Tamil Americans of Delaware Valley Rally – “Boycott Sri Lanka”

As part of the United States Tamil Political Action Committee (USTPAC) and the NoToSriLanka teams’ initiative of hosting a “Boycott Sri Lanka Rally” in major international cities, Tamil Americans of Delaware Valley Region (Delaware, Pennsylvania and South Jersey region) organized a rally on Sunday, Dec 27th, between 11AM – 3PM, at Concord Mall, 4737 Concord Pike, Wilmington, DE 19803.

Several protestors from the above three states participated enthusiastically with banners and placards that depicted why Sri Lankan products should be boycotted by the civilized and peace loving people. Dr. Soma Ilangovan presided the protest rally, and Duraikkannan organized the event. Outside, temperatures were freezing cold and windy, yet several families including women and children participated in the rally and registered their voices.

Organizers of the rally made calls to shoppers to participate in future protests and show their support. These rallies are not only meant for Tamils but also to freedom loving Americans to stop the genocide in Sri Lanka. At the end of the protest, pamphlets were issued to several American shoppers. The American public cheered up and expressed their support honking their cars.

Garment is one of the major revenue sources for Sri Lanka. It is this revenue that is boosting the confidence of the Sri Lankan regime to continue the genocidal war on Tamils. Their revenue can be crippled and the genocidal acts stopped by boycotting their products.  In your day to day life – when you come across products made in Sri Lanka – a Tea bag in the grocery store or Garments in the Malls, every individual has the moral responsibility to boycott that product. These boycotts are sending a strong message to all businesses that deal with Sri Lankan products about the “loss of life” caused by every single transaction of these products.

With today’s boycott a message – one that cannot be tainted negatively or brushed aside easily, was sent to the Sri Lankan regime. Let us all realize how the strength of 1 million + strong Tamil Diaspora can multiply when they start working with all the freedom loving citizens of the country they live in.

Organizers thanked all who made this rally a great success.

Snap shots from the protest rally.






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Kandhan / www.Truthdive.com

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  1. @Jayawewa
    Tamils – all over the world now endorsed vaddukottai resolution – that called for FREE EELAM.
    We have people mandate to establish Tamil Eelam.
    As long as Tamils are living in this world we will continue our struggle. No matter how long it takes or whatever is the loss.
    FYI – USTPAC is organizing another protest on coming June 19th. If time permits please join with us. It will be held in major US cities.

  2. Who made this boy cot srilanka ? bladdy LTTE terrorists ? if so; then who cares ?

    Sri Lanka is now very peace full country and all our Sinhalese, Tamils , Muslims, Burgers and every body is working as a one family. Nobody will ready to break that bond again…

    Bladdy LTTE supporters wants to brake that bond again to archive their personal goals to live their personal life happily by collecting money from Tamil people all over the world and they do not want to help the poor Tamil people in Sri Lanka.

    Dearest Tamil brothers and sisters…face the real situation…

    Dear LTTE Supporters you don’t have any place in this universe to build ur dream Tamil eelam…please find a place apart from our universe to build your bladdy Tamil Eelam………………Nobody cares u in this world…….


  3. Did you hear our warrior brothers and sisters have been arrested in Malaysia? Did you hear our beloved Thalaivar’s mother has been turned away from entering Tamil Nadu when she went there for medical treatment? Did you hear Australia is denying entry to our brothers and sisters? What is happening in the world? Why are all these countries now turning their backs on us? Why is India that trained our boys, suppoted our cause, armed us and financed us some time ago now turning their backs on us? Why is Karunanidhi now keeping silent on all these issues? Why? Why? Why? Where do we go from here? Someone please answer my questions – I am going crazy. The last thing you need now is another crazy Tamil.

  4. Nelson Mandela called for Boycott of Apartheid regime. Now Tamils are calling for boycott of GENOCIDAL Sri Lankan Products.

    Gandhi called for referendum to form an independent democratic India. Tamils are conducting the similar referendum now to legitimate their free Tamil Eelam.

  5. LTTE terrorist supporters giving a bad name to the Tamils once again.

  6. Referemdum on Tamil Eelam

    Canada Tamils 99.9% voted favour of free Tamil Eelam

    France Tamils 99.0% voted favour of free Tamil Eelam

    Norway Tamils 99.0% voted favour of free Tamil Eelam

    Swiss Tamils voting on 23&24 of January 2010

    German Tamils voting on 24 of January 2010

    UK Tamils voting on 30&31 of January 2010


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  8. Boycott Sri Lanka, an activist group, released a shockingly innovative video series titled No Blood for Panties today. The videos are part of a campaign to boycott products made in Sri Lanka and help end the oppression of Sri Lanka’s Tamils.

