Tamils plan for a massive rally in New York city on 17th April

Tamils plan for a massive rally in New York city on 17th April

As news of large scale violence and civilian casualty numbers arrive from the Safe Zone in Sri Lanka, a massive rally is being organized in New York city on the 17th of April. Tamils all over the world are intensifying their protests and are urging the local governments of their respective countries to intervene and stop the carnage.

Organizers of the New York rally have made open calls to not only Tamils but also to Americans to join the protest to stop the genocide. The organizers have informed that “We want not only you, but your whole family – we need the children’s voice as well. So consider taking them from school and informing the school that they will be participating in a rally against genocide”. The rally is planned to be held in front of the United Nations Office and at Times Square on Friday between 11:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Voices of protests to the genocidal war is being raised from several quarters of the western world as well. Brad Adams, Human Rights Watch Asia director said “Sri Lanka’s so-called ‘no-fire zone’ is now one of the most dangerous places in the world.”

In Dublin, Tamil protesters were joined by Ireland Socialist Party members. irland1

While the intensity of protests by Tamils and others against the genocide is increasing day by day, the Sri Lankan government however is continuing with the killings in the Safe Zone. TamilNet – the website that the Western diplomats rely on to get information from sources outside government controlled media, reported yesterday that 180 civilians have been killed in 3 hours of shelling by the government forces.

Written by Kandhan

An engineer by profession, Kandhan writes to promote progressive politics in India.

16 thoughts on “Tamils plan for a massive rally in New York city on 17th April

  1. I hope it turns out to be a turning point in stopping the heinous genocide in Lanka, aided and abetted by criminal scum creatures. What cannot be hidden (despite the murderous silencing of the media by ruthless killings by the goon squads of the SinHELLa regime) is genocide of such a magnitude! Little wonder that the Rajapaksa regime of SinHELLa Lanka is rated at the top of the genocide RED ALERT LIST by independent genocide experts:


    It’s good to know that civil society members and human rights activists of the host countries are being invited because this is not a mere Tamil issue, it is a wider one that concerns humanity. Even more people of the host countries must be invited, because, unlike the pathetic folks in our part of the world, there are enough decent people with a conscience in other parts who are willing to lend their support to prevent the heinous crimes against humanity of the filthy Rajapaksa goons.

  2. Nithyananthan,

    