with the people and not with the Gurus. I hope that Nithyananda will come out of this scandal and continue his journey to spread spirituality among innocent Indians.

The Indian society accepts spiritual knowledge only if it is sugar coated with Veda, and the individual projects a Brahmin like lifestyle. Our society believes that true spiritual knowledge can come only from people who practice religion in a particular format. In essense, we do not seek true spiritual knowledge but a fake one. Nityananda rode well on the path set by the group that markets spiritualism. Had he not chosen to project a fake lifestyle and lived true to his heart, he could have had the freedom to live his life the way he wanted and at the same time spread his knowledge.  As long as we let a small group of our society dictate who an intellectual is, we may not see real intellectuals come to light.

153 thoughts on “Swami Nithyananda: A victim of Indian social system

  1. Nice article with a neutral view!

    i dont have enough knowledge to comment on what an enlightened person like nithyananda did .. there is no hard and fast rule for enlightened beings about having sex .. in many terms , they are also human beings …

    if he had exploited someone without their will, i will definitely loose repsect for him ! lets wait for the whole story , if any ..

  2. a neutral view and a matured one.
    Surely there is problem with our system. But one thing which is difficult to understand is how was the video which unlike other hidden camera operations, is with good clarity and planning. Is the actress also involved in the operations?

  3. Is it really a truth Swamiji VIvekanandha is a chain Smoker ? I can’t belive it. The author of the article says that nobody is perfect. I accept. But how come a Guru knowing all facts of life ,Vedas and preaches to the people ,go in wrong way . If their words and deeds not matches then who will respect them . DOn’t suppport these so called Gurujis .

  4. very diplomatic article (without any sense)…..but i really don’t understand (u) nation need a torch bearer like him….. everyone should be strong enuf to torch his/her path…. u pls kindly go and listen to this music ” hudi Ko kar Buland Itna…ke har taqdeer se pehle..khuda bande se khud puche ….teri razza kya hain”

    Believe only in GOD in what ever form u like…..hope point is delivered to u.

  5. also ur headline is very disgusting……. u called mr nithyanand a VICTIM … my dear friend pls think again who is victim??

  6. Can’t agree more with your views!

    I think people are unnecessarily making a huge fuss about this entire episode…

    Whatever is being said…his teachings are a invaluable lesson to all and definitely make you a better human being.

  7. I Personally felt that media should have not played this video repeatedly in air.It is ok for any men and women to have a sexual life.But had he not felt guilty of doing this,he should have disclosed to the world that he is with that girl.The one who preached goodness for the society is expected to follow the rules.There is a famous proverb”practice before you preach”.

  8. Sorry but this article misses completely the point.
    The point is that there is a lot of money involved here
    a lot of money raised on the well marketed image of a spiritual leader of incredible powers
    now, if that image was too perfect to be true but right to raise money
    then you see the problem. Maybe this was just a scheme frome the beginning.
    Would people still give money knowing the leader is not as perfect as they were led to believe?
    Would they feel betrayed?
    If the leader had been true about himself from the beginning they would most surely still support him.
    The world is full of Sai baba who cheat people (and often themselves as well)
    playing with their spiritual side….

  9. The author here is being very disingenuous but in the process has fallen into the trap of bad (lack of) logic. He argues that the social system in India puts holy men on a pedestal and expects them to be morally and ethically correct and if they are caught red handed doing something fishy, they ‘trash’ them and the swamijis have a hard fall. Therefore,the author argues, the problem is with the public’s expectations and we should leave the poor swamijis to carry on their ‘holy’ acts as long as they are simultaneously leading the youth of the country on the path to ‘enlightenment’.
    This is analogous to a murderer or a rapist saying to the court “look, it is not my problem that the society expects me to not kill another person or rape a girl of my liking…i never signed up for this…therefore, the problem is with the society and constitution which has put down that law…i am just a poor guy leading my life, doing my thing” ..

    get it??? the point of this whole article is THAT dumb

  10. With all due respect, i think the author of this article very confused as to what exactly he wants to convey through his writing. Nowhere in the article has the author been able to provide proof to back-up the title of the article. Nithyananda was made a hero by the Indian social system and he himself brought it down on himself and not the social system. He grew because of the social system wherein the guru is regarded with utmost reverence, and he fell because he could not practice what he preached. As far as i know about Nithyananda’s sect, i personally know the he had a married woman take her mangalsutra off and practice celibacy even while living with her husband in the same household. She is actively involved with one of his re-treats in the US. So, on the one hand Nithyananda preaches celibacy and abstinence to his devotees and at the same time he is involving himself in carnal pleasures. Therein lies his reason for downfall.
    The author of this article alleges a lot of things about other gurus without much proof. So, either he is prejudiced against the Indian social system or he is still an ardent devotee of Nithyananda or a wannabe guru himself. Either way, this article is dishonest in terms of what the headline is portrayed to convey.

  11. Why is ‘fame’ and ‘success’ of swamijis measured in dollars? I don’t get your point. The minute an ascetic falls for fame/success/money, they are no different from the rest of us.

  12. Interesting that you posted such a long blog in a few hours. Though intially it seemed a balanced and neutral article it is mostly nonsense. You even accuse Vivekananda, Ramakrishna Paranhansa et all of being drug addicts or some sort of addicts etc. You have claimed that BBC had solid evidence against Saibaba. I am not a folower of any of these gurus. Just to make sure we are clear.
    What is your belief system? You certainly don’t get it.
    Idiots like you only look at one scandal and generalise against all other swamis.
    Also who the heck is this Nityananda. I’ve never heard of him and you claim that he was some of of torch bearer.
    Man, you need to get your head out of your arse.

  13. what ever the incident happened leave it,if nithyananda is perfect guru then why his fate is going like this ……iam requesting this man who written about great people like swami vivekananda and ramakrishna paramahamsa is very bad…..never try to compare these normal gurus with true gurus……smoking or gutka is not a bad habit like sex scandal ………so many great spiritual masters had this habit of smoking and also they never said like follow my habits and addictions….whatever true gurus are beyond your small brain and knowledge…present world of gurus are money makers……..dont waste ur time with these people…….
    true god or guru is always stays in you…follow him…………thats all

  14. Your article does express your views and your state of mind. Sun TV made a big mistake by repeatedly broadcasting this video for its TRP rate. CBI has to get invloved how SUN tv has bought this video HOw much have they spent for this .If India is true ,if still honesty is there The public have to know How SUN tv got thhis fooatge ,how much they spent and how did Nakeeran get involved with this.

    Sex is common for humans and even animals. So nothing is strange in this. This fellow must have spread his wings by telling the fact Humans need bonds Humans need families. His journey would have continued smoothly . People who visited him must have been families too. So what’s wrong if he gets married. He shouldnt have told he is Brahmacharya. He could have infact made couples be closer to each other with his sweet talks. His vedic principles,mediatations were his root cause for his fame. He could have made it public that humans need bond .
    He could have got married to the same actress if he was in love with her.

    The problem here is a shame to Hindu people. This SUN tv people they amde money out of him .
    I would love the CBI to get involved without any partiality and find out how much SUN TV has paid for this project.

  15. Dear all,

    Raj’s writing is not without backing..If you follow Sathya Sai’s wiki it refers to the BBC show..There are also many reports on the web from ex-devotees.


    Celibacy has a been a failed phenomenon in most religions including christianity and buddhism..And humans are not built to be celibate..they have refined by several hundred years of evolution to procreate and protect their species well being..So if anyone was involved in Sex, he was just doing his evolutionary duties..

    And if he lied about it, again he only reacted using his emotional and logical brain to protect his well being..But I don’t think he was a victim of anyone else’s action..saying “good or bad cannot come from anyone else”..

  16. We go to the Master and say show us the path, he immediately at the very first contact gives us the exact formula, mumbo jumbo to entertain us but his most important message is “just meditate ma”. We do not have the discipline and faith, so it passes. We go back to him and say Swamiji it didn’t work, so now what should he do, there is simply only 1 answer but we do not want to hear it again, so he repackages it and represents it to us. Again nothing happens. We go back to him and say please Swamiji I am so inspired by you I want to be blissful like you, so more repackaging more representing. Finally we give up, now this Master is our God, our Miracle, let him do the work. So we go back to him and say I cannot live this life it is too difficult, let me renounce and live with you, OK we think we no longer need to live, now he will live for us. Guess what, not true, we are still alive, as long as we are alive we are happy-sad, angry-loving, our ego exists and we very much exist. This in itself is the damn MIRACLE, we are alive.

    The need for mumbo jumbo is in us. How does one part of my body become beautiful and another part dirty and unholy. The thought that in fact there is no purpose, no reason and no control in our lives, leaves us utterly devastated. We are irrelevant beings, our fears, insecurities and small expanse of life in comparision to the Universe are NOTHING. We cannot stop wanting to control, GOD!!! Please everybody reading kindly define GOD! What we keep looking for in Man, God Man, the Perfect Man.

    Prudish Christian/Islamic hypocricy simply to control the dumb masses with no thinking ability of their own.

    The country with the biggest population in the world thinks sex is dirty and obscene. We are humping at least every 2 seconds in this country. That is simply the ones that reproduce. Suppression does not seem to be working very well.

    We as a people need to start honouring honesty more than hypocricy.

    Hurdles we must all pass as beings who are still alive.

  17. You hit the bulls eye. Sense of morality has become completely influenced by islam and Christianity. I wonder if India is even ready for Yoga. It would take a long while for Indians to understand a religion which says “orgasm in the body is sexuality and orgasm in the spine is Samadhi”.

  18. “smoking or gutka is not a bad habit like sex scandal ………so many great spiritual masters had this habit of smoking and also they never said like follow my habits and addictions….whatever true gurus are beyond your small brain and knowledge…”

    You have indeed proved you have small brain with your comments right there. Look at all your statements….the few lines you have written have so many inconsistencies and assumptions…

    It looks like you have fallen to the stupid sensation the media has created…..please grow up and learn to see the truth..

    suntv thinks that by merely telecasting the video every 30 mins they can make everyone turn against nithyananda….i guess ppl with small brain and knowledge indeed fall to this idiotic media propaganda

  19. Soham,

    I do not beleive we even have Yoga in India any more. The west knows better than any Indian the value of Yoga.

  20. Irrespective of what Sun TV or press’s intention, it is their duty to tell people the truth..Specifically when Leaders are lying..And they have only started telling the truth just now..I dont watch Sun Tv and dont plan to anytime soon..But why are we averse to press telling us the uncomfortable truths..

    Guruji’s don’t want to tell the truth!..Politicians don’t tell the truth! Actor/Actresses don’t tell the truth! Businessman dont tell the truth!

    But we make personal or financial or political or social decisions based on the half-truth they say! This is a silly way to run a society!

    Even if someone tells it, We ask why do you say it!

    Let them tell it..Its up to us to react based on it!

  21. i appreciate suntv tellling the truth…but here is the part that bugs me…

    if the same thing happenned with karunanidhi, stalin,..and btw entire TN knows the shit life of these ppl…will suntv telecast it the same way….i would bow down to them if they have the guts to do it…

    why this double standard then.

    all this creates is the problem like mentioned above…..it ruins the society….

    people will stop believing in nithyananda and follow the teachings of karunanidhi…

  22. No human being (whether religious guru or any one) on the earth is infallible from committing a fault. Even Jesus once said “let he without sin throw the first stone”. Jesus was making this point to let us know that no one is without sin and that the only people who could actually accuse others were those without any sin.

    The author’s seemingly intelligent article tries to portray the message that if a mistake is committed without any mistake that mistake is not a mistake. And a man who commits a mistake without any mistake is a perfect man. True, because this is what we see in the present world. But is this true in an ideal world?

