10 Questions to World Leaders

Honorable US President Mr. Obama, US Secretary of state Mrs. Clinton, UK Prime minister Gordon  Brown, Norway Minister Eric Solheim, most importantly UN Secretary General Mr. Ban ki moon,

Civilians in Internment Camps behind barbed fences
Civilians in Internment Camps behind barbed fences

About quarter million civilians are in Internment Camps behind barbed fences. About 20,000 wounded are in need of immediate assistance. Food, Water and Medicine are in immediate need.

Even after the SL government claims to have won the war, President Rajapakse is busy celebrating his victory, while the Tamils are struggling for their lives, living at the mercy of the Sinhalese prison guards, without food, water and medicine.

Yet, the IC, UN, Red Cross and all World Organizations are watching the happenings without any action.

If you could touch your heart and answer even one of these questions truthfully, you are justified to be in the seat that you occupy.  

  1. What is stopping Mr. Rajapakse from allowing international help to reach the affected area? Is it because he needs his people to clear up all evidences to the genocide, in the name of clearing land mines?
  2. Why is there no Tamil in the Srilankan Army? Can those aristocrats in Delhi, Washington, London, France care to answer or comment.
  3. Weren’t the TNA MPs democratically elected? Then why is that their input is not taken into consideration in any of the decisions taken by the World Organizations?
  4. Millions of Tamils around the world have fled their home country Sri Lanka. Is it because, they wanted to tour the world?
  5. Those millions worldwide demonstrated in support of LTTE, and described LTTE as their freedom fighters. Are all of them hardened terrorists, as the Srilankan President Rajapakse is claiming?
  6. When will Rajapakse allow international aid to reach the Tamils? Or does he think that it is not necessary? Why was the ICRC thrown out of Srilanka?
  7. When will the reporters be allowed to report freely from the affected areas? What is the status of investigations carried out in the case of the reporters who have been killed? Why were the UK journalists thrown out of Srilanka?
  8. Why have the SL Government arrested the doctors who reported casualty figures from the war front? Also, why any one who raises his voice against the government, even if they are civilians or reporters, arrested and investigated?
  9. What is the function of UN? You might think that this is a stupid question, but I bet if anyone can provide an answer and prove that the answer is justified by quoting the activities of UN.
  10. How come Mr. Rajapakse has not yet mentioned about what he intends to do to protect the rights of the Tamils? Is he going to think of a plan when he has time after his victory bash?

Indian leaders from Delhi, Chinese Communists and Japanese war mongers are excluded from these questions, as this is directed to those who have some basic dignity and humanity.  

Note to Mr. Ban Ki Moon: Please do not ask advice from the following people

  1. Mr. Vijay Nambiar who goes for a leisure tour to Srilanka every few days and says everything is fine.
  2. Mr. Pranab Mukherjee who has been assigned to look out for investment opportunities in Srilanka, on behalf of Mdm. Sonia Gandhi.
  3. Mr. Manmohan singh, as he cannot answer without Mdm. Sonia Gandhi’s permission. So kindly do not disturb him.

Written by Joy Arun

Joy Arun is an engineer who also works to spread education to the needy. He believes education is the foundation for a healthy society.

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  1. below is a video of 20,000 massacred tamils. impeccable source – the times of london..


  2. The link below is a magnified revelation of the diplomatic history of how Eelam got caught and embroiled in whirl storm of egoistic unscrupulous diplomacy of self-centered and inexperienced individuals who had no knowledge of diplomatic etiquette. The article is credible since it’s written by a well known columnist. I am not sure of; still I believe the columnist is Mr. Kuldip Naiyar, a prominent political observer and commentator, a career diplomat and a former Indian High-Commissioner to Britain. The veteran distinguished Indian diplomat who was kept-on waiting, for more than 4hrs with prior appointment, was Mr. G. Parthasarathy; consequently he was removed on dictated demands by the cunning strategist of 43 years experienced politician JRJ – thus out-smarted the poor inexperienced Rajiv Gandhi.

