Dadagiri – “How can she slap?”

Dadagiri – “How can she slap?”

[Ed: This is a little outdated news item, but got my attention just now.  So here I go…]

Dadagiri is a reality show, of course interleaved with choreographed/scripted material.  Apparently, in the segment below, the participants are expected to go through a few rounds of bullying (similar to college ragging) to claim the prize money.  In this mean show, the notorious female host loses it, and shocks the hell out of everyone and slaps the contestant on his face.  The participant Ravi, in a second, hits back hard on her face.  This is on National TV, primetime, in India.  Of course, what followed is a commotion, and the producers and TV network decided to air the whole thing, for obvious reasons etc.

The poor contestant Ravi, who hit back, has my sympathies.  There is no moral ambiguity in my position, here.  The host and the participant made a grave mistake, but what interests me lies in the aftermath.  Before going there, I would summarize my comment on this incident.  The correct thing for Ravi to do now, is to sue the hell out of the producers, and those other morons that ganged up & hit him, with evidence on screen!  Maybe, they settled this off the court, I don’t know.  But Ravi has the upper hand, rightfully.

The aftermath commotion says a lot.  A lot about Indian culture.  We Indians claim that we respect woman, we are tolerant, we are peaceful, etc etc.  Of course, there are a plenty of texts that can be quoted for the support of the above.  But when, in reality, a majority of educated people making such quotes and then act opposite, the blatant hypocrisy laughs at our face.

Again, what Ravi did is equally incorrect as the host.  If anything, technically, the host has the higher moral responsibility, but thats not the point.  What about all those goons that jumped in after?  Each one of them, when confronted in a similar scenario, or placed in Ravi’s shoes, would have done exactly what Ravi did.  What would those morons have done after taking a slap from a girl?  Show her the other cheek?  No!  But then, why did they all jump in, and “took care” of the lone guy?  To protect the respectful girl?  That is a trademark Indian hypocrisy.

We, in private, do not believe in woman equality.  But in public, we show our respect, by supporting her, when she was given “equal” treatment.  The “equality” situation here is just an irony.  It is the hypocrisy thats prominent here!


7 thoughts on “Dadagiri – “How can she slap?”

  1. My god, what are we doing in these shows ? Shameless producers & participants. Is there no limit ? Is this what we see as liberation ?

    Poor guy & not so-poor lady!

  2. That bitch got a good tight slap.. and those pussies hit that poor guy…. what would that motherfucker do if he wer in the guys place.. fukin pussy show.!

  3. that female host is definitely an ugly eunech bitch…..thats the simple language i can term her…….how dumb she is to slap a participant…. is she a barbarian or something?

  4. Its high time to shut all these reality shows… they are going till physical attack means no need for shows like this…

  5. Absolutely filth. Shame on the producers,host, partcipants and the audience of such show. Portrays India at it’s lowest. What filthy language they all use. Absolutely no dignity . Surely they live such a low life. Talk about mentality.!

  6. lol call in da MNS sting operation, send one MNS guy in this show… and make these guys shit blood….teh question is rightful HOW CAN SHE SLAP?

    The bItch Got Owned …and every one got served…

    bichare ko 100 padi…. par uski ek jo usko padi……to buss sabki phatttiii padii

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