    We believed Swamy Nithyananda to be a perfect Guru till the scandal video was telecast. Likewise, the so-called VVIPs and VIPs are adored today and they will be accused tomorrow once if there is any scandal video comes out about them. With advancement in science and technology today (e.g. hidden camera, internet), such scandals involving powerful politicians, celebrities and fake saints are not improbable. If we agree with the author’s view we can only ask all the people in the public service to be perfect in both their private and public life or at least know the tricks of keeping their private matters secret as many of our so-called VVIPs and VIPs do.

    Finally, I would like to assert that let us not be overly carried away in condemning Nithyananda’s private acts but try to learn to take the message he has preached. If a chain smoker advises a youth not to smoke (as smoking is injurious to health) the youth must try to follow the advice rather than ridiculing him and ignoring his advice for his own benefit. At least hereafter let us stop worshipping human beings whatever form they are in. We shall believe only in God in what ever form He is.

  23. The moral of the story is that Men can never say NO to sex. (Tiger Woods or Nithyananda/Married or bachelor doesn’t really matter).

    I think it will be good If we seperate spiritualism from brammacharyam (bachelor lifestyle).

    Does anybody know if there is any scientific research that points that being a bachelor would give an edge in attaining enlightenment (or is it too obvious)?

  24. Hello Raj Palaniswamy

    You said,

    “This is a fine lesson to all the social and spiritual reformers that they should be careful in public life and protect themselves from the candid cameras. Otherwise India will lose many more Swamijis like Nithyananda in the coming years.”

    You still accept Nithyananda as Swamiji? I can’t stop laughing at your wisdom! Instead of just blindly following humans like Nithyanada, try to understand and look for the one who created you and and this entire universe. That will help all of us. Instead of looking at the religions with narrow minded, open your heart and study all the religions and their Books. You will find the true God and the true religion. Nithyananda is just a human like you and me with wordly needs. He just knows how to get the attention of narrow minded people like you.

    All the best in your TRUE religion research.

  25. Guys …indians with their dot heads,turbans,crazy religion fervor and their countless meaningless gods and goddesses of animals,pujas and their caste system make other decent indians lose face in the western world.
    Everywhere people sneer at the stupidity of the indians while indians think and act like they are the best in this world. whites, black,hispanic,asians would not trust or assoiate with indians beause they think all indians are like the hindus. For god’s sake when will india awake and act like 2010.

    Here people ask me why would you have godmen in your country and why would people worship them.?

    All of a sudden a video appears of the godmans sexual esapades people suddenly realize what fools they were all this time and go berserk and start breaking things as if that is going to help their idiocy.

  26. >If his scandal wouldn’t have leaked out, he could have continued as a torch bearer for the nation.

    Raj – Very nice subtle sarcasm. Several of them infact. Looks like some commenters just didn’t get it.

  27. Looks to me like many of the commenters don’t even know what nithyananda tried to preach….all religions are the same is what he advocates in all his discourses…

  28. Nithyananda is so WRONG in saying all religions are same.

    Here is my explanation:

    Hinduism: Infinite manifestation of God

    Buddhism: Believes no God or Gods exist

    Islam: Devoted to one transcendent God

    Christianity: Three Gods: Father, Son and Holy Ghost

    The very basic belief of these major religions are different. How does Nithyananda claims all of them are same. He can say they are all same when he doesn’t have knowledge of them.

  29. Dear Zattzatt,

    Just don’t believe anyone blindly even your father and mother. Do you own research and come to the conclusion. Take your time and try to understand and let your heart make the right decision..

    All the best.

  30. What i meant was nithyananda supported all religious beliefs and was not against any religion..unlike many preachers who claim hinduism is the only one that can help you attain god and all other religions are false or fake…

    his teachings were based on the fact that any religion can lead you to realize god or enlightenment if practiced with sincerity, faith and intensity…

    of course he teaches the vedic tradition and culture…but thats just because it provides numerous ways to attain realization….

  31. The author’s logic looks like a desperate attempt to gain sympathy for nityananda. he forgets that defense gained through sympathy is not a true win. i’m amazed by this author’s ignorance. he suggests that nityananda should have been careful about his secrets. how can an enlightened person have any secrets? an enlightened person must not be scared of anything. if he is scared then how can he become a spiritual guru? even if he has done something wrong he must be brave enough to accept it and not deny it. your attempt to compare nityananda with other political leaders and spiritual gurus is also a blunder. if nityananda follows political leaders example then what’s the difference between him and them?

  32. It’s a Masterpiece of Analytical Investigation – a great prolific articulation by Mr. Raj Palanyami! It’s an excellent contribution by you to alert the general public and impart awareness on them. Thank you!

    Does Hinduism accepts & promotes ‘Adultery’ while Christianity prohibits?

    Two days ago, a person named Shiv Myra Dwived, a Hindu Swamiji, of a temple in South Delhi was striking Indian news item around the world. Not even 24 hours barely passed, another young sex-scavenger namely Nithyananda, also a ‘Swamiji’ in the South, has been conspicuously striking the headlines, thus proving the South too is jiving and second to none in this trade. He was red-handedly (hand-in-Glove) caught with an actress on the bed in one of his Monasteries. Innovating adventurous sexually sensational misdemeanors have become part & partial ritual in day-to-day of these yellow-robbed Clergies and Swamijis in saffron-cassock in India. This type of Carnal Disorder would never have happened in Eelam.
    Therefore, it’s pertinent to wonder whether while the Christianity strictly prohibits carnal apitite and practices, out-side the marriage (Adultery), Hinduism accepts and promotes the same! It’s widely accepted in all Faiths that Adultery and Prostitution are two sides of a coin and are the oldest -still continue thrive- phenomenal professions. Yet, it is beyond anyone’s intellectual sense of civility and apprehension as to comprehend why these sex-thirsty vultures camouflage and take refuge under the Hindu Symbol ‘the Saffron’ displaying ‘Self-Denial’ – as undercover of Saffron Robes and Cassocks. They are free and in self-liberty to wander in their predacious lifestyle in casual dresses to self-serve and ease their carnal appetite.
    Hindu customary lifestyle and the structure of social fabric in India is designed to the privileged Sect Only – not meant for all – neither everyone nor anyone can attain or be allowed / be ordained to the seemingly glorified status as ‘Swamiji’. That status is traditionally allocated and preserved ONLY for those who belong to the upper untouchable stinking supper-caste. They are well known for superficial superiority, subjugation of others by their animal instincts in sexual malpractices, scandals and upheavals in India. Their notoriety for this type of businesses on day-to-day affairs resulting in social calamity is well-documented in many forms throughout the millennia of history – Interpretations of sculptural inscriptions in Ajantha is one example and it’s taken for granted. Among so many stories and incidents (Kanchi, Chidambaram & South Delhi) are lively testimony until recent times that could be listed, theses are worthy of mention for self-analysis and reflection.

  33. 1. I still don’t see how your heading and the article go together? You say India’s social system is responsible for Nithyananda’s rise and fall. Can you ponder on that sentence delving on the word “social system” please? If you think well you will see in the whole article you don’t mention social system at all.
    2. I do not know from where you got this idea that “Vedas cannot be questioned.” In fact if you have read any Upanishad (which I guess you did not), most of them are questions between disciples and teachers. So it is encouraged healthily to have a discussion so that one gets clarity in thinking. In fact in Bhagavad Gita there is a verse that says: “The student must question the teacher humbly.” So your incorrect view is a figment of your imagination without any evidence.
    3. Swami Vivekananda is a tobacco addict – again from where did you invent this? He was never DESPERATE for smoking? He smoked, but not out of desperation. There is a difference if you can understand. And from where did you get this silly idea that one who smokes cannot be enlightened – can you explain? Your nonsense reaches heights of stupidity when you say Ramakrishna himself is an addict. Did you ever read his life-story at all which never mentions anything like that? Did YOU personally see him taking tobacco out of desperation that we should believe you and not the innumerable books and devotees’ accounts who lived with him? Have you ever followed his teachings in your life to see if they are practical? You are one of those “arm-chair” experts who does nothing and thinks everything what comes to one’s mind is right. Have you ever thought that how come an impure soul (according to you) like Ramakrishna could inspire so many great monks/devotees who are so selfless? Just because there is one bogus swami, it does not mean all are wrong. Just like there is one rotten scientist does not discredit all scientists.
    3. I do not where you came to know that Sai Baba and Ravi Shankar felt insecure because of this Swami. Have they confided in you such fears? Again a bunch of lies perhaps. For sanity sake, what do you mean by saying Nithyananda missed by few yards? That remark shows you are totally ignorant of spiritual realms.
    4. Your condescending attitude towards all the simple-hearted people saying let “Nithyananda lead all the ignorant people despite his acts” shows how much shallow your heart is. I would rather like to be with those simple-souls who are down-to-earth and have a beautiful heart (which you disparage) rather than someone who shares your arrogant elitist snobby attitude.


  34. Anybody sympathizing this fake swami should send their family members to seek moksha or preachings to this guy just like the actress seeking moksha in his bedroom.

    Somebody here said his teachings are very good. I watched several of his speeches and found nothing new. If you think his speeches are great, you may be a twisted minded low life person (a liar, cheat and fraud to you and to please around you) who needs some treatment to straighten your dealings. You need to be truthful to yourself and people around you, and then you don’t need a guru. You be your own guru. To get there, you need to come out of your slavish mentality that preaching has to come from someone else. You be your preacher.

    All the low life people who believe in traders of spirituality should check on their so called gurus.

    I heard several are blessed with children. I am pretty sure you would start suspecting your wife now .lol

  35. The article is written in a typical anti-Brahmin style of a few people in Tamilnadu who seem to see everything in the society as a conspiracy of Brahmins. Anyway, I would like to comment on specific things:

    1. Smoking was an accepted social activity till a few decades ago, when it was linked to Cancer. Sathyajit Ray smoked, Ayn Rand smoked and so are many top personalities. So, Vivekananda smoking in a different era doesn’t make him any less perfect. Had been smoking in this era, then we can score a point off him.

    2. Nithyananda probably preached Vedas & Upanishads because he wanted to attract a broader audience. But, I think he still had a few Tamil quotations in his discourse series.

    What is a Brahmin like lifestyle btw and why is it so bad?

  36. Your statement about involvement of Saibaba and Ravi Shankar are just untruth and a statement to spread venom against theset two gurus.

  37. This author is a big joker and a hypocrite. He advocates that so called Swami shd have avoided getting caught. There are hundreds of virtuous, moral people but yes they don’t proclaim to be Swamis or guru wannabes. All this story proves is that Winston Churchill was correct in saying that “you can fool some people all the time and all the people some of the times, but not all the people all the time.”.. Let the impeachment of Nitya begin full swing!!!!!!

  38. For God’s sake, Many of the comments in the article are sarcastic..I dont think the author is saying no one can lead a virtuous life..He is just mentioning that those who are hiding their public perception for the sake of people, should try to protect it better..

    There have been many Indian or Guru’s in the Hinduism who have led a more open and not secretive lifestyle including Osho, Sankarachariar Rama, JK, Shirdi Baba (ate meat possibly beef)

    Aurobindo, Mother also did not forbid Sex or non-veg..They said it is preferable..But mother also said it is better to get it out of the system than suppress it..

  39. I agree that having sex is not a mistake. But this conspiracy wouldn’t have become this big a deal if the actress was his wife or would-be-wife.
    Even for normal peeple, it is considered to be a big mistake if anyone has affair with someone other that his/her spouse. Being a (so called) spiritual guru, if he does such disgusting mistake, it is natural for any social system to show anger.