  3. I read in the morning. Still I took time, but I couldn’t wait;
    Thank you, Sir! Mr. Valavan!
    As a boy at grade six in my prestigious Christian school, the St. Johns College, Jaffna, I was taught, read and learned about the great Thiruma’valavan of 2,400 – 300 BC. You give me / us, now, a feeling that such Great Thirumavalavan still lives in land of our prehistoric patriarchs Thol’Kapiar, Aka’thiyar, Val’uvar; and in historic Chera, Chola and S Pandyan Kingdoms. There was a time we really lost hope on you, Sir; when you joined the forces of Karunas – still we have. Yet, your appeals and protest rallies that you organize after the elections, nowadays, give us a little hope where we can lean on and reassuring that you are not going to be another Karunas and Sangarees.
    We begin to understand you along with other Eelam forces, who will be known by inscriptions on tablets and remembered in history of Eelam – in millennia to come. Therefore, we want ‘’(Thiruma) Thamil’valavan’’ to live upto the mark and rank of Thiruma, the Great. The Rest Eelan’ll do. I take leave from you all for some-being – hyenas are around us now. Please, don’t worry about i You give me / us, now, a feeling that such Great Thiruma’valavan has born again in land of Akathiyar, Valuvar and Chera, Chola and Pandyan Kingdoms. There was a time we really lost hope on you, Sir; when you joined the forces of Karunas – still we have. Individuals but think about the Eelam specie. Not that I (we) will die, however, please convey our admiration to Valavan and others like Vaiko, Nedumaran and Mani’an to hold low.
    We don’t want to exalt anyone to high because we don’t want to be seen lost anyone anymore. Mercenaries have already been dispatched with the help of Tamil speaking adversaries. Everyone has to take precautionary measures. Thank you for our Brothers& Sisters! May God Bless you all!

  4. Has anybody heard from any Tamils that they believe Rajapakse?

    Here is what the Canadian Tamils are saying:

    The Canadian Tamil Congress leader and spokesman David Poopalapillai said, “We know how to bring Sri Lanka to its knees. We will take them to the international court of justice and arrange their boycott by western governments and companies.”
    Asked whether the Tamils will be satisfied with the devolution of power, he said, “We don’t believe the Sri Lankan government even for a second. We have been hearing this for 60 years…it has been nothing but betrayal.”

  5. What is clear is that this is a GENOCIDE that was actively and passively backed by different rogue states and rogues in the UN. Of course, nothing much can be expected from the filthy creatures in New Delhi or the power-hungry traitors in Chennai or the disgusting sewer journalists of the Indian media. But I expected more from the international media, civil society and human rights organisations. Their failure has proved Sri Sri Ravishankar true: by their failure to protect the Tamil civilians, the world has shown that humanity is dead! The filthy criminals responsible (directly and indirectly) for this heinous GENOCIDE without witness shall pay for their crimes, sooner than later!

  6. Raj Sir – While leader Prabhakaran’s phantom will guide the Tamils,

    It will haunt you (and Sinhalese) more it seems. Right Sir.

  7. Nithyananthan, I understand your statement.

  8. VP, the Tiger, is the ‘Symbol’ of Eelam Tamils’ pride and nationalism. Mr. S Pathmanathan is VP’s only choice and empowered and accredited him to the post of ‘Proletariat’ for international relations. Now the question whether VP is alive or not; killed or alive is vanishing in thin air – is not important. What is next? Let’s wait to see!
    I guess these two contradicting / conflicting statements aired, within 72 hrs, by the proletariat , may be a strategic move and have some importance due to compulsion necessitated by developing changes in geo-political environment which ordinary people like us will never know or come to light until such time it’s made known at an appropriate time.

  9. Why is it none of those who talk about death of LTTE and so on, refuse to talk anything on the civilians dying there ?
    Is it purely the hatred towards LTTE, which is blinding them ?
    Cant they put aside the hatred and work towards saving lives ?

    By doing this, you expect Tamils to come around and bend their heads ? Never.

  10. Tamil Tigers admit leader is dead

    Sri Lanka’s Tamil Tigers rebels have admitted for the first time that their leader Velupillai Prabhakaran is dead.

    The BBC’s Charles Haviland says that a statement issued by the Tigers said their “incomparable leader” had “obtained martyrdom”.

    The Sri Lankan army last week released pictures which it said showed the body of Prabhakaran.

    It said he was killed as he tried to flee a last stand by rebels in the north-east of the island.

    The statement was signed by the defeated group’s head of international relations, Selvarasa Pathmanathan.

    In an interview with the BBC, he said Prabhakaran had died on 17 May but did not give details of the circumstances.

