Muthukumar – The fury of fire rages on

On the First anniversary of Self immolation of Muthukumar – No mainstream political party or media  sympathize with him since he condemned the Government of India in his last statement

K.Muthu kumar 19.11.1982 -29.01.2009

Muthu Kumar 19.11.1983 -29.01.2009

K. Muthukumar , 26 year old journalist self immolated at 10.40 a.m on 29.01.2009 at Sastri Bhavan, Chennai, the campus of the Government of India and died after 90 minutes at Kilpauk hospital.

The policies of the Indian government in favour of undemocratic and inhuman Srilankan government against the Ealem Tamils led to protests by various movements in Tamil nadu last year. In an unfortunate development Muthukumar decided to burn himself to death. His last journey was attended by thousands of mourners.

One year has passed after his death. Much water has flown down the history, a genocide of Tamils encouraged by the Government of India, inaction of the international community to prevent the massacre of civilians, reported death of Prabakaran LTTE Leader, the re election of Mr. Rajapakse as President of Srilanka. There is no sign of freedom or rights for Tamils in Srilanka. There is no change in the policies of Government of India. But the anger among the Indian Tamils is building up against those who supported and who continue to support a racist regime in Srilanka .

We can look back at some of the points raised by Muthu kumar in his last statement and see its relevance today.

The International Community must condemn India and force it to immediately withdraw its troops from Sri Lanka, and be prevented from helping Sri Lanka through satellites and radars. Even unimportant discussions between the Governments of India and Sri Lanka should take place through the International Community. India should publicly apologize before the people of Tamil Nadu and the people of Tamil Eelam scattered across the world.

The international community could not exert an iota of pressure on India. Instead India exerted pressure on international community to keep away from this conflict and making it a regional issue suited to its own influence. The issue was more projected as terrorism than one freedom. At the same time India has failed itself by allowing China and Pakistan to collaborate with Srilanka. A poor strategy in long term.

The Indian foreign policy was totally hijacked by a bunch of bureaucrats, anti Tamil forces and agents of Srilanka in India only to pave way to China to get a foothold in the Indian Ocean.

MK Narayanan, the National Security Adviser to the Prime minister at the time of recent Ealem war has been appointed as the Governor of West Bengal. He is to ‘over see’  a so-called communist controlled Indian state affected by Maoist insurgency. Moreover  Siva Sankara Menon, the new security adviser, George, personal adviser to Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, central ministers AK Antony, Pranab Mukharji and the UN Official Vijay Nambiyar all are in someway connected to the so-called Marxist dominated states of India.

The so called Marxist ideologue of one of the leading mainstream media group is a close friend of Mr. Rajapakse, is known for his pro Chinese and anti Tibet stance. It should also be noted that the racist political party Janata Vimukti Perumune of Srilanka which earlier supported Rajapakse, professed itself to be a Marxist oriented movement. Until recently, the movement had close links with the CPI – M.

Another person who falls in line with the Srilankan Government in vehemently opposing Sethu Samuthiram project, Dr. Subramanyam Swamy also is known for his Chinese connections and the media consider him a specialist in Chinese affairs.

All these facts make us to ponder whether these people joined together in Eelem issue to strengthen India or China? There is a collective conscience existing among these people based on inheritance or environment or ideology which is working against the interests of Indian people.

That is why Muthukumar could not trust India and asked for international interference. His ire was more against the Government of India. The sentiments of Tamils has already turned against these Indian policy makers as can be read through the lines of Poem written by Thamarai ( annexed below)

Because the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon is always functioning with a bias towards his homeland China, he must not be given the power to take any decision regarding Eelam.

To the dismay of Tamils, India and China united together to oppose and prevent any action on Srilanka on the genocide of Tamils. UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon has not proved his neutrality. Muthukumar had predicted correctly. UN has demonstrated that it could not prevent a genocide but we are waiting to see whether it can enquire the war crimes of Sinhalese regime. The dubious role of Vijay Nambiyar as UN official suspected of negotiating a trap to kill the surrendering Tamil leaders is discussed in the media. He may be subjected to enquiry by the recently set up People’s court of prominent personalities to enquire war crimes.

Rajiv Gandhi’s murder should be investigated by the InterPol and the real guilty must be exposed.

The likes of Chandrasamy and Subramanyam Swamy who are alleged to have prior intimation on the assassination plot are let loose for the reasons known perhaps only to Sonia Gandhi. Recently Subramanyan Swamy opposed the release of Nalini who was  prosecuted as a conspirator in the assassination. The reason for Subramanyam Swamy’s fear is obvious.