  40. Renunciation of worldly pleasures by any man/women and preaching the multitude of some other mental pleasures that the denouncer has attained are the factors that creates many followers behind the holy men. That does not mean the Gurus do not have the right to quench the thrust to satisfy his five senses. The sixth sense that drives the men and women to rationalize their thoughts makes the difference to beings that do not have sixth sense. In all religions, the followers praise and thank the God, of their belief, for having created them as human beings and pray for blessing to get n life what they want to enjoy the pleasures.
    There is nothing like yard scale that is prescribed for Gurus to follow. It is the variation in the path of the saint that makes the difference. No Brahmin is pelted with stones by hotel owners who orders beef from the menu for his dinner. But a spiritual leader of Brahmin is. Thrown out of following ,due to falling in to pleasures that one renounced to become a rare being in public life, makes him a common man again. What law says that a sadu should be prosecuted for not following a path.?
    It is the public who indulge in burning his belonging are to be stopped from doing so. If the followers want the donations to be given back , there is no contract between sadu and common man that for the donation he gave he was cheated by the guru by not delivering

  41. “Nithyananda now moved to next level by narrating his experiences of Samadhi to the visiting foreigners who were curious to know about this mythical and super natural state. As Nithyananda was very articulate to explain about his Samadhi experience, devotees and spiritual aspirants multiplied in hundreds.”

    This (describing Samadhi) should be a red flag to a true seeker. Samadhi is an experience beyond words, beyond the human intellect. A genuine spiritual leader will not attempt to explain Samadhi in words and especially not initially with the goal of attracting people. A true spiritual leader will merely take you towards Samadhi, there is no need to describe the final state to a mind that can barely grasp very basic scriptural truths, let alone the state of Samadhi.

  42. WHat a pathetic piece of crap this is. If you want to pray to god go to temple and pray. Why do you need these morons in between who are leading dual life like this. Sad part of this article is , the author feels he should have done it more secretly. Ya right. As long as idiots like you are there, more and more moronic samiyars will emerge.

  43. Sex is a normal part of human life. Remember that our traditions talk about Dharma/Aram (righteousness), Artha/Porul (Wealth), Kama/Inbam (Sex and pleasure) and Moksha/Veedu (liberation) as our goals in life. I am not familiar with this swami, but reading about his philosophy, it is the same age old Indian traditions packaged for a modern audience. But as a young man of 32 he is still yet to overcome his attraction to Kama before he can successfully get to moksha. As long as he has consentual sex in privacy and does not preach against sex in public it should be OK. If we systematically teach meditation and yoga in schools, people would not have to go to ‘all knowing’ gurus like these. Sex or any desire, including desire for enlightenment can ultimately become a hindrance to one’s spiritual quest in the yoga marga that he advocates. Of course sex itself can be used as a tool for moksha if one follows tantra. In the long run it will be interesting to see how this swami gets up goes after this fall, since that will determine his character and his success will be measured not by how many ashrams, wealth and followers he has amassed, but by whether he is successful in his personal quest for moksha/mukthi/nirvana/kaivalya.

  44. Though the article is trying to look neutral, the fundamental basis of the article is wrong.

    The Vedas or Hinduism do not constitute the Indian social system. Hinduism is sanathan dharma a ‘way of life’…anyone even a muslim or christian can be technically termed a hindu through the sanathana dharma defintion. The basic aim of the Vedas as well as hinduism is to go help man through various stages towards the path of enlightenment. The idol/god and the rituals mentioned in the vedas merely serve as teachers and guiding principles while the Atharva veda clearly advocates the god within all of us(moving away from Idol worship and treating the inner athman as God).

    The fundamental tenets of hinduism is self enlightenment. However like all good things, it has become barbled in the flow of events in history. Various shastras/rules like Manu Dharma Shastra and its variants have setup a strict hierarchial structure of rules and edicts. As with any rules, these cannot be permanent and has to change according to times. Since these shasthras did not permit anything of that sort, we are having all kinds of confusions and people taking advantage of those. Thus we are where we are now.

  45. the author is in someway defending the guru by calling him a victim. i agree tht people of india have a particular mindset about their guru’s and its well known fact. d point of this all issue is how could d man they preach with blindfaith can do such a cheap thing ? is the guru correct in his behaviour? for indian disciples, their guru is next to GOD. and he has to be perfect in every way. well we can settle on the issue of perfection.. but swami caught in such a scandle , do u think is a victim? or are the millions of people who followed him from around the globe cheated are the true victims? you cant inflict the shame on indians coz its an international issue. it has brought shame on indian spiritualism…do you think that the foreigners would be able to accept another spiritual seeker from india after this? a guru should follow the path of a true spiritual seeker.. and we dont need our guru to be a sanyasi.. dont we preach shiv shankar and lord krishna who are married? we just dont want our torch bearer to be a person in such a scandle , coz we follow his teachings wholeheartedly.

  46. I don’t feel what Nithyanantham did was wrong.
    People should be matured enough to take the good things only from a pool of attribute.
    Does Nithyanantham appointed sales rep to sell his speech. Those who liked it accepted and followed his direction.
    Let u blame yourself not others.

  47. It is very strange. Nithyananda looks completely disinterested when she is going down on him. Which man would behave that way? Maybe he was drugged? Sting operation maybe? Could be any number of influential people or political parties blackmailing him because he is getting so powerful in south india? Who can find out the truth now?

  48. in my opinion nithyananda is both a vitim and an offender. But sun TV is the real evil.

    I wish they are more incisive in their investigations about dinakaran murders.

  49. Dear who so ever is written this article.. please don’t think you know everthing that is happening…

    I have know Swamiji for two years in my life, If only you or the waste beings or useless beings at SUNTV could exprience Swamiji’s motherly love and compassion you could stop yourself from doing such horrible things.

    Only at this juncture, Nithayananda has been caught red handed in the sex scandal when his video was released by a television network. — CAUGHT RED HANDED- NOT TRUE!!!!!! ITS MORPHED.. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT TECHNOLOGY HAS RISEN TO A LEVEL WHERE TOMORROW YOU COULD ALSO HAVE A VIDEO LIKE THIS.


  50. The truth is he made an ass out of thousands/lakhs and got away, another day another and another swamiji! Premananda now Nithyananda next some ????ananda. These fake gurus are rampant and spread across the country its upto one to decide instead of playing the blame game. Do you all know if this guy was not caught red handed what all he was doing would have gone for years never come out and multiplied. Politicians(People Power) Beuracrats(Legal Power) Swamijis(Divine Power?) Cricketers (Emotional Power) ……….. have made India into a sad place to be….!

  51. Dear Raj Palaniswamy

    I just wish you were as intellegent as you are tring to look here! Well to tell you, you made a compelete ass of yourself. The reason for this

    1) You name Nithyananada as a victim of the Indian social system?? He preyed on the social system so is paying the price
    2) What has other spirtuual leaders got to do with this discussion? You use cheap stunts to involve genuine spiritual learders like Sri Sathya Sai baba and Sri Sri ravi Shankar into your ill researched article. In Spiritulity there is no treat to anyone so please get yor IQ checked before you write the next article.

    As far is Nothyananda the con man is concern, time will decide on his fate but as far as you are concern, please stop writting and get a job which suits your intellegence.

  52. One old novel “Almighty” by Irwing Wallace portrays rise and fall of a god man of a cult in Christianity.

    Mahakavi Bharathi has written a short story . Two god men, One Chilli Guru ( claims to eat only one chilly a day )and another Banana guru ( claims to eat only one banana a day) establish ashrams in the same town. Out of rivalry they expose each other’s fraud. Finally people come to know that they have hidden their treasure in Ashram and search for it. That was written several decades before.

    I only wish the saamiyars expose each other. Even then all these idiots who still believe these godmen will never get reformed.

    Earlier Anuradha ramanan a famous writer exposed Sankarachariyar in Jaya TV telling that she saw Jeyendra Saraswati with another woman in a compromising position with little dress in the pooja ram of Kanchi Mutt. Eye witness statement. Poor Anuradha saw it unexpectedly without any candid camera.

    But now swamiji roams freely and gives philosophical preaching. Many people eagerly see his Arulurai on the occasion of Deepavali. Nithyananda may also come back like that.


  53. i belive in newtons laws.. that is “every action has its own opposite and equal reaction”..thats is wat happend to swami nithyananda… every one commits mistake and it comes out with opposite and equal reaction… so if u do right thing right reaction will come to u ….

  54. The Govt.of Tamilnadu is up to do the most unpleasant thing for it to do when it is heaped up with its own attention needed in fields of day to day function of it.
    As thing go day by day, the disturbed lot of people of Tamilnadu will take such precedent as a caution. Every upcoming sadus’ privacy will be lost save those only for attending nature’s calls. It is time we put a lid over the controversy. When King looses his Crown he becomes a common man. So let it be that Nithyanand lost his concentration in following other saints’ path and is an ordinary man. Unfortunately it will not be hand folded people walking behind him but will be police with arms He will not be proceeding to dais to lecture but to accused stand in court. The process to become free would be more difficult for him than it took to become a sadu.

  55. Hi Nisha

    No one says sex is bad… But hiding it is bad.. claiming that you are beyond and above worldly pleasures is bad..

    putting up a show of being free from human desires and being a normal human being is bad.. got it?

    If the video was about a married couple or any male and female, do you think the media would have published this? If it did, you know the consequences..

    And you and me will not be talking about this, if it was not for Nithyananda.

    The rule is simple… Don’t do it or Don’t show as if you don’t do it..

    This is what happens, naturally.

  56. Guys, The issue here is this. We have seen a tape with grainy images of someone who resembles Nithyananda. However some sticky questions remain-1. Who recorded this? 2. Who gave it to the news channels? 3. If I have a vendetta against someone and I submit a tape of that person (or what appears to be that person) to a television channel does that mean the accused is automatically guilty and his/her property can be damaged ?
    If it is indeed him — was he drugged? Who determines guilt in this country- the courts or some television channel and local politicians? This man has not even faced a fair trial. And we have already played judge, jury and executioner and sentenced him to infamy.

  57. Wrong Analysis. Vedas are absolute and transcendental – they are Sruti and Smriti – there can be no arguments about the Vedas – Thirukkural or Avvai Kural are not different from Upanishads or Agamas.

    The real issue is – Sanyasa is not a joke. Nithyananda did not follow the established Dharma of Sanyasa.

    The problem in India is , we have lost Dharma . Sanyasis have sex , Politicians loot people’s money and Householders dont do Charity, Brahmins dont recite Vedas ! What we are seeing is an example of ‘Adharma’ or ‘Anti Dharma’.

    The solution is so simple – and Ancient – We have to get back to Dharma.

    If he cannot control Sex Desire , Nithyananda should have given up Orange clothes – I am sure many of his devotees would have found a nice girl to get him married !! It is his Arrogance and Ego.

    He insulted Sanyasa Dharma – and he is paying the price.

  58. Wow! So much of response I couldn’t read it all! Why then add more? Well like all I was lured to this article after a surprise refreshing title ( hey just the title ). I was curious to know how Nityananda was victim. After reading it I realized it was a mockery!!! And see how many hits he got to his page! It’s completely debatable every point he made and not to forget how absurd it is. Actually it also shows some deep disappointment and anger. Guess you are a follower of nithyananda, but don’t feel bad it’s not your fault not the fault of this society. It lies with the idea of following a ‘man’ taking him to Gods position. Man can never become God! He was just attempting it! Bestowing him God will never going to work, you are not not going to attain peace or wealth by worshiping a man! Now Godliness is an universal state, it is Shared with us all, now you can either get away from it forcefully or remain silent and feel the power. Feel it acknowledge it like Hindu idols or Christ (after death) or omni present Allah!