    “Boycott Sri Lanka is very excited about its release of the video series,” says group representative Anjali Manivannan. “This video series allows us to reach Americans who might otherwise be unaware of the repercussions of their consumer habits.

  9. http://news.yahoo.com/s/prweb/20100104/bs_prweb/prweb3403354_2

    Sex Un-Sells: Provocative Videos Add Activism To Conventional Marketing Strategies; No Blood For Panties Urges Boycott Of Products Made In Sri Lanka

  10. @Arun

    you missed one important element – Tamil Eleam is Eelam Tamil Land.

  11. “Our debate will not end, so just stay away from Tamils and Tamil land and that is what we request from you Singalease.”

    Sri Lanka is Sinhalese land. Tamil Nadu is Tamil’s land.

  12. Dear Readers,

    Truthdrive.com has a specific orientation of bringing out perspectives that do not get due attention in the mainstream. The comments section is for democratic discussion on such perspectives to enhance our understanding of issues that are of vital importance to our socio – political culture.

    In line with the above orientation we do not encourage racial slurs/propaganda or hate spewing comments on any subjugated/marginalised sections of the society.

    We hope our readers will co-operate with us in pursuing this ideal.

    In view of this, we have removed some comments in this post that were openly racist and intentionally propagandistic, and we would also like to convey that such comments will be removed as soon as possible in the future.

    Thanks and best wishes.

  13. VICTORY!!! Mission accomplished. I knew this lot can’t take the truth…. Better remove the posts where my name is referred to as well !!! hahahahahahahahahaha

  14. Shanmugam,

    I would like to participate in the next protest rally. Please let us know the details.

  15. @Ravi

    300,000 Tamils have been kept in the concentration camps for more than 6 months. Do you think this is the act of democracy?

  16. @Ravi,
    hang on. You got no rights to say somebody a moron. This shows your cheap Sorilankan mentality. Change that attitude first. Try to respect Tamils first and they will revert back. All the armed struggle was not because of peace loving srilankans, but because of hatred eschewing Sorilankans like you. Tamils always respect right srilankans like Vikramabaku and Mangala Samaraveera and at the same time will not tolerate tyrants like Rajapakshe, Gothabaye and yourself. Our debate will not end, so just stay away from Tamils and Tamil land and that is what we request from you Singalease.

  17. @ Arun,

    Please do not worry abt what Tamils will do. We we will clean up all servants of the tyrant Rajapakshe like yourself. We will identify our enemies within and trash them. Soon traitors like you will be left alone and abandoned even by your own family members. You will see what Tamils going to achieve and how Sorilankan state terrorists will be punished by the international bodies.

  18. @ Ravi,

    Thanks for the generous details of those killed. Please can you be generous enough to provide a list of Tamils killed by Srilankan Government terrorists? I think this list will be endless and there will be no time for you to make a list. However please do make an effort and we all Tamils will be thankful to you forever.

  19. I am tamil. I happy to be part of tamil group who care about suffering of Eelam Tamils and other freedom loving people. Pri: forget about Ravi – whose full time job is to write comments in favor of சொறி லங்கா.


  21. Pri: very nice comments.

  22. Really great job, guys. Keep up the excellent work and we will win freedom from the genocidal Sri Lankan regimes.

  23. Ravi, don’t start your government propaganda on me. This is not about LTTE. This is about boycotting the SL Government because of their human rights abuses.

    Firstly, Desmond Tutu is a HUGE supporter of the Tamil cause. He was one of the speakers at UK’s forum on the situation in Sri Lanka. Secondly, what you must understand is the Nelson Mandela was also called a terrorist. Even the peace-loving Gandhi who gained independence for Sri Lanka was called a terrorist. So i don’t think LTTE would mind falling into the same category as these greats!

    I can harp on about the laws of terrorism, the Sri Lankan Government’s terrorist activities and analysis of terrorist activities for ages but this is not about that. This about Boycotting a country that has clear human rights abuses – So stick to the stop Ravi.

    Anyways, why does it matter to you what the protesters do? If they are able to change one mind – that’s enough for them. They are willing to stand out in winter conditions for a cause they believe in – this speaks volumes. Good on you Tamils! You guys are an inspiration. Keep it up.

    Look at what’s been happening (in your words Ravi) marvelously….

    1. Sri Lankan Week Organized in Australia- Tamils created a website for “Sri Lankan Week” and millions of aussies flocked to THIS website and check out what they saw ..

    2. EC to suspend concessions on export of textiles in Sri Lanka <— GSP+ stopped permanently will result in companies importing Sri Lankan goods. Sri Lankan economy will go down.

