Seeman – A new comet in the southern sky

Seeman – A new comet in the southern sky

Seeman the movie director turned civil activist launched his organization “Naam Tamizhar” (We are Tamils) recently from the ancient city of Madurai in Tamil Nadu. Several thousand men and women marched through the streets of Madurai and congregated at the public meeting where Seeman announced that his organizations objective is not to indulge in power seeking politics, but to care for the Tamil people, advance the liberation struggle of the Sri Lankan Tamils (Eelam Tamils) and provide social justice by eliminating the caste-based structure from the Tamil speaking world.

Seeman has carved a niche for him self in the Tamil speaking world with his bold and articulative speeches. Seeman organized several public meetings during the final phases of the Sri Lanka civil war and has focussed on the humanitarian aspect of the crisis. He has expressed open support to the struggle of the Tamil rebels and wears a T-Shirt with a photo of V. Prabhakaran – the leader of the Tamil Tigers.

Seeman argues that Sri Lankan issue should not be viewed as terrorism but as a freedom struggle by an oppressed ethnic group. Seeman also argues that the Tamil rebels are the real friends of India and highlights the fact that Sri Lanka stood with Pakistan and China during India’s conflict with those countries.

Seeman has the knack to hold the crowd captive during his speeches. His body language and emotionally charged speeches would make almost anybody and everybody to agree with his lines of thought. Seeman asks several intriguing questions regarding India’s role in the Sri Lankan conflict, including the inaction of the Indian forces is protecting the lives of Indian fishermen who were killed by the Sri Lankan forces.

Succumbing to pressure from some Tamil Nadu Congress members, Seeman was arrested by the state police but was released later with a verdict by the court that Seeman had done nothing against the interests of the nation.

Some of Seemans intriguing statements:

Instead of just protecting Budha’s teeth, if they had focussed on protecting his words, there would have been no bloodshed in Sri Lanka.

You can arrest me and put me in jail, but how can you control my thoughts and imagination?

When the Congress government continuosly ignores the killing of Indian fishermen by a foreign government aren’t they sowing the seeds of seperatism?

When Italian born Sonia can become the mother (Annai) to Congress members, why cant a fellow Tamil (Pirabakaran) be my brother (Annan) ?

Seeman in several of his speeches exhibitted his quick wit. When J. Jayalalitha – the opposition leader in Tamil Nadu commented that Indian army should be sent to Sri Lanka to carve an independent Eelam, the Congress spokesperson Gulam Nabi Azad ridiculed and asked, how can we send our army to a foreign nation. Reacting to it Seeman commented that Gulam should have given this advice to his own leader Rajiv when it was prudent and could have avoided all this mess. While Seeman’s speeches are emotional, he  is eloquent to mix humor and introspective questions which keeps his audience wanting more.

namm-tamilarDuring the past election, Seeman along with few of his friends, campaigned not to get votes, but to prevent votes going to Congress which he says is the biggest enemy of the nation. His campaign resulted in the rout of several senior Congress leaders, including Union Ministers. The prominent losers from the Congress include Union Ministers E.V.K.S. Elangovan from Erode and Mani Shankar Aiyar from Mayiladuthurai, former Union Minister R. Prabhu from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu Congress Committee president K.V. Thangkabalu from Salem. In a see-saw battle, Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram of the Congress won by a narrow margin of 3,354 votes.

Seeman seem to have realized that real change to this nation cannot come from politicians but only through the creation of a vigilant civil society.

Seeman also practices what he preaches. He champions the revival of Indian languages and speaks Tamil without mixing any English words. He also made a movie in which English words were avoided. Learn as many languages you should, speak all languages in its true form and before all, learn your mother tongue first and respect it – this is what seeman preaches and practices.

Seeman strongly believes that a new independent nation for the Tamils of Sri Lanka is not just the need of the Tamils of that region, but also the only option for India to have a friendly force in the south. Seeman proclaims that the Tamils of Sri Lanka are the real friends of India and with the strong ethnic and cultural bonding they share with the Tamils of India, the trust and cooperation will be strong unless India continues to alienate the Eelam Tamils.