  59. The nice, well written and in-depth article posted by Author. According to my understanding, the author is trying to tell that don’t follow blindly any gurus and don’t feel sorry later. As the author was a former aspirant of spiritual path, I believe author knows lot more than common man about spiritual gurus.
    The real pathetic situation is still people thinking that Saibaba, Kalki bhavan and ravishankar baba are avatars of god. These spiritual leaders are just human as well.They have the same feelings of sex, hunger and sleep except they possess ex-ordinary intelligence and knowledge which they use to manipulate ignorant people. The bottom line is enjoy their speech, techniques of meditation and bhajans but don’t treat them as god and pour money to them.
    And also remember what Buddha says “Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.”

  60. Yes Arjun, journalism sure is a joke….

    nakeeran coming out with such an article and video proves it even more…

  61. I feel very upset to see the video’s screened in Malaysian news, please settle this problem fast then broadcasting it throughout the world.Please save our religion .

  62. And now who is of a victim? Who would it be that is the victim?

    Let us be assured that this is not the victim. Swami is not seeing His self as victim.

    As it is known, heaven and hell are not geographical but rather psychological.

    Swami does not see himself as victim. So as it is He is not victim.

    Okay then.

  63. The author is perfect.He suggested a practical one.
    I have seen several times swamiji’ lecture.It was inspired me.But in this situation.,we can not accept the video if it is true.Besides.,Court is there.They will come to conclusion about swamiji.We can keep quiet up to finalized .

  64. Admitting i did not read all the resposes { the very small size being one reason} i could not either accept or reject all the points. one thing is clear. the media and some internel vested intersts are bent upon to tarnish the image of all swamis. Because as it pays to make one big it pays too to destroy the same. There was a wise saying and people belived it The root of the rever and rishi should not be probed much. Sez in present form takes the front seat and any mentiong of it and attached with great men is not only a hot news but liked also than anything else.

  65. IMO, walk the talk. If you promote yourself as brahmachari stick to it, else openly live a family life. In fact, in this age of “stress” blah blah, his discourse was certainly helping lot of people. Anyways, I think new guruji’s will keep coming, as Hindu’s need them, blame it on the unavailability of text on simplistic way of life in Hinduism, which it preaches.

  66. from the article its clear that the author does not have a clear understanding of spirituality and enlightenment. I am not blaming the author here. Just feel that it will take him few more years/births to understand it.
    A person who has a good understanding of spirituality will laugh off this article as ‘stupid’.

  67. Respected Sir,
    All Paths lead to unreality. Paths are creations within the scope of Knowledge. Therefore paths and movements cannot take you into the Reality, because their function is to enmesh you within the dimension of knowledge, while the Reality prevails prior to it. The whole content of Consciousness is made up of ME that is emotions, anger,good, bad, real, unreal, compassion, hatred, pain, pleasure etc etc etc….. If one stays in Consciousness ” I AM” everything gets dissolved easily. Thought has created the external GURU and PRIOR to the thought, the real GURU is ” YOU ARE” which self evident, self existent and knowledge. External GURU are pointers but the REALITY is a Pathless LAND, you alone have to go not even the Content of Consciousness “ME”. Great Masters like Ramana Maharishi, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Atmananda Krishna Menon, J.Krishnamurti, ++ have time and again said DROP the ME, DROP the teachings, just stay as YOU ARE, that will become the Portal to the ABSOLUTE.. You may give any name you want.

    To exist as a separate individual constitutes the entire problem. And all these things, the various sense caterings, all reading, search for knowledge, for pleasure, everything is related to that, that is born out of knowledge. ANything that is born is perishable, but the Real Knowledge that YOU ARE is immortal. People may not understand the word “YOU” in TRUTH the words has no place at all. All words are only concepts. YOU is beyond concepts and it is infinite. The moment YOU is said, you reader take it with your body mind principle which is again born out of THOUGHT. Its like the seed of a banyan tree, the whole content of the tree is inside the seed, yet you break the seed you dont see it, it grows into bigger tree because the THOUGHT that has identified itself as the ME sprout into bigger tree. (refer not to the biological but the Psycic) Hence remain as the SEED alone let the seed sprout to a a tree by its Prarabhda – leave it alone but stay as the SEED that is I AM…. Once all that subsides, there is no more problem. Then the bliss you experience is TRUE bliss. The foregoing is not a ban on activities. What ever appeared is a state, and as such it has to go.

    Most of the reader are not going to understand what is being said by great sages and said here, because you are taking yourself to be the body. Whatever knowledge given is not directed to the body. So long as you and the real (YOU) are the body, whatever is told by us or sages is not going to be of any use to you. Because whatever knowledge we take, we take it as body-mind, since it adds to your existing store of knowledge and information. We then feel we have become more knowledgable, again another concept and bondage. Free yourself from the KNOWN.


    the NEWS portal that drives not into the Truth but only to CONCEPTS, IDEAS…which is mortal..please replace the slogan..TruthDrive..

  68. Ramachandran,

    Point is very clear. Whether the Guru speaks about time, space and timeless space and narrating his experience about his astral state or not, end of the day the same Guru is dehydrated and falls to death. Be it Ramana Maharishi or any Paramahamsa, they all have invariably played with words to guide people. Will they ever come back after death or were they able to avoid death. Most of the modern day saints die out of cancer or heart attack. When these Gurus suffer a lot than a comman man before death, whatever they preached is vain. Only we come to a conclusion that we have understood something like ‘ I am the Brahman”, ‘ I am the soul” or ‘ Aham Brahmasmi” or any such words or unreality. Actually it is our foolishness to hypnotise ourselves based on the teachings of Vedanta or a Guru. Saint Vallalar says that when death nears a person, whatever he concieved so far about reality becomes unreal and death becomes a reality. We could only find these guru’s deadbody near us and would console ourselves saying that gurus have attained ‘Moksha, ‘ Mukti’, Liberation etc etc. No one in this world has ever gone beyond the deathless state to explain about what happenes after death. Therefore in my opinion, whatever these spiritual masters say is unreal until we witness the reality. Please do not believe in words like the Vedantins but believe your own ‘Intellect’ to judge which is right or wrong. Experimenting one’s own thought, knowledge, intellect, wisdom alone can lead to clear understanding of the reality of the unreal. Saint Thiruvalluvar say, ‘Epporrul Yar yar Vai Ketpinum”, ‘whatever we hear from anyone, real wisdom is to find out the reality of the said”. That is the reason this article was written and the conclusion or the reality is left with the viewers itself to make their own judgement.

  69. Dear Palaniswamy

    This in reponse to your intellectual response. All realized masters have to undergo their Body Prarabhdha which is Intellectual fact. But understand the Highest Truth intellect can never comprehend and it is beyond intellectual comprehension. Ramana Maharishi, J.Krishnamurthi, Nisargadatta Maharaj and many have transcended their Body (which includes mind and senses) while living in the Body. They have overcome death and remained always with the ABSOLUTE. You cannot understand with intellect or you can never understand because human being think that they are intellect having read Vendanta books> You must understand with your intellect that all these great saints and including the vedanta books can guide you to the TRUTH. WHen you were in your mothers womb who guided the greatest mystery of the 5 elements operating and wonderfully taken care. Were you there with your so called intellect and building the structure step by step. It is the ABSOLUTE that took care wonderfully when you were in Mothers womb. You were born naked like all of us and then a name is imposed on you as BOY or GIRL and then the external condition started, and you became very intellect not knowing that PRIOR to this so called intellect you were the PURE BEING. Even when the body dies you cannot understand because your intellect also disappears even prior to the body dies. Because if you become old and your senses start withdrawing by force and these senses which are very much alive when you were kicking your adult youth and when the organs cannot support these senses, the sense feel that the body is useless and at that time what happened to your intellect, can your intellect say no I am still strong please senses help me to enjoy…now way…Your son may come and ask daddy I have come, then you will say “YARUDA NEE” you cannot recognize own son why, because the mind is their, but the senses are withdrawn, the intellect is gone and we are all like a dead corpse waiting for the prana to go..WHEREAS IN THE CASE OF A REALIZED MASTER LIKE MAHARAJ AND OTHERS, THEY WITNESS THE PRANA LEAVING BEAUTIFULLY AND IT IS WONDERFUL TO WATCH THE PRANA THAT LEAVES AND THEY HAVE EXPERIENCED THESE STATE DURING THEIR LIVING AND HENCE ITS A FACT. Maharaj had throat cancer, he was not a bit aware of the pain and sorrow why because he has already left the body mind long back when he realized his true nature. This is the difference between a master and a person living in body and mind state. DROP the intellect look with complete attention everyday you will know who you are from their on start your journey to the Absolute. May God Bless one and all.

  70. Ramya

    I fully 100% agree with you RAMYA. Mind can never comprehend the highest TRUTH about SWAMIJI. Only a pure mind can understand its and others purity. SWAMIJI is PURE BEING and I have faith in his teachings and its wonderful to have such AVATAR in our daily worked life. LONG LIVE SWAMIJI NITHYANANDA, ALL TRUE SINCERE DEVOTEES ARE BEHIND YOUR SUPPORT. All of you has seen only his RUPA and NAMA understand he has left the BODY long back and he has to comedown on the planet worth to teach us the path. If some useless MEDIA making a propaganda of SWAMIJI, its not going to affect him because SWAMIJI is concerned about the sincere DEVOTEES thats why he has to bring the culprit. I have nothingelse to say and I still bowdown to Nithyananda’s Feet. TAT TVAM ASI.

  71. Palaniswamy, In response to your comment.
    ” Will they ever come back after death or were they able to avoid death. Most of the modern day saints die out of cancer or heart attack. When these Gurus suffer a lot than a comman man before death, whatever they preached is vain. Only we come to a conclusion that we have understood something like ‘ I am the Brahman”, ‘ I am the soul” or ‘ Aham Brahmasmi” or any such words or unreality. Actually it is our foolishness to hypnotise ourselves based on the teachings of Vedanta or a Guru. Saint Vallalar says that when death nears a person, whatever he concieved so far about reality becomes unreal and death becomes a reality”

    You are purely looking from BODY MIND INTELLECT angle. There is no coming and going. The space in this room and the space in your room and the space outside, they are all SPACE Only where is the question of coming and going. The Body is just the casing like the four wall. The wall breaks the space alone is there..So When I went to Maharaj (Formless) I could still feel his presence even while I am living in the body, Why because, the Intellect is dropped. Same I could feel Ramana Maharishi(Formless) Palaniswamy before you go to Hotel you read the MENU what to eat right….Menu is the words as in the case of Maharaj or any sage a teachings and you keep aside the menu because the waiter who gave you the menu is gone from the scene…Now what you do, you order the Food and another waiter comes and he deliver the food. After eating the food what you say WOW very delicious..How you came to know…because of the MENU…so kindly drop intellect and read vendanta books or vallalar books or thirukural books and then throw the books live the BOOKS or the WORDs. Do not worship the BOOK worship the READER. Hope its clear to you now.

  72. Hello All,

    We take up now the vital subject of how being in the midst of worldly activities, one may yet fulfil the supreme spiritual purpose of life on earth. While it is true that both the secular life and the spiritual life are a part of you, the spheres of the two are different, in the sense that the secular life has its sphere outside of yourself, and the spiritual life has its sphere within yourself. But then, your spiritual life does have some expression outwardly also, and wherever you are your spiritual life has to be there.