    Mr Pathmanathan said the Tigers would now use non-violent methods to fight for the rights of Tamils.


  11. Recent finals of the game ended in one-sided shallow victory – without impartial or independent referees. During the game players from distant clubs were changed ignoring the rules of the game and sprit and discipline of sportsmanship. There was no one to whistle at so many foul-plays. One-sided hooliganism ended in deaths of flag-flying linesmen death and 25-30,000 spectators. Let’s imagine what would have been today, if the loser also had restored / retaliated the same and equal brutal methods? The losers were not used to it nor prepared for – it’s proven today. Let’s wait for the next season…!

    The last paragraph is meaningful and self-contained. It’s one of the ways to move forward. I endorse it beyond any reservation. Most of the Eelam Tamils around the world too are contemplating on the same wave-length and hopefully will subscribe to the idea. Already clandestine threatening subversive moves are in place and functioning with the help of Tamil speaking e-mercenaries to sabotage and derail it at any material, financial and human cost – by the same immoral captain, players and actors. However, it’s easy to single-out such stooges. Thank you, Mr. R Palaniswamy! May God bless you!

  12. These are the ten nice questions which have to be answered by the world community. IC is morally liable to answer these. At least Indian media should answer these as they were the ones who were airing the views of Rajapakshe throughout Eelam war 4.

    War is over now , according to Rajapakshe. But least he has realised that the wound is not healed nor will heal in the days to come. Now he says that autonomy will be given to Tamils. This is never going to happen as long as the Buddhist monks dictate terms from behind.

    What should the Tamils do now? Should they have to regroup and fight against the military which is formidable in partnership with India and China? Or should they join hands with the political parties to claim their rights. Tamils in India are already busy with their own business and development. Will the Indian Tamils be willing to give Eelam Tamils their support both economically and politically? Indian Tamils cannot even aid with a pebble without the consent of Indian government. Their hands are tied under the false sovereignty of India.

    I personally think that Eelam Tamils and Indian Tamils should join hands intellectually to become a unified force. While Srilanka and India form a unifying force, why not Tamils? All the Tamils around the world should come under one umbrella to fight for their rights. Together, Tamils should have their own powerful international organisation with the support of wealthy countries similar to UN. Wherever and whenever, Tamils are in trouble, this organisation should raise their voice for the Tamils. This will be an effective solution for the Tamils if they want to survive for the next century. Otherwise, Tamils will be an endangered species.

  13. Prabhakaran is dead. It’s time to move on. For all those shedding tears for Tamil civilians now, where were you over the last 25 years? Why are you only crying when the LTTE is on the losing end and has now been destroyed?

  14. Let me guess; from the writings so far, I thibk Kumar may be a Tamil from the East of Sri Lanka.

  15. Sundar – I agree, (Indian) Tamils have not put their full muscle into this. If they had done that, Sinhalese would have given up without a fight.

    >Tamils fate is in the hands of Tamils -
    Yes, if they are united. Else their fate depends on how other players are involved also (the extent of which may vary). In which case it largely can be influenced by the intellectual leadership. Now the party (Tamil/Sinhalese) that has a stronger intellectual leadership will have an edge to win.

    World politics is also a game. One who plays well will win. (To get a chance to play well, you have to first enter the game – Which the Lankan Tamils have already done i guess). Geo Political interests can be manipulated. What appears to be a very good opportunity can be proved to be a disaster. While Indian media is projecting the Sri Lankan story as a success, Western media is projecting it as a recipe for disaster.

    So you decide which one you want to believe and show the same to the world. US interests in Sri Lanka is similar to that. If you see it as something that cannot help Tamils – Yes, it will not. I am not saying that Tamil unity (Indian and Lankan) is not important. But equally important is to play smartly in all other fronts.

    First lesson in investing – Don’t put all eggs in one basket.

  16. It is all about the national interests of these states. When Saddam killed 1000s of Kurds, under pretext of fighting Kurdish rebels in 1989, most of these states gave the same cold shoulder to the poor civilians. There are many records of how US Senate blocked all condemnation of Saddam, because, the time Iraq was an important trading partner. Twenty years later, when they no longer needed Saddam, they hung him for the same crimes he committed under Western noses. In the future, is Sri Lanka falls foul of the West, maybe even Rajapaksa would be hung.