    3. Sri Lanka president announces wage hike for troops
    “..government’s decision to suspend salary increases for other public servants. The wage freeze and rising living costs have prompted a wave of trade union action in recent weeks and led to street protests by university students and unemployed graduates”

    4. Sri Lanka tsunami aid misappropriated: watchdog
    “Another half a billion dollars was missing” .

    And my personal favorite……

    5. Commonwealth vetoes Sri Lanka bid to hold 2011 gathering

    As you can see, small things makes a big difference.It’s about the quality of work that’s out there. Whose minds we change. Who knows, the President of some huge organization (who import goods from Sri Lanka) could see one of these protests, talk to the Tamils and change their mind about their importers – It’s happened before.

    I have met many companies that have stopped their use of Sri Lankan products because of where it comes from and I am only ONE person making a change :) It’s about meeting the right people, doing what we can to make a change and giving it all we got.

    The Tamils in USA are doing an excellent job. Don’t let these haters on this blog put you down. They got nothing better to do than write on blogs. So Ravi and the rest of the haters on this blog, keep laughing, it’s really no big deal. In end – it’s not about YOU. It’s about the genocide of Tamils in Sri Lanka. While you are writing on blogs we will go and have meetings with top officials, and top organizations to make a change.

    I think i’ve said enough.There is no need for me to comment on this blog anymore – i have meetings to attend – people to meet – change the world…….. So I will end with this….

    Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr – They are just ONE person that made a difference – that changed history – that changed the world. What i see in the people that protested at the rally is passion, determination, heart, courage, commitment , will and perseverance – the makings of a person who will change the world :) Keep up the good work :) you are an inspiration.

  24. Good work! Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela said that Boycott was one of the solutions to South Africa’s Apartheid. Therefore boycotting is the correct way for Sri Lanka. With GSP+ removed (for the time being and hopefully permanently) – their economy will go down. Making them even more vulnerable to listen to the west.

    It’s not about quantity. It’s about quality :)

    Keep up the good work!. You’re doing wonderful!

  25. Ravi, don’t laugh at them. They don’t know anything better.

  26. Thanks Raj. Agreed. If we conduct political rally in front of UN or White house – number of participants makes difference. But this is the protest rally – purpose is to expose ugly faces of sri lanka to American public and encourage them to spend their money wisely. In these protest it is good to have minimum participants, hence we can convey our messages effectively with out giving trouble to shoppers.

  27. Good work Kandhan. I am happy to say that I also participated in the boycott held in Sawgrass mall Miami, Florida. Though the number of protestors were less, the impact which we made was tremendous. 20,000 cars passed by and all of them noticed our protests and banners. Very good response, especially from the spanish population and blacks community out here in Miami. They all cheered and supported our protest.

  28. இந்த ஜேம்ஸ் சரியாய் தமிழ் நாடு என்று எழுதுறன். இவன் நிச்சயமா ஜேம்ஸ் இல்லை.

  29. Valarmathi – James is not his original name. These guys are not living in USA. I have been living in USA past 10 years, We know about american people. These Ravi, James and Sreetharan – employees of – Racist Sri Lankan Soori governement. Their job is to post comments in different names.

  30. Mr. James must consider the historical fact that he has no right to claim Americas his homeland if he is a caucasian. The 2 continents’ aboriginals might say that he and his likes better get back to their ‘homelands’ … but they won’t and the Tamils or the Third World people won’t … our culture was and is receptive as far as anybody can trace centuries back … so don’t throw silly arguments against a culture or politics not knowing simple facts.

  31. Yes, our full time job is to conduct “boycott sri lanka” protest. we are happy where we live. but we are not happy with soori lanka. Nallur is part of Tamil Eelam.

    Our protest is only against soori lanka.

  32. Following web sites covered our protest.

    athirvu, tamilnet, truthdive, twitter tamiltoday, tamileelamnews, srilankan info, thecaravan org, slstudents org,

    genocidesrilanka, srilankastateterrorism, eelamwin etc

    100s and 1000s of people must have read these websites.

  33. We have forwarded our protest news to more than 2000 email recipients – who live in different parts of the world. Also we forwarded our news coverage to Gap, Victoria secret, Tommy and other garment manufacturer.

    I am sure our rally would have energized 100s and 1000s TAMILS to conduct similar rallies in other town and cities.

    Lastly – we are planning to conduct similar protest in other towns and malls soon.

  34. When we protested Sunday we inserted more than 300 fliers – that call for “Boycott Sri Lankan” products in the windshields of parked cars in the mall

    More than 1000 cars passed by when we protested between – 11 am to 3 pm
    Each car had 2 to 4 American shoppers – who read our posters and cheered with us.

    Mall securities and local cops – came and discussed with us about our protest. I am sure they must have informed their superiors.

    Few passengers – photographed us.

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