    This interior life cannot be created by bringing about visible external changes in yourself or your circumstances. You cannot be a better spiritual man if you are living at the top of a mountain than if you are living at the foot of it. Mere change of the external form cannot really and truly affect your spiritual life; for it is the life of the soul, and wherever you are, the inner self can be looking towards God. It is what you are within yourself that determines whether you are living a spiritual life or a worldly life, and not the place you are in. That gives the secret of living a yogic life in and through the world.

    Everything can become yogic if you spiritualise your life. The method of spiritualising life has been expounded in the most sacred scripture, the Bhagavad Gita. Yoga is the union with the Divine. And if you are living your life in constant inner union with the Divine through a link of great devotion and love for the Supreme, then whatever you may do, wherever you may be, and in whatever manner you may be living, you are living a life of Yoga. For you are living with God, and you are at one with God in your inner life.

    Such a life of at-oneness with God, such a life of conscious effort to be for ever united with Him in love and devotion, and with an awareness that the whole of this life is meant for totally consummating of perfecting such union is Divine Life. It is a life of Yoga. If you are consciously trying all the time to reach out towards Him in spirit, to draw nearer and nearer to Him day by day, then you are living a life of Yoga, no matter what shape your external life might take. This spirit is the most important and essential factor, which makes the life spiritual. This enables us to be united with God in the interior of our being. Neither thief, nor even nuclear bombs can take away the spiritual wealth gained from living such a yogic life.

  73. But why ranjitha? given the fact that he has millions and millions. you need any other proof to prove his innocence?

  74. With all due respect to Nithyananda and his art of living/happiness, he found that after all his education, vedic learning and meditation that true happiness lies with women.

    Have you ever seen his photo, how cheerful and happy he looks?!


  75. Just like a doctor who can teach us how we can keep our body healthy – a spiritual guru (coach) can teach us how we can keep our mind healthy.

    If the Indian society understands this fact and free’s our swami’s and spiritual leaders from the social pressure to project a “God” like character, I think there will be more benefit to us.

    As the author has pointed, we are lossing many of our intellect just because we demand a godly character from people who teach spiritualism (healthy mind). To my humble knowledge we are confusing healthy mind with “getting close to god”. Healthy mind is what we need. Getting close to “god” is a marketing jingo.

    Above all we should stop worshipping the “Swami’s”. They are just like a doctor/engineer/scientist. They are human beings. Let us give them the platform to elighten us without judging them based on their costume, religion, caste, sexual orientation/preference. Knowledge, I think is above all of this.

  76. Intellect:-One who is exercising the power of rationally knowing as separated from the power of sense to feel.

    Intellectual:-One who is mainly guided by intellect rather than by emotion or experience.

    Level of literacy is not an indicator of one’s intellect – the sixth sense the Pakuth’tharivu’. One doesn’t have to be educated to be an intellectual. The late great leader Kamarajar has still been excellent example for devotion of such ‘intellectualism’.

    Having gone through the varying degrees of sentiments and counter-views, reflected in the comments on this issue, expressed therein, I have come to realize that the people are polarized on the lines of ‘For & against Nithyanandha’. Majority of expressions don’t convey in-depth intellectuality on the core-essence of Mr. Raj Palanisami’s assertive analysis rather they revolve around inborn preference and expose the nakedness of like & unlike mindset of individuality since they select the ‘Cap’ that suits to them. Thus they oppose and condemn or approve, defend and justify Mr. Nithyanandha’s inner-personality and his carnal adventures with angels eloquently flock together. ‘One’s honey others poison’ Let’s content with and live with it!

  77. If people say this is a planned trap, then why should ranjitha would have involved in this. They could have done this with any ordinary girl. Ranjitha herself is a star who wouldnt like to spoil her name just for money.

  78. I suggest people search the internet to find out whose family owns Sun TV and which political party’s mouth piece it is.

  79. we trust then we decieve.
    again we trust to decieve other.
    stop to be fools .
    trust only you.
    only u can clean you . not any leader or religion from external world.

  80. All that you need is just to be silent and listen to existence.
    There is no need of any religion, there is no need of any God, there is no need of any priesthood, there is no need of any organization.

  81. Rajesh,

    I think people evaluate or judge things to make a decision whether to be part of it or not..We watch games as a kid to see if we might like it..we evaluate others in school or office to see if we want to be friends..We look at snake and fire to see if we want to play with them or not..It is not necessarily a bad thing to analyze..a Logical mind is your tool until you are guided by spirituality, said a saint..

    There is a fine difference between judging and evaluating..If we cant find the fine line, it is better to be analytical judge rather than naive loser who falls into traps repeatedly..And judging is part of human tendency that has evolved with years of evolution..and the fact that most people in the world judge others is a simple evidence..You can be kind towards a snake while judging it as a venomous to our body..

  82. what bothers me is that the swamiji wore an orange robe with a big bottu preaching religion and professing bramhacharya while indulging into all the carnal pleasures secretly. it’s obvious his main goal was to earn money by teaching all spiritual things when he himself is not practicing those and is far from prefect. rama krishna and vivekananda followed what they preached (patriotism, spirituality) and didn’t hide their addiction to tobbaco or paan or whatever. there is a popular example that when one when of his devotee asked him to tell her son not to eat too much sweets, he didn’t advise him until he himself got over his sweets addiction. be it swamijis or normal people, if you preach something, it’s fundamental that you follow those values before preaching it to others. westerners who say indians are stupid, look at your own priests and popes and their scandals, obviously BBC never reports those.

  83. Raj,

    Thank you for the sane,clear,direct and straight forward article. We shall see many voices here biased and wanting “performance guarantee” from others, rather than concentrating on ones own mind,body and spirit.

    We are aware of the following facts from our Puranas and Vedas…

    1) Sage Vyasa, the first editor known to humans, edited Vedas and had his origins in a boat as his mother had sexual union with a Rishi during a ferry trip. So, we should be grateful to the sage to drop his vow and mate with his taxi driver, otherwise our civilization would have been smaller without Vyasa.

    2) Rigveda says that Brihaspathi had copulated with his own daughter and had a progeny.
    (I dont want any idiots to raise their fingers at me, before reading Rig Veda, because I have read it).

    3) Again Rig Veda – Yama’s sister invites Yama to marry her and produce children. Yama says that time have changed and the practice (brother and sisters having progeny) is not considered socially accepted any more, hence find mates other than him.

    4) Semitic Religions – Prophet Abraham married his own step sister, Sarah and offered her to many kings and emperors (during his journeys across middle east) saying that she is a sister to him ( a fact, though he had married her as well)….and many kings rewarded him for offering Sarah to them….

    5) Mahabharata – Kunti tells Karna to leave Kauravas and join the side of Pandavas and he shall have Pachali……What a tempting offer from a mother to a son É

    I am a Hindu and believes that Hinduism is a wonderful river, flowing with the nectar of spiritual wisdom to nourish civilizations to eternity.

    Also, I believe that all prophets, sages and above all layman….the ordinary mortals of all lands along with animals and vegetation of our mother earth nourishes out thought currents and impulses to fulfill our dreams in our lives with all our IMPERFECTIONS AND DEFICIENCIES.

  84. Truth and Absolute Truth is known only through meditation. However only the person who meditates knows truely whether he/she is meditating or not. One can sit for hours together with the body very still and eyes closed but the mind could be wandering into anything except the God/Brahman in form or formless. However when one has truely meditated, then one perceives truth very clearly and only then a person changes his/her unwanted and useless habits. Deep meditation (over a period of time) is ALWAYS is always followed by over powering love toward all, significant lack of desires for self and mundane things, overpowering joy, increasing discrimination (and thereby fewer errors in life), joy in being alone (with God-form/formless) and yet wanting to serve people (and all creatures). Scientific meditation is the contribution of India thru it’s timeless teachers and true Gurus. Every true Guru deflects attention from themselves to The beloved Creator. Everything else can be discussed forever and dropped into the bag of duality and thrown into the face of Eternity.
    Writen with heartfelt and ever increasing gratitude to my own (not very famous) Guru-Paramahansa Yogananda.

  85. Dear Anilan, Greetings to you!
    I am a ‘Saivaite’ who comes from an Orthodox Saiva Vegetarian family background, but not well read about the Puranams and Vedams, as you are, to speak about and get mouthful. Yet, it’s much regrettable to say that you may get offended if I find you as one who have not read and understood well what the Holy Bible says – to conclude and say that Abraham surrendered Sarah to others guising her as Sister. Your assertion is wrongly interpreted and very much offensive that culminates in Blasphemy. Yes, Sarah is the half-sister of Abraham and he married her and happened to introduce her as Sister to others – as per Divine plan and fulfill it. Like Seeta in Ramayana, there is no place in the Bible to say that she slept with others for progeny and lost her chastity or undergone molestation. At the first glance at the verses anyone would be mislead with false impression and made to believe / interpret wrongly. Perhaps, unless one read with preconceived notion, no one would ever conclude otherwise. Therefore, I am much humbled appeal to you and would be glad if you could kindly withdraw your statement No. 04 – before it could hurt Christians’ feelings and create controversial uproar and barrage of criticism, please. Thank you, for your cooperation and understanding! Nithy!

  86. You have made it loud and clear that you are a Christian disguised as a Saivite and have not read Torah, the Jewish holy book.
    For example, Abraham had offered Sarah to Pharaoh kings of Egypt during their journey and later Pharaoh kings found out the truth and ridiculed him for what he had done.
    The same trade off was repeated in a couple of other places and clearly mentioned in Torah.
    Do you want the chapter and page numbers ? I will encourage you to read Torah.
    As a Hindu, I do not know the world Blasphemy…..as it is not in the Hindu dictionary, since the word god refers to us as a state of human consciousness that every one shall attain. A Christian pretending as a Saivite will not know what Shiva is….Shiva is pure consciousness and it sees no evil, but manifestation of truth in every religion and in existence.

  87. Abraham: The First Prophet
    (Genesis 20:1-18)

    1 And Abraham journeyed from there to the South, and dwelt between Kadesh and Shur, and stayed in Gerar. 2 Now Abraham said of Sarah his wife, “She is my sister.” And Abimelech king of Gerar sent and took Sarah. 3 But God came to Abimelech in a dream by night, and said to him, “Indeed you are a dead man because of the woman whom you have taken, for she is a man’s wife.” 4 But Abimelech had not come near her; and he said, “Lord, will You slay a righteous nation also? 5 “Did he not say to me, ‘She is my sister’? And she, even she herself said, ‘He is my brother.’ In the integrity of my heart and innocence of my hands I have done this.” 6 And God said to him in a dream, “Yes, I know that you did this in the integrity of your heart. For I also withheld you from sinning against Me; therefore I did not let you touch her. 7 “Now therefore, restore the man’s wife; for he is a prophet, and he will pray for you and you shall live. But if you do not restore her, know that you shall surely die, you and all who are yours.” 8 So Abimelech rose early in the morning, called all his servants, and told all these things in their hearing; and the men were very much afraid. 9 And Abimelech called Abraham and said to him, “What have you done to us? How have I offended you, that you have brought on me and on my kingdom a great sin? You have done deeds to me that ought not to be done.” 10 Then Abimelech said to Abraham, “What did you have in view, that you have done this thing?” 11 And Abraham said, “Because I thought, surely the fear of God is not in this place; and they will kill me on account of my wife. 12 “But indeed she is truly my sister. She is the daughter of my father, but not the daughter of my mother; and she became my wife. 13 “And it came to pass, when God caused me to wander from my father’s house, that I said to her, ‘This is your kindness that you should do for me: in every place, wherever we go, say of me, “He is my brother.”’” 14 Then Abimelech took sheep, oxen, and male and female servants, and gave them to Abraham; and he restored Sarah his wife to him. 15 And Abimelech said, “See, my land is before you; dwell where it pleases you.” 16 Then to Sarah he said, “Behold, I have given your brother a thousand pieces of silver; indeed this vindicates you before all who are with you and before everybody.” Thus she was rebuked. 17 So Abraham prayed to God; and God healed Abimelech, his wife, and his female servants. Then they bore children; 18 for the LORD had closed up all the wombs of the house of Abimelech because of Sarah, Abraham’s wife.