    Important point, though, is that we shouldn’t rely on others. Human rights, etc., don’t actually absolute. They are used when it suits a country’s agenda. At other times it is totally ignored.

    Tamils fate is in the hands of Tamils. We have failed our people once. Will we keep failing them?

  17. Dear Kumar,

    The writing on the wall was very clear, when Gandhi was thrown out of the first class compartment in a railway station in South Africa.

    The writing on the wall was clear, when England decided to fight back Germany in World War II.

    The writing on the wall was clear, for Wright brothers, Albert Einstein, Edison and many others.

    But they refused to see the writing on the wall.

    There could be many intermediate steps, but ultimately the Goal has to be Ealam. If not, they will perish by a slow cultural death.

    May God give Wisdom and PEACE to all.

  18. This GENOCIDE was done under the world watch, all kept quite, it is not worth to write because, all international communities are BLIND AND DEAF

  19. in order to appreciate the influence that ltte had in the international sphere till 2002, one has to follow the career of anton balasingham.

    being a torontonian (canada) and being familiar with the aspirations of the tamils since 1980s, and being myself a tamil from chennai, i found it fascinating re the network and the savvy this man had, building relationships with those in power and those who counted, in the west.

    his death, a couple of years ago, was a blow, from which the tigers did not recover, re their image in the west.

    till 2002, the ltte had a sympathetic audience in the west. thanks to the skills of anton, but also the political involvement of the diaspora, in the countries where they settled.

    the internal battles and setbacks were not reported in the press. even rajiv gandhi, was a news reporting event, without any finger pointing or moral lecture.

    all that changed in 2002, when ltte was branded as a terrorist organization. to the folks here, terrorism equals al qaida or the taliban.

    overnight, the tone of official treatment changed. the tolerance with which their activities was allowed, was now, stopped and considered punishable.

    with anton’s demise, the diaspora, also lost a guiding light. ie how to present themselves in a favourable light to the local media.

    those of us, who sort of knew the pulse of the society here, watched with helplessness at the naivete with which some public relations activities were organized.

    to give examples: the tamils blocked main highways and roads, to bring attention to their cause. the locals, will tolerate it once, but after the point is made, they turned a deaf ear to the very increasingly desperate plight which the locals were appealed to.

    the tiger flag displayed in conjunction with the canadian flag. once the tigers were identified as terrorists, it behooves well, to keep a low profile re the symbols. a terrorist, metamorphises to a freedom figher, who in turn is elevated to a statesman – once he wins. like kenyatta or mandela.

    the world is harsh on failures. it is but with a heavy heart, that i now read, the selfishness, absoluteness, tyranny and absolutism endowed in that man. had he been a victor, he would prove that he has and will always be a sooryathevan.

    incidentally, prabhakaran and self share a common love – the picture book character phantom.

    may his soul rest in tamil heaven. along with all of his family.

    God Bless.

  20. Rajapakse has achieved a unique distinction of killing the most civilians in the world. He also killed the most number of Sinhalese (6000) in this war. Including LTTE fighters the total number will be around 25,000 (all during his tenure) – Largest by any individual in the world today.

    By winning the election on a “War” mandate and initiating the war, he holds the unique responsibility to have started, pursued and finishing the war. The international community in partnership with the diaspora Tamils are building a strong case and will win the case like a cakewalk. US and UN satellite images have all the evidence that is needed.

    Sri Lanka will soon be Asia’s Zimbabwe. India will ditch Sri Lanka soon because it has already smelled Sri Lanka’s plan to ditch India by letting China in (Evidence of which is largely available).

    Rajapakse might probably be hanged/prisonned for life for his war crimes. Tamils will form Eeelam through an international mediated Referendum.

    Though this is a speculation, they are backed well substantial facts (true facts unlike Cho’s predictions).


  21. Someone asked why Tamils aren’t in Sri Lankan Army.

    Well, all instructions are given in Sinhala. Even emblem is Sinhala. So first, only a Tamil 100% proficient in Sinhala can join.

    After that they will be put in a regiment or something named after a Sinhala king, who most of the time became famous by killing Tamils. Like Gajaba, Dutugemunu or Sinha. Actually, Sinha Regiment is same lion origin as Sinhala.

    Even so before ’83 there were some Tamil police and army. But because their supervisors, the very top was Sinhala many had to just watch Sinhala thugs rape and burn Tamils. If they took action they would be killed. So many people just quit.