Seemans flag for Naam Tamilar is strikingly similar to that of the Tamil Rebels of Sri Lanka. A roaring tiger with the text “We are Tamils” in red background. Tiger is also the symbol of the ancient kingdom Chola – the only Indian kingdom with largest foreign invasions incorporating far away territories in South and South East Asia. The Chola dynasty symbolizes a prosperous and super power status for India, especially the South.

Seeman’s spreads his policies – socio-economic reforms and political agenda through Internet. Very rarely do we see people who enter public life with the objective of not engaging in Power Politics but doing something beyond that. India needs more and more civil activists who stress the importance to respect and honor people’s life and aspirations, no matter from which corner of our nation they are from. India needs to realize that it is a BIG nation and start taking care of regional aspirations to its advantage.

Leaders like Seeman who display genuine care for regional aspirations are indeed very rare. Of the thousands of known comets in the solar system, Halley’s comet is one of some 200 that appear to us periodically. Halley’s comet orbits Earth every 76 years; the next flyby will occur in 2061. However in the Tamil-speaking world looks as though it appeared now – in the name of glowing Seeman.

34 thoughts on “Seeman – A new comet in the southern sky

  1. Seeman possess good leadership qualities.

    He can be an example of Kural 647

    A talented speaker tireless and fearless
    is hard to quell.

  2. Seeman is the only man who got the guts to speak for Tamils and against India. For speaking the truth he was arrested several times. Nevertheless Seeman did not stop voicing for Tamils and LTTE. His speech is simply amazing and he is indeed a rare comet in the southern sky. It is time for all the Tamils to join hands with Seeman. Else our Tamil politicians will sell Tamil language to North Indians. Long live Seeman for his endeavours. Vazhga Tamil.

  3. Seeman have been arrested… Call Toronto Police head quarters.. and askthem why did they arrest him?.. Phone number: 416 808 2222

  4. Yeah Seeman is such a role model for Tamils:

    Tamil Tiger supporter deported after speaking at rally

    Stewart Bell, National Post Published: Thursday, November 26, 2009

    TORONTO — Canadian immigration officials arrested an Indian man in Toronto on Thursday after he gave a fiery speech at an event where the flag of the outlawed Tamil Tigers rebels was flown.

    Sebastian Seeman, who was in Canada on a speaking tour, was taken into custody by Canada Border Services Agency officers and questioned before agreeing to leave the country immediately.

    A CBSA spokeswoman, Patricia Giolti, confirmed the arrest, and his lawyer Hadayt Nazami said immigration officials had intended to deport him on security grounds unless he left voluntarily.

    He departed Canada on Thursday night.

    Mr. Seeman was scheduled to speak at a Tamil community function last night but was forced to cancel due to his arrest. He was to speak in Montreal on Sunday.

    A film director from the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, Mr. Seeman is known for his hardline speeches in support of Sri Lanka’s Tamil Tigers rebels and their fight for independence.

    During his speech in Toronto on Wednesday, Mr. Seeman talked about restarting the civil war in Sri Lanka, according to several Tamil-Canadians who heard it on the radio or watched it on the Internet.

    He also spoke harshly about the ethnic Singhala who are the majority in Sri Lanka. “No Singhala can live,” he said, according to the witnesses. He also said the war would have ended differently had the rebels bombed 100 Singhala schools for every Tamil school bombed by the Sri Lankan forces.

    In the video of his speech, a flag bearing the militaristic emblem of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, or LTTE, can be seen in the room. The Tigers are a banned terrorist organization under Canadian law.

    Read more:

    What a lovely man!

  5. What stands out in Seeman’s leadership skills is his purpose in life while he has pushed aside his personal goals including professional and personal interests. He seems to be a sharp man too..His humbleness also stands out..I hope he embraces himself to a long career in social leadership..And hope he makes the right decision in critical times..