    This is a most unusual story, is it not? Abraham and Sarah went to the land of Gerar, in the southern part of Palestine, south of Gaza, and not far from the Mediterranean Sea. Here Abraham once again passed off his wife Sarah as his sister. Abimelech, the king of Gerar, took Sarah, intending to make her his wife. God awakened Abimelech with a startling dream, informing him that Sarah was Abraham’s wife, and that he would be a dead man if he touched her. Abimelech then confronts Abraham, though very carefully, because God had informed this king that Abraham was a prophet. Abraham gives a pathetic excuse for his conduct, and prays for the healing of Abimelech and all his people, so that they once more may be able to bear children. Abimelech grants Abraham and Sarah permission to dwell in his land, under his protection.

    It is in the midst of God’s revelation to Abimelech that He informs this king that Abraham is a prophet. From this account, we learn some important lessons about prophets. Let me point out some of these lessons.

    Abraham, the prophet, lied to Abimelech. There is no denying it; Abraham lied. Abraham passed his wife off as his sister. Half-sister though she was, the important truth which Abraham concealed was that she was his wife! If Sarah were only Abraham’s sister, she would be eligible to marry Abimelech. As Sarah’s wife, she was not eligible at all. Abraham lied, and when he was confronted with his lie, he quibbled about technicalities, and failed to fully confess his sin. Abraham, the prophet, lied.

    Abraham, the prophet, was a liar. To say that Abraham lied to Abimelech on this one occasion is not enough. Abraham had made it his practice to tell this lie. He had, of course, lied to Pharaoh in the same fashion, many years before this (Genesis 12:10-20). Now, we read in Genesis 20 that he has lied again. But from Abraham’s own words we learn that this was what he did everywhere he went (Genesis 20:13). Lying about Sarah had become a lifestyle.

    Abraham, the prophet, involved his wife in his lifestyle of lying. It was not just Abraham who lied to Pharaoh and to Abimelech; Sarah lied as well. Abraham had conspired with Sarah to lie wherever they went. It was not Sarah who proposed this deception, but Abraham. Nevertheless, she went along with it.

  88. The whole world goes by Divine Plan ;

    George Bush, Bil Laden, Jayalalitha,Karunanidhi, Sonia Gandhi, Lallu Yadav… all of these personalities serve humankind as per divine plan …..The practices mentioned in holy books like marrying own sister, lying about it, implying that she is available for kings and wealthy to enjoy……the first professional occupation as per European commerce was born during this era…once again as per Nithyananthan due to Divine plan…..and talking about is blasphemy ? Is using one’s brain, logic and applying ones sense of proportion, a blasphemy ? What kind of god do you believe in ? Offering ones own sister to flesh trade is divine plan for you, right ? I have nothing more to add.

  89. @ Anilan, So U think ur well read, but the fact is ur a big fool. U say ur a hindu and u quote scriptures to show that sages were perverts eh. Ur like a parasite, its better that u write these things in blog responses cause in real life some will cut ur nuts. Are u trying to justify ur sleeping(read sex) with ur sister or with ur daughter?

    Also, the people u mentioned were known for much gr8er works which even a thousand anilan cannot achieve. U say u have read these books , i say ur a liar or dim clot who can read but cannot understand what is written. Arseholes like u read some books and claim to know everything, but u dont understand that no one cares for a small tick like u and what ever u have written shows ur pathetic slob who has a shrunk brain. I can disprove whatever u have written but i feel it is a gr8 waste of time…

  90. he is a human ,let him have sex being enlightened. but with his wife only. this is purely prostitution and he s supporting this. touching unmarried lady is sin in indian culture and this man is full f sin. he dint agree it was him in the beginning and now he agrees.
    people please forget him ,forgive him, follow in ur path, belileve god, follow the words he told if it helped u, but dn support him because he helped u. wat he did is wrong wrong wrong.

  91. Arjun alias Nithyananthan alias Joseph,

    you are revealing the state of your psyche and unfortuantely a blogsite can not treat your malaise. The nature and texture of your mindset is form the best explanation and endemic destiny of your life itself.

  92. Nityananda has every right to have legal sex with any woman as any man in this world can do, but not by hiding himself under the mask of Godman.
    While he has converted lot of youngsters to follow Brahmacharya, now he himself not able to follow that.
    He should immediately dissolve all his ashrams and should beg for pardon and salvation in the feets of his devotees.
    After which he can marry a woman of his sort and lead a Grahasta life.
    But before that thorough investigations need to be done with all his ashrams for any illegal activites and sexual crimes. If he is found guilty, then he deserves a sanyasin life in Prison.
    He has brought shame to Hinduism and Indian culture.

    The moral of the story:
    Believe in God, dont believe in Godmen.

  93. As hindus, actually we need to have our concepts clear about whether or not the Sanyasis or self-realized people can have sexual relationship ? In Hindu scriptures, Sri Ram, enlightened (God) was married. Sri Krishna (Enlightened master, gave message of Gita – the holy book of Hindus), was married with Ma yashodhara and worshiped with Ma Radha. Lord Vishnu, married with Ma Lakshmi, Lord Shiva (lord of yogies – the celebates), married with Ma Parvati, lord Ganesha, 2 wives, Riddhi & Siddhi.. I don’t undrestand, why nobody is asking a simple question – why do we require our enlightened masters be celebate?

    According to Patanjali, yam, nithyam, aasan, pranayam, pratyahaar, dharana, dhyan are the aspects which need to be practiced all together to attain the last state of Samadhi. Not sure, if there are scholars here, please advise, has Rishi Patanjali defined, what after attaining the state of Samadhi? What after that. You are in the blissful state all the time, you got to enjoy it. You are now in the perfect state of being – love, compassion, devotion, fullfillment and the perfect state of being with all the virtues which anybody would want to have, exactly like God, without misery or suffering, you got it. Now what…!!! ENJOY !! A person can eat whatever he/she wants to eat, after enlightenment, a person can enjoy travelling in the place like Himalaya after enlightenment, a person can enjoy dressing up almost like Hindu daities in the Temples, nothing wroing, then, why celebacy? Why is an enlightened master expected to stay celebate?

    Could it be that Swami Nithyananda felt socially pressured for not getting married eventhough he wanted to? If the videos are real (and not morphed), why did swami nithyananda choose to have relationship with an actress, he could have got married with most beutiful wealthy girl from reputed family if he just wanted to have sex.. nobody would have denied him to give up Sanyas, people would have loved and honoured him more to see with his beautiful Godess like wife rather than a woman who is married and has family, God knows how her husband and family are handling this whole thing, nobody is interviewing them.

  94. Simple and concise review. Its all the mistake of people mind. No one know and can’t define the term
    “perfectness”. This the thing matters. Its better to hear his speech alone and Its none of our business to get into his personal life.

    He is also a human being. Don’t forget !!!

  95. It is sad to see fanatical and ignorant Hindu readers who believe every tom dick and harry as godmen. It is a fact that a significant number of them are fake fraudmen who abuse the ignorant, illiterate and superstitious women( and men).

    Is it not stupidity on the part of even educated and intelliegent women not to understand that that even godmen get eroticism, sex-feelings, animal magnetism and lust when looking at beautiful, attractve and revealing women?

    Fire and cotton wool can not be kept close even if the real godmen pretentiously guarantee that the fire (the samiyar)will never touch the cotton wool ( women) The very concept of celibacy is a myth and a fraud in 99% of the cases. Hindu godmen are not gods ( many Hindu gods have displayed their eroticism much more vividly is a different story, visit any temples in south India or the murals of Khajurahu scuptures) Samiyars are ordinary sex motivated social animals There had been too many such stories recently

    Many Hindu godmen have turned out to be fraudmen and lewdly seducing womanizers when it comes to sex.The most important that Hindu readers who attack non-Hindu religions in these forums should understand that the fraudmen (godmen) represent a tiny little and negligent part of Hinduism.

    So it is with all other religions. It is the same thing with terrorism, prostitution, anti-social crimes, burglary and so on. There are good and filthy people in all religions, races and nationalities. We have to judge these people by their acts not by their religions. Religions that teach celibacy are teaching unnatural and impossible doctrines. Fake monks’ and ‘pseudo Sadhus’, continue to practise their antics and take the innocent and superstitious masses for an immoral ride to satisfy their animal sex urge. Bring a law that anyone who sets up a samiyar madam blessing young girls, must have been castrated and let him become unsex first. Same rule to catholic fathers and other monks.

  96. I partly agree with Premananda ( Refer Junior Vikatan) that the CD showing Swami Nithyananda with a lady companion in suggesting pose is wrong. It is wrong in showing the picture of the lady, because she was a victim, and the perpetrator was the Swami. Her face should have been hidden on the CD.

    But it is absolutely important for the print and electronic media to reveal the foul play of the swami. In the case of normal people, what Premananda says is true, but in the case of responsible spiritual leaders like Swamis, Priests, Bishops, CEOs of educational institutes and Madrasas. Indian law, foolishly allows sex between consenting adults, so he can have sex with any number of consenting women, but mind you that law does not apply to responsible people who have wards.

    Imagine if a college principal, a school teacher applies this practice of consensual sex with his girl students and a hostel warden does this with his students whom he is supposed to protect, a prison warden engages in this filth with his female prisoners and a hospital doctor does to his patients. Can the fence eat the crops that the fence is supposed to protect?

    Simply because some black sheep catholic priests are indulging in unnatural sex acts, you can not justify that what our great samiyar did is correct, a wrong is wrong whether the terrible wrong is done by a Muslim cleric, or a Hindu samiyar, Christian priest, or by a Buddhist Monk or a Christian nun.

    Two wrongs do not make a wrong right, a wrong is always a wrong. What the horrible samiyar Nithyanada did was a big and horrible immoral act. A man who should set good examples showed the wrong way of life, imagine if temples, masjids and churches, monasteries and synagogues are turned into brothels, will anyone accept it. No one should break the laws of God Almighty.

  97. Nithyananda says he was having sexual experiments with his chosen female companions . What a travesty and perversion.

    In all religions including Hinduism, incest is an immoral sex activity, but some people get involved in it.
    Some people who are both victims and perpetrators of incest may seek the guidance, and counselling of Nithyananda on how to kill this animal lust in incest sex between a sister and brother, between the nephew and ones own mother’s younger sister etc.

    Would our fraud man Nithyananda say then that he has to get involved in incest sex with his blood relations in order to do the experiment on the effects of incest before advising his disciples on how to control their animal sex lust and prevent incest? This is absolutely ridiculous. Who is our Swamiji trying to fool?

    You can not fool all the peoples all the times, dear Swamiji. Accept your guilt and get married and quit your Swami business

  98. Many Hindu Brothers say that at the highest spiritual level, there can be no difference between God and His Creations. This concept is considered the weakest link in Hinduism as per Islam, because according to Islamic concept of God, God is God, the Almighty, the incomparable and the unimaginable.