    LTTE’s political head who died earlier this week, B. Nadeason was a police man in Sri Lanka police. After he was stopped from doing anything in the riots he joined LTTE. Same for his wife who was actually a Sinhala lady but she couldn’t stand the way the mobs raped and killed Tamils and government told police to take no action.

  22. Three important steps:

    1. Free all 300, 000 detained in the internment camps. They have houses and land where they should be allowed to live normal life.

    2. Pull army out of Tamil areas. About 1/3rd of Jaffna, Batticaloa, and Trincomalee as well as entire Vanni is held by army as ‘high security zone’. These houses and lands belong to people now in refugee camps in TN and elsewhere.

    3. Allow Tamil people to govern themselves. In TN police does not stop public, point gun and ask questions in Hindi. Why in place like Trincomalee or Jaffna, police should point gun and ask question in Sinhala?

  23. Dear Joy Arun,

    You have nailed on the so called leaders of the world’s head with those questions. You will not receive a fair answer for those questions as all of them are hypocrites and they only remain in power for monetary gain. Human lives are their favourite toys !

    I need answers for following questions from UN and USA -

    Are we Tamilians suppose to be non exist for the rest of world ?

    Are they planning holocaust for Tamils like what Jews had in the past ?

    What Chinese,Indians,Jews and Pakistanis gain by supplying arms and chemical weapons to the ruthless Sinhalese government in order to perform the genocide on poor Tamil children,woman and civilians ?

    Are we guinea pigs for their weapon testing programme ?

    Does USA and UN intend to create more enemies in the world ?

    I am not a Sri Lankan Tamil but I am a Tamil. This are my race and my brothers and sisters and I will not sit back and tolerate injustice done to any races expecially Tamils in Sri Lanka

    All of them made a big mistake by doing this massacre on us and history will repeat and when it does all of them will feel the pain we are enduring now. By that time, world will witness the wrath of Tamils !

    We are beholders of thousands of years of civilization and we taught the world what they know. Today they forgot the history and became ungrateful.

    Tamil Tigers is not terrorist but freedom fighthers…dont push them to the wall and force them to act like a terrorist. If they decide to become terrorist, it will be total annihilation for those superpowers !

    A Fellow Tamilian

  24. Sri Lanka should ban all assets blelongs to LTTE terorists or its links and divide between faalen heros and tamil civilians.

  25. Arun,

    One can only sympathize with a person in denial. I can understand your frustration but you guys don’t want to have constructive actions for the betterment of tamils. Even if you fight for the next 50 years you won’t get a separate eezham. The singhalese will never let you have it. That’s the reality. So, get used to the reality and try to get as much provincial autonomy as possible. Be practical. Don’t screw the lives of poor tamils in NE. All those that could afford to migrate to western shores have done that leaving the poor ones to face the bullets. And on top of that these guys pour money to buy more bullets. If the population of NE is significantly reduced in the last 20 years the credit goes to the mad diaspora.

  26. 2. Why is there no Tamil in the Srilankan Army? Can those aristocrats in Delhi, Washington, London, France care to answer or comment.”


    Let me answer this. There is no law in Srilanka that forbids the recruitment of tamils in the army. It’s simply that our people don’t join. (namma ALunga cEruvathillai). In srilankan police, you find tamils. That should answer your question. If you notice carefully, even the TNA MPs don’t raise this as an objection. They only say that a tamil can’t become the President. That’s true though.

  27. I want the cheated Tamil public to think of these questions as well. Another questions, how conveniently the death of Prabhakran came immediately after the Indian election ?

    What stopped Mr. Karunanidhi, self proclaimed leader of Tamils, who is sitting @ his age of 80+ in Delhi negotiating for minister posts, to do the same when the Tamils were killed ?

    DMK party, which was a social movement, founded by great Annadurai is now a mere administrative organisation. I am sure Mr. Karunanidhi would have won all the seats if he acted for Tamilians. I guess with his memory, he should realise the passion he once had for Tamil and Tamilians. If he had had it, Tamils would have loved to call him the leader of Tamils. He lost a wonderful opportunity to advance the cause. Sad – a social activist turning into a selfish politician.

  28. Dear Kumar,


    Have you ever heard a situation where people of one ethnic group does not join the “Army”?