  6. Champion of Tamil Tigers booted out of Canada

    Federal agents arrested and kicked a firebrand Tamil speaker out of Canada just ahead of “Martyrs’ Day” celebrations set for today in the Toronto region, which is fast becoming the home of the vanquished Tamil Tiger movement.

    With the Sri Lankan civil war over after 26 bloody years, a continuing cat-and-mouse game is playing out between Canadian federal agents and supporters of the Tigers, a banned terrorist group in Canada.

    Authorities made sure to get film director Sebastian Seeman onto an outbound plane late Thursday, before he could bring his message of vengeance against Sri Lanka’s Sinhalese majority to a large remembrance celebration for dead Tiger militants Friday night.

  7. No offence to Canadians. but good job Canada. The Canadian authorities and government have again proved that they do not have the spine to ask for the release of 150,000 civilians held against international law, but has all the courage to arrest a visiting Indian sympathizer promptly. Congratulations Canada. If the International Community does not have even the leverage to release civilians in 6 months from concentration camps, I doubt if they will be able to get even a “hair” to the Tamils of the island.

  8. Thamizhar is a screen name assigned to the poster. Several other trained Sinhalese agents work everyday on posting comments in all websites that talk about Sri Lanka. They are paid by the Media Relations department that works under the Department of Defense of Sri Lanka. Their job is to twist the truth and more importantly integrate Tamils into united Sri Lanka. Their other objective is to de-motivate free thinkers among Tamils. Boy what a sick life it should be…

  9. Mahathma Gandhi was also arrested in South Africa for his vocal support for the freedom struggle of South Africa. Now Seeman is deported from the Canada for his support of Eelam liberation struggle.

    Tamils will continue to support the Eelam liberation struggle – where ever they live and whatever possible ways.

  10. Mr. Seeman is perceived as an eminent eloquent Eelam espouser and he is also seen as a rebellious individual. Having known of this fact – his public life and activities – he was interviewed and given entry & exit visa by the High Commission. His expulsion was compelled by backdoor diplomatic pleadings and is nothing to be raved / jubilated about. Still it’s less disgraceful compared to the denial of visas even without interviews as the first action, by the civilized all around the world, to their so called democratically chosen immoral hero’s like UN Rep. Palitha Hohana, Ministers Rambukahliya, Arjuna Ranatungha, Justices and many other army personnel. Let’s brush it off.

    Mr. Raj Palaniswamy has correctly identified these rascals. Pseudonyms – are not Tamils as they are pretending to be. These scavenging junkyard dewlling Sinhalese conspicuously expose their originality and the mentality by the nature of their postings. The intent and the style of composition of his objective moves on and culminates along the theme of not only denouncing Eelam Tamils’ aspirations, claims of seniority of inhabitance and superiority of ethnic culture and literature and the very existence but also demanding irrevocable unconditional deference and submission to the numerically lager but immorally superior Sinhalese brethren. Not a Tamil – but only a Sinhalese can / will ever have such mindset engulfed by vigor and infuriation to write like that. Mindset of a Tamil never permits him to undermine his aspirations by himself. Diehard opponents of armed struggle for Eelam Nationalism, people like Douglas Devananda, Sithar’than, and Sangaree – even Karuna never have uttered a word of denouncement to discredit National Aspiration of the Eelam Tamils. Even a Tamil speaking Islamic brethren will keep away, as they do, but never intend or have the moral to write so. Thank you!

  11. When I read about Seeman getting kicked out of Canada I laughed in happiness. I pictured him getting hand cuffed, his face in a frown and then thrown onto a plane and unceremoniously booted out of the country. Serves him right for his racism against the Singhalese and his support for violence and terror in Sri Lanka. He must have have been crying the day that the terrorist Vellupillai Prabhakaran was killed. I hope Canada continues to kick out Tamil racists and fanatics. Tamils are a peace loving, civilised people and criminals like Seeman who call for the genocide of the Singhalese people are an embarassment to the Tamil community. WELL DONE CANADA!