    If any man no matter how great his spirituality is, can never ever control his animal magnetism- in layman’s language sex desires, simply because man has been created weak, that is his nature. A catholic father practising celibacy is also against nature and hence a lot of abuse for which only yesterday the Pope apologised. How many apologies?

    The nature of fire is to burn the cotton, if the cotton is close by, this is what has happened to Nithyananda or to any other Swamy ( real or pseudo)who has indulged himself in sex secretly or within the four walls. That is why Swamy Vivekananda said, after his research on religions, that though Vedic teachings are superbly philosophical, without the practical ideas of islam, they will not serve the humanity adequately. I recognise all religions, there are truths in all religions, though I differ on the approaches to God Almighty

  99. Many feel strongly about the sex content( Our Respected CM also raised his voice on this issue) of the video clips shown on the fraud godman. We have to ask ourselves, what we can do about the following: But much dirtier, sensual, revealing, sex motivating dances, bed room scenes, love making are shown every day on the TV cable net works and in our movies and every one from 7 years to 70 years sit and watch the movies at home and the censor board is a mute spectator to all the immoral films and let the Indian Govt think about doing something to prevent moral decadence of our youth. Still much worse there are about 60 lac sex based dirty web sites on the internet about which the Indian Govt does nothing and we call it freedom of the media and we ruin the lives of too many youth

  100. @palkodimir
    Who are you to decide on someones else’s morality. Do you have complete control over sex ? You bring in Islam: You should be aware, Muhammad had sex all his life, what practicality of Islam are you talking about ? He had 52 wives goddamit, he used to have sex even during his 40 day fasts, he screwed women from 9 yrs of age to 52. ! You also bring in your “respected” CM (Karunanidhi), that buggar has 3 wives ? Who are these freaks to talk about morality. Talking about others sexual “immorality” is a clear sign that your own cucumber is not under control.

  101. Namaste.
    I am not an Indian by birth. I am a westerner and was a passionate follower of NIthyananda. I continue to practice ashtanga yoga and read the Vedas and Upanishads in my own time, now that I have stopped following his teachings. I take issue with your assumption that it is okay for people like Nithyananda to have secret addictions, as long as they hide them well enough from the public. Do you understand that Nithyananda projected through his discourses and through all of his acharyas that he=God???? Do you understand that God does not have ANY compulsive attachments to ANY human sensual experiences? Ergo he does NOT equal God. He LIED. When is it okay for a spiritual Guru to LIE?

    I am grateful that he has been arrested and hope that he never again can, as you say, resume spreading the Vedic truths to “innocent Indians.” They, I’m afraid, would not get Vedic truths–only corrupted versions that are modified to promote the worship of this megalomaniac.

    Thanks for posting your views on the subject.

    Hari Om.

  102. Dear Anonymous ex devotee.

    Please do enlighten us with the characteristics of God.

    Since u r already so well aware of Indian god-like traits, maybe you should read up a bit on Greek gods like Zeus. No…… Oh my can I say the word or should I whisper it…. Sex!!!!! Eep I said the dirty word.

    No seriously what do you have to lose but your hatred please read about Greek gods and see how much above they were from sex.

  103. The question is: is that all you know of “God”. Such a God doesn’t exist… Whatever God is, it has created all of the worlds, all of the human actions, emotions and judgement… Maybe the mistake is to believe that there could be a “perfect human being”. In fact, that is why we get fooled, imagining someone is going to be “perfect” and “take care of all our problems”…

    From this Nithyananda, I can say he did preach some good methods, and gave some experiences. Maybe a crook, but did some fun things. Of course, if you go on thinking that a man can be God, then you would have been fooled… But that applies to everyone who has been given the title of “master”. All of them are human, and have human values. They transcended in some dimensions, but most of them we could never verify what they were… How would you know?

    Unless there is some direct experience, it is very hard to ascertain someone is “perfect”. Most likely you jsut didnt see their “defects”… In fact, the only perfection is not having much guilt or pain. And that can come in the form of a crook, or of a scientist, or a child or anyone…

  104. Stay away from all these conmans!!

    Hinduism claims that every one is god by nature but they need to realize and elevate their consciousness (to God level) thru rituals, Dharma and inward looking practices such as yoga and meditation. Followers were encouraged to find their own truth by their own experience and self suffering.

    Bible claims the Path of Jesus is open and available to all. The self suffering, self-control and experience based life will lead into astray

    Colossians 2:18 “Let no one keep defrauding you of your prize (salvation) by delighting in self-abasement and the worship of the angels, taking his stand on visions he has seen, inflated without cause by his fleshly mind”

    The practices of Yoga will treat help the flesh but corrupts the soul which is eternal

    Colossians 2:23 “These are matters which have, to be sure, the appearance of wisdom in self-made religion and self-abasement and severe treatment of the body, but are of no value against fleshly indulgence”

    Bible claims that human nature is evil and not acceptable by the perfect God Who is full of Goodness and hates Sin.

    Rom 3:23 “For ALL have sinned, and come short of the glory of God”

    Rom 1:29 “Their (Human) lives are filled with all kinds of sexual sins, wickedness, and greed. They are mean. They are filled with envy, murder, quarreling, deceit, and viciousness”

    I would encourage you to pause and think what makes more sense and right? Is it a tough thing to know that our thoughts are sinful by nature? Just look around and see what is happening around you, Take a careful look at the morning paper. It is very apparent that most of the people living without even a glimpse of God

    The process of Salvation (aka Moksha or Nirvana) is becoming a god; it is totally contrary to the truth. According to Christianity, God is always God; Man can live eternally in communion with God but never be a god. One character of God is no beginning or end. How do we become God, when we have concrete beginning?

    Salvation is purely by the Grace of God, offered thru the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross. In order to get saved we need to believe this with faith. If the Salvation can be attained thru works then it nullifies the grace of God, and can be demanded.

    Justification is a divine act where God declares the sinner to be innocent of his sins. It is a legal action in that God declares the sinner righteous — as though he has satisfied the Law of God. This justification is based entirely on the sacrifice of Christ by His shed blood: “…having now been justified by His blood…” (Rom. 5:9).1 Justification is a gift of grace (Rom. 3:24; Titus 3:7) that comes through faith (Rom. 3:28; 5:1). Christians receive Jesus (John 1:12) and put their faith-filled trust in what Jesus did on the cross (Isaiah 53:12; 1 Pet. 2:24) and in so doing are justified by God. The Bible states that justification is not by works (Rom. 3:20, 28; 4:5; Eph. 2:8-9) because our righteous deeds are filthy rags before God (Isaiah 64:6). Therefore, we are saved by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone.

    Those who are justified are saved and salvation is a free gift (Rom. 6:23), something we cannot earn (Eph. 2:1-10).

    Titus 3:5 “He saved us– not by works of righteousness (good karma) that we had done, but according to His mercy, through the washing of regeneration and renewal by the Holy Spirit.”

    Ephesians2:8 “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith–and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God”

  105. My dear pooja which missionary bus did u get off.

    I agree with you, your a filthy dirty sinner. You flesh is vile and evil. I recommend lashings and begging god to forgive you for your dirty flesh.

    It sounds just right.

    Evil can only be dealt with evil that is all we are unless the lord forgives us…. Oh wait even that can be organized go confess and ask him about the choir singing little during confession.

  106. All the above which u all folks have posted is all Goat Shit.. dropped one by one.. is like u all just follow one an another and dash each other… firstly i would say there is NO GOD or such things.. Belief is Wat we have to have on OUR OWN Selves. more that Wat ever in this world. So trust U believe U and follow U.. u will be a good HUMAN BEING. thanks… hope u all get this into u r brains…

  107. Pope himself had made candid admissions of the violation by his followers.
    Christian churches / congregations across the world are appearing in news for having their priests caught in sex abuse of the believers, especially children. Churches are marked for indulging pastors in Homosexuality and sexual abuse. What Christianity prohibits is the passion for its pastors and priests. I am trying to say that every monastic order is prey to perversion and no religion is an exception to this.

  108. Thousands of year before, people who could not understand the nature, emphasized on a concept of god.

    Thousands of year after, a man had sex with a woman

    Some people first worship him and then get angry at him for doing that

    Some are discussing in this forum about it posing themselves as intellectuals

    What a world!!!

    Wake up people…

    PS: Could anybody tell me how you came across to believe in GOD? Of course, your mom or dad or someone would have told that there is some “GOD” in your childhood, and being an intellectual you have redefined what they said.
    Inner peace is a way of looking at yourself and others from a third person perspective. And obviously when you calm your mind, you have time to do that. That is what you call as meditation. Its a perfect psychological thing. Where did any divine thing come there?
    Being so called intellectuals, you put forward your points based on some book which was written 1000s of years before when people did not even know what light is and had written about enlightenment. How dumb can you get even at this age?

    Its really a pity

  109. blog post written has a good & balenced thought. swami nityanand ji ( i m not his follower by the way) does ( may ) posses all spiritual qualities as claimed. in my opinion, he could not maintain and deviated from the path of brahmcharya – thats all. but this is human fault and even maharshi vishwamitra fell prey to this temptation! hope swami nityanand will come out again and prove himself in this spectrum ( the brahmcharya) too and become brahmarshi. May God help him.

  110. Dude… you pose urself to have deep knowledge in hindu mythology… first of all, vishwamitra had taken up sanyasashrama and not brahmacharya…. don u even knw the diff?? and y the hell r u comparing those myths up here… either u r so making fun of hindu myths or u r too dumb that i shdnt even reply back…

  111. II want to say something here.
    This man – guru- Nithyananada is but a face of a human. I am sure he harbours the profound desire of mingling with the par brahm — as I did most of my life. It’s also true that he is inherently a spiritual man who seeks God in his human life. But beyond all this Nithyananada is merely a man! And I as a Hindu turned Christian firmly believe the Bible which is the word and breath of God exposes man and his true nature. So what does the Bible say about men? That they are sinners! Each one of them has sinned and will continue to sin ‘till the last breath of their lives. The book of Romans (in Bible) is explicit that “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God ” (Romans 3:23). The Bible also reveals that human righteousness is nothing but FILTHY RAGS. If Bible were wrong then Nithyananda would be holy and pure – but he is not– thereby just proving that Bible indeed is true. What this means it’s IMPOSSIBLE to be 100% holy and righteous in human form.
    Apart from this there are several other truths revealed, mysteries explained, and powers of darkness exposed by the word of God (Bible)
    Guys I have suffered at hands of so called holy and enlightened Hindu Gurus. But thanks be to Lord Jesus Christ I now see the truth. After seeing the truth I became a believer – A Christian . Ever since my life has changed for better for happier. If anyone of you has questions about Christianity and how profound is its impact on human life and salvation pls do not hesitate to write/ ask questions to me. Remember folks I am your brother and once shred and practised your faith — Hinduism – for years years and years.
    I am NOT a guru and neither am I a learned holy man.. if I must boast I will boast in the righteousness of Lord Jesus Christ by whom I am saved.. So will you be. For he loves YOU profoundly.. Even more than you can love yourselves. Come to light… come to the Christ
    My email is raj.author@yahoo.com

  112. All I can do is laugh…
    First of all, being an atheist your %$%^$ makes me nothing but laugh

    Secondly, you said something that you suffered at the hands of Hindu Gurus… So, you got converted.. Awesome man!!! You know what.. Am having a similar problem.. Am suffering at hands of people like you… So, shall I get converted to dog? Awesome… I just cant believe what all kind of people exist on this planet… Now that I wanna get converted into a dog, am just hoping that they dont have any religions… Else am really screwed…
    I completely agree with you… Man is a born sinner… But dogs are not… But tell me one thing, why did your so called god shine only upon Man.. Why not dog? Why choose a sinner?? Whats wrong with other animals? Why eat them?
    Few things I have observed about christians, hindus and muslims…. Christians and muslims blindly following their so called books… I wont talk much about the muslims coz i fear for my life…. And christians on other hand, are rather more interested in creating one religion throughout the world… Hindus, what can i say? Worst of all… Most of them have no clue what their ancient texts really said… All they know is few stories or myths which they think is the religion… Most of the hindus I have come across, dont really know what their texts like vedas/bhagawadgita says….
    Anyways, i just realised that am turning into a sadist… I just love showing the believers their reality…

    WAKE UP GUYS…. GOD is a concept… A theory… Still how many centuries are required for you people to realise that…. A concept which was enough back then to keep man sane…

  113. Yamarules, you have had me laughing for the last 24 hours, thank you.

    I think you might be onto something here (hahaha can I have what you are having!), no seriously I ready to convert to dog as well.