Everyone responsible for the murder of journalist Lasanta should be punished.

Unlikely at now. The killers have recaptured the political power in Srilanka

The livelihood of families of Tamil fishermen shot dead should be secured.

The fishermen in Tamil nadu are now organizing themselves to secure their livelihood without depending on any vote catching political parties. The community has taken the problem head on, since the Indian Cost Guard is playing second fiddle to their Srilankan buddies. Here too we suspect the play of conspiracy of some elements in the security forces of both the countries – to oppose, attack and kill Tamils wherever they live.

The Srilankan fishermen are emboldened by our foreign policy which has encouraged the Srilankan navy to kill hundreds of  Tamil fishermen in the last two decades and the Government of India has been a silent watcher. Recently some Indian Coast Guard personnel were hijacked by the Srilankan fishermen. The incident was downplayed by the Indian bureaucratic circles and media to save face. The Indian ministry of foreign affairs is prompt in condemning the attacks on Indians in Australia, but are not even extending that courtesy to Tamil fishermen killed at regualr intervals in a close neighborhood.

Muthukumar in his last statement recorded many more views comprehensively which shows his concern towards humanity freedom and patriotism. Muthu Kumar, such a noble personality, should have remained alive to participate in a new movement to protect the interests of the Tamils.

His decision to burn himself has set a fire which shall spread to chase the traitors in Indian Government and set a new vision among Indian Tamils to capture enough power at the central Government to build up a reasonable foreign policy to protect the interests of the Tamils, Tamil Fishermen and Eelem Tamils. This is the time to remind ourselves every year until we achieve the goal.


Thamarai , a Poet

Thamarai , a Poet

A POEM BY THAMARAI WRITTEN A YEAR BACK – MAINSTREM MEDIA DECLINED TO PUBLISH THIS.The curse by Thamarai was against those who misled India. Instead of reading this poem as a curse on India in a literal meaning it should be understood as the emotion of a motherly woman who cries for others as if her own son is lost in a war.


O India
So many atrocities
You committed on my Tamil Race

In so many ways we begged moved
Fell at your feet ,cried, and self immolated
In vain.

For You who turned deaf ears
I have a last word to tell

On seeing our infants
Wilted and died out of hunger, I
With swollen eyes Delirious sleep
Untied hair, out of my inner blaze
Throw a Black curse
From the land of Kannagi

Grown on the rules of Kural
Living a righteous life
I can sing a Virtue

You made me to call you a demon
From the same mouth
Which called you Mother
We are not the same anymore.

O India
You supplied weapons
Sent spy crafts
To drop bombs
Descending on innocent heads
Let your head explode
To hundreds of pieces.

For the souls of our children
Died asking for a drop of water
To rest in peace
Let all your rivers dry up
For a century to come

Let your clouds quickly disperse
To far away lands

You pushed us to run
For a handful of Rice
Let your fields and forests
Burn down
Whichever grains harvested
Shall go waste

You chased our people
Like herds
Let all your mountains
erupt like volcanoes
to become a mount of ashes

O the devils who mercilessly
Dropped chemical bombs
Let your blood dry
Let your smell
Burn your neighbors too
Let your foes surround you
To take away your sleep

Let bombs explode
Strewn with bodies
Let all your streets
Become a grave yard

Let cancer grow
In those mouths
Which shamelessly announced
False demands for cease fire
Let you vomit blood
Whenever you open the mouth.

You ruled sitting over our skeletons
Let your chairs

Let your men become impotent

Let the wombs of your women are torn

You humiliated our people
Wander nude
Let your parents turn mad
And run on the streets
Tearing their cloth

You tortured our youth
Sending electric shocks
Let the lightning and thunder
Fall on your head.

You celebrated from the
Palaces of Sinhalas
Who raped our sisters
Let your food turn toxic.
And Let your women
sleep with neighbors

You cannibals
Let all your nerves
Stretch out of your body

Let no grass or plant
Ever crop out of your soil
For another millennia

Let tsunami erupt
To take away all.

Let your place disappear
Let it be destroyed
With nothing forever.

(PS. I cannot curse your babies
Wherever may be
Babies are just babies

When our babies cry
Let your babies smile
Let your babies smile)


Thamarai pays homage to Muthkumar- a file photo

Thamarai pays homage to Muthukumar


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