  12. As tamils we should stand united and fight for our dignity and pride. we need to learn something from our brothers (alqaeda) and kill all singhalese bastards. kill rajapixchai the bastard

  13. That’s it en tamilan, you’re an embodiment of “Tamil culture.” A culture that gave the world most of its suicide bombers – even more than the 1 billion Muslims.

  14. Today, as per the Military Security Info Center, one of the three Military Helicopters crashed-down, while on patrol / operation mission at about 01:30pm, in Buthala jungle area in down-south of Lanka. The cause for the crash or any casualty is immediately not known, perhaps an engine trouble as usual, investigation is underway.

  15. The above video link shows – how the Singhalese are cheating the world. It is 100% proven that the body shown by sri lankan are not pirabhakaran.

  16. அம்மண காந்தியை ஆயிரம் கோடிக்கு

    எனது தடத்தில் படிந்த
    குருதிக்கறையை கழுவ
    நீண்ட வரிசையில் நான்

    பற்களில் படிந்த இரத்தக்கறையை
    கழுவ என் முன்னால் நின்ற காந்தி
    தன் கோவணத்தை தேடியபடியே
    தன் தடியைத் தவறவிட்டார்

    கந்தக நெடி பரவிய விழிகளுடன்
    பிணவாடை சுமந்த புத்தனோ
    தன் சாம்பல் குவியலை காந்தியின்
    கோவணத்தில் கவனமாய் மறைத்தார்

    காந்தியின் தடியைக் களவாடிய
    ஊடகங்களோ ஒளிபரப்பின
    அம்மணக்காந்தியை ஆயிரம் கோடிக்கு…

    கவிஞர் ஒட்டக்கூத்தன்

  17. ஈழப் போரில் மரணமடைந்த குழந்தை நினைவாக

    குலம் தழைக்க பிறந்தவன்
    அவனுக்கும் உண்டு
    தாய் தந்தை தாத்தா பாட்டி
    அத்தை மாமா…..

    தினசரி நிகழும் விவாதம்
    இவன் யார் சாயலென்று…..

    எத்தனயோ உண்டு
    செல்ல பெயர்கள் அவனுக்கும்….

    அவன் “ம்மா” உச்சரித்த நாள்
    திருவிழா அவர்களுக்கு…..

    தலை சிதைந்து போன இவ்வுடலில்
    இன்று அடையாளங்கள் ஏதுமில்லை
    இவன் ஆண் குழந்தை
    என்பதை தவிர….

    -சபிதா பேகம்

    கண்ணே கரும்புலிகுட்டியே கண்ணுறங்கி போனதற்கு கவலைபடாதே! உன் மாமன் நானுண்டு நம் தலைவன் வழிநடத்த நம் ஈழம் வென்றெடுத்து விதையாய் விழுந்த உனக்கு நீருற்றுவேன்! உறுதி. மீண்டும் ஒரு ஜென்மம் இருந்தால் நானே உனக்கு தாய்மாமன்! கண்ணுறங்கும் புலிகுட்டியே கரும் புலிகுட்டியே!. உன்னை ஈன்றெடுத்த என் சகோதரியும் மச்சானும் எங்கு போனாரோ. ராமகிருஷ்ணன். திருப்பூர்

  18. Dear Kandhan,

    Your article is timely and succinct. Looking at his track record, he is definitely acting out of interest for the society rather than personal gains. People like him will shine for sure.


  19. Dear frieinds

    please remember this carefully !

    All anti-tamil , singala & parpan dogs want to remove a word “EELAM”. So you can observe that anti-tamil people never ever use a word “EELAM” any where(!?)

    But they use tamil names like “tamilar” as Raj said.

    friends watch these videos of annan seeman (every tamilian must watch that at least once in life time)

    Let us unite and make annan seeman hands stronger !

  20. Thanks for your article.

    Really he is a great person to work for fello tamils in all over the world.

    Keep on posting his activities .



  21. Mohan doss gandhi kick off from train 100 years before in south afric the same man responsible for india indepentance, now our seeman expelled from canada we expect he is responsible for our freedom

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