    Bravo for a brave honest post!

  114. Hey Nisha… One more reality bite! Am planning to write a Holy book.. No, not Bible… I will call it Reliable… And I would like you to be the holy messenger in it.. Will you accept the offer?
    And this will not just be for mankind.. but all kind… I think am outta ma mind…
    Well, there are some bitter points about we atheists too… Atleast this is true as far as I am concerned… Most of us possess more ego than believers… They may be ignorant, but they are blissful… We, after understanding the reality, are being driven by ego… But I guess, even this quality of ours will be overcome with time… At some point, it feels like its better to leave the believers to their concepts coz they can never have the courage to face the void nature… All they will have is fear when they know that their controller is a virtual entity… Chaos in their minds… For example, every religion has a concept to explain what can happen after death.. Thats coz they simply cannot imagine the eternal emptiness after existence… Its too scary for anyone…
    Ignorance is bliss, whoever said that – meant it…

  115. Dear all,

    If the video & whole scandal is true then, I can’t forgive him. Hinduism never said you should abstain from sex. All our gods except very few (like Hanuman) have wives. All the great gurus are also having wives.

    Many said many things.. I just say realisation is important.. If he did had illegal sex then he is cheated, according to me illegal means (secret) not letting others knowing about their relationship.. He deserves a severe punishment because he caused a lot of disturbance in religion followers..

    According to Bhagath Singh, following anything (religion, party, a leader) is a kind of slavery if you don’t know about it clearly.
    I think we are free now, so know clearly and absolutely before following something..

    Good Luck
    – Surya

  116. @yamarules
    Dear friend, I don’t know the truth but I appreciate that religions are giving some explanation. But I never knew that one day I would meet people like you who understand everything.

    Please Can You Explain for these:
    Why I am born in a middle class Indian family. Why name is so & so. Why the hell I am writing this?
    Why didn’t I born in a very rich / very poor family? tell me why…I born to those parents why not some others.
    Do you have any explanation for luck (I give the name of god for that and hate him for the same reason).
    Why I born in a Hindu family why not others?
    for all un-answered questions & un-controllable events I give the name of god..

    I you please enlighten me, so that I can enlighten fools like me……..

  117. @Surya: I see anger in your words against me. U dont wanna be rude directly, but u r trying to provoke me by “fools like me”. I know that few of my words have hurt a lot of people who have read this section. But conveying what I believe is more important to me than making people happy by my words. Someday, I will learn to convey myself in a polite manner. But that is not today
    And yes, like you, I too appreciate religions for their contribution in maintaining sanity in the world. And I ask you not to insult me by saying that I understand everything. It hurts my ego. And I am working on it
    As far as your questions are concerned; what can i say!! Please tell me that you dont expect me to give some magical answers that you get convinced as soon as you read it. Coz I am not capable of defining RANDOMNESS. I cant analyse the pattern for randomness. In your position, I would not think “why am I born in this family”. I would rather think that someone is born somewhere with some name with some credentials. And that someone is me.
    If you think that you have been put into this world, then your questions need answers. But I dont see it that way. I dont believe that I was put here. I was born here
    Well thats me. You have a mind of your own which can decide things. Its you who has to think for your own questions.

  118. Yo Yama dude!!

    The details are all irreelevant, whatever rocks your boat I say.

    Follow man if he makes u happy, follow God if you can or like you and I follow Dog, its all the same in the end, BULLSHIT.

    Each one of us will mix with Bullshit, dogshit and human shit.


  119. @yamarules

    Hello Bro,

    I don’t hate you buddy, I feel you learnt something, there is a chance that you might be right, for the same reason I want to know. Last sentence of mine ‘fools like me’, whole heartedly I meant it for myself not you.

    I hate god, not for just my luck (more or less my luck is good). But watch around you…

    For example:
    I was standing in a bus-stop, a begging women came by, she was having a new born baby in Brass plate during hot midday. there was no cloths on baby or beneath him. I could see his nerves from his pale skin (might be of 3-4 months in age). Of course there was a god’s photo in the plate..

    Can somebody please explain me what is the mistake of that baby, I know taking birth from her, how & why it happened?… (its just single instance of millions that I came across)…

    Some Great man said: ‘We are the architects of our fortune’.
    I request sir please explain where did that boy made a mistake in building his fortune, why it is that bad….

    This is the reason I hate god, (God – I mean things which are not in my control)..

  120. @yamarules,

    You said you think you just ‘born there’, I ask why? why not some where else..
    You said Randomness & Pattern, its true, as too don’t know I give it a name called God, and my religion explains a good deal of this randomness. I feel logically it may be correct but I am not happy with that randomness…(or God)

  121. Talking of Christianity,

    Did your god said to convert people to help… I am a Hindu, I am asking Jesus oh! my lord is your holiness pertained to this damn shit called religion should I convert to a Christian to get your blessing…

    As Hindu I recall my Lord Krishna’s saying, “Indhu leadani andhu galadani sandhehamu valadhu, endendhu vethikina andandhu galanu”… It means don’t worry that I am here, not there, I am in this form not that form… All this is pity, I will reach you in what ever farm you like to pursue me…

    I don’t have any problem with Christianity or Jesus but I do have a problem with people who convert others from one religion. Jesus or Krishna or Allah (God) reaches you whatever form you like to pursue him.. So no need for conversion… I pray to Jesus oh! lord stop the illness that is spreading in your name, and bring these people out their wells and show the ocean outside…

    One nithyananda doesn’t represent whole hinduism, as a matter of fact in that video he didn’t raped the girl, but I saw many news of Christian popes raping small girls. I don’t blame whole Christianity for this reason, because I am not a fool…

    Another Important thing, Nithyananda claims this video is not real, so wait for the truth…

  122. A guru is but a spiritual coach. Just as you have coaches in professional sports, you may decide that improving your foundational behaviour requires a spiritual coach, who takes a more holistic approach. All professional coaches bring out the best in their trainees and that’s what a guru does…but it requires co-operation on both sides. Ever seen a coach work for free?

    My point is that, you (the individual) need to change your mindset and determine what benefit you get – not society. Nithyananda is truly a victim of religious persecution in a country that founded great personal development tactics way before Anthony Robbins, Dr. Phil, Dale Carnegie and such. These personal improvements were called “religion”. Every dimension of Hinduism was created to bring out the best in a human being – Meditation for intuition and intellect, Pujas to develop friendliness, compassion and connection to existence, yoga – to keep the body and mind fit to handle life as it unfolds.

  123. Your title is great, but the content is flawed. Research your facts here before you write.
    a. All charges against Nithyananda have been dropped due to the frivolous nature
    b. He has no assets, they are owned by the non-profit foundations.
    c. If you don’t believe in the Vedas, then don’t. There are millions of people who believe and have benefitted from their practical life solutions. You are a result of the tradition and culture that allowed you to exists, yet you are ignorant
    d. Spiritual Knowledge can possibly come from reading a book, practicing and making mistakes yourself, googling the internet. It may take several hundred years. Spiritual experiences however, can only come from being with an enlightened being…and there are many on the planet. Some sit in the forest because they enjoy the beautiful silence and bliss and have no interest to share it with you. Others reach out to tell the world how amazing that experience is. That opportunity to being with an enlightened being is like sitting with Bill Gates or some other billionaire for days and months asking him to share with you the secrets of prosperity. There’s only one problem – he doesn’t give a hoot who you are. An enlightened being wants to share, but only if you are listening..

  124. Truth does not need any crutches to support it. It stands by itself majestically in its glory.To compare Swami Vivekananda & Thakur with Nithyananda is like using a crutch to defend Nithyananda.
    Spirituality is beyond logic, beyond rationalizing, beyond mind. What we are doing here (me included) is exactly that. Presenting a logical arguement.
    Eventually truth stands & the rest get blown away in time.

  125. Just because the school teacher who prepeared you for the exams gets caugth in a sex scandle, will you as a student fail to give your exam? Life is a exam of self understanding and self perfection. Let us learn the good part and discard the rest and the teacher himself. The key is to learn from his teaching which are not new but well presented so that even an oridnary mind can receive it and understand.

  126. I agree with the author only to the point that our social system is to be at fault to believe that a “Guru is everything” (as the Sanskrit saying goes, Gurur Brhma, etc) to depend upon for your “spiritual enlightenment & attainment”. Especially so, w/o understanding what exactly is the meaning of that so called spiritual enlightenment & attainment! – As I have read for more than four decades the causual readings and discourses of several “prominent Gurus” – both living as well dead and gone long ago(!) , none has explained in a convincing way what exactly the meaning of that spiritual enlightenment is! – I thought several times, probably because I have been a person of scientific profession & that way basically a person of reasoning, this very concept of “spiritual enlightenment ” should inherently must be alien to me – I mean as a sort of “mutually exclusive principle”!! Should that be the case? In other words, what I mean, this enlightenment is just a magic word that “foolishly entraps” typical Indian/Hindu (in fact & probably with people of religiousity from any religion, though the language used is different). So, the problem solely lies at the root cause with the expectations of the societies & social systems (any where) from the religion itself. In stead of relying on ones own “God given capabilities” – the commom sense & beautiful mind that Nature has given, people look at some mythical things from the religion. That is the reason for these cheats – Nithyananda to Sathya saibaba to use a bag full of tricks of their trade with some bombastic language to cheat people and make lots and lots of money and influence. In that sense, yes Nithyananda (& Sathya saibaba too) to be the victims of the social system!!!

  127. THis Fake and sex swami Nithyananda finally managed to get his sexy lover the tamil acter Ranjitha to make her a sanyasi and have her for his sexual needs in his ashram in bidadi in karnataka, thses both are from tamilnadu and kicked out from thier own state after they were caught haveing sex in this sex swami nithyananda,s bed room, after they chased out from tamilandu he put up his ashram in karnataka state with a group of youg and teen gilrs enjoyingin the nae of sanyasi,s, resently thya have attacked the media persons when this sex swami nithyanada lie that he had no sumons from anyone, andafter showing the summons for a male sexually abused by this swami, he was caught for hs lie and ordered his devoties to ake them out, and this sex godman ran away saving his life and his foolish deovties were fighting wit them and was in problem, any people here are congrautlating you for your success for having you sex sanyasi with you for your sexual needs as a sanysi or else how would it possible for you to live with her, thats really a wise master plan from you,becuase if she really wish to be a sanysi there were lot of ashram in india but she only came to your ashram to enjoy with you as she missing you and she took deeksha from you as a gift on your birthday is not that a great gift for such a sex master??

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  133. Read and imagine all you care to; but sit in his presence and decide for yourself. That is all it takes and your truth is all that matters. Would love to hear your experience of his presence on this site.

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