    Does that not mean that this group has lost trust in the Country, Government and Army? When will a whole group lose trust in the Government? Please think about it. Would you like to join army if you know you have to kill your own people for no reason?

    Can you show that there are tamil police in Colombo? Please don’t mention about Tamil police in Tricomalee. These are thugs from once militant groups who are happy to serve the SL govt.

    Well, the SL President does not consider anything that TNA MP’s say. Even the international community and other World Organizations who act as though they are interested, do not include them in their discussions.


    Hmm.. I think, you would blame Tamils for even that.

    Have you heard a saying “You can wake up a sleeping person, but not a person who is acting to be asleep”

    PEACE to ALL

  29. Dear Kumar Sir – The person who stood before bullet is the criminal. Not the person who fired the bullet. Correct sir?. This way we can reduce crime and eliminate it.

    Sinhalese cannot be convinced to decently give “freedom” so the more decent Tamils have to “adjust”. Right Sir?.

  30. Kumar – Are you threatening another massacre on behalf of Sinhalese?

  31. Sunderapandyan:

    You can’t blame others if you don’t see the writing on the wall.

  32. Rajapake has killed record largest number of civilians.

    People are trying war crime against him for that Sir. But he also should get a award first. How can we reward him sir?

  33. Shotgun,
    What about casualties from Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombing? They are 1,40,000 and 80,000 respectively.

  34. Also note that LTTE never issued any statement during this entire war that they want to pursue the war. They also did not issue any statements about their victories and recorded that they are fighting in defense. They also issued official statements several times calling for a ceasefire which have been recorder also.

    All they were doing was building a case that the Diaspora can pursue and win.

    Rajapakse is probably the least smart of all Sinhalese leaders I have seen. When Sinhalese population realize this, they will over throw Rajapakse. But it will be little too late for both Sri Lanka and Rajapakse.

  35. “Rajapakse has achieved a unique distinction of killing the most civilians in the world. He also killed the most number of Sinhalese (6000) in this war. Including LTTE fighters the total number will be around 25,000 (all during his tenure) – Largest by any individual in the world today.”

    Sunderapandyan: I am sure you are a firm believer in the theory that a lie repeated many times will become truth. Keep trying. What about casualties from Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombing? They are 1,40,000 and 80,000 respectively. Sounds too small compared to 6000 eh?
    You are free to build castles in air. Rajapakse is not an angel but you guys will not let the poor tamil civilians live in peace. You live in the comforts of the west and aid the killing of innocent civilians. Great job. You guys have blood in your hands as much as Rajapakse does.

  36. Kumar, What ever you assume, I am just a citizen journalist reporting on events as i perceive it. You may agree or disagree based on your level of intelligence and knowledge.

    The Hiroshima Nagasaki was written of as collateral damage, because it could not be pinned down as a crime committed by USA. In-fact USA claimed that their decision actually stopped the war avoiding further casualties of an already costly world war. The winner have the unique advantage of manipulating the judiciary.

    Poor Tamils of Sri Lanka will neither be able to live happily in a United Sri Lanka. So either way they have to endure pain.

    By the way, I am an Indian Tamil. There is a remarkable difference between Indian and Sri Lankan Tamils. Having lived in an island as a minority has allowed the Lankan Tamils to develop unique capabilities of intelligence for survival.

  37. Isn’t that a bad news to the Sinhalese as well? Now they don’t have any reason to refuse Tamil Eelam? Prabhakaran’s phantom is bigger and powerful than himself.

    God is powerful, only because he is man made, right?

    Prabhakaran will be remembered for longer than any world leaders of today. His cause will be completed soon also.

  38. Mr. S Pandyan! Greetings to you!

    I am really over-joyed to know that you are going around the world. It gives me a sort of comfort to my mind. Hope everyone is enjoying the trip. Thank you! May God bless you!

  39. Thanks Nithya.

    Not just Tamils, every freedom lover in this world will now align against Rajapakse.

  40. Hi,
    Let me put this to rest finally today after all these month.

    Yes, Iam Mottapaya Rajapakse a.k.a Raj, one of the nephews of his excellency, honorable president.
    I was educated in London, and have not been able to find a job, hence my uncle asked me to scour the net for sites that support tamils and put up pro-GoSL comments.

    I understand that my salary comes from the aid given by the international community. So what ? I like my job of tamil-bashing.

    So I hope today, we have a closure on my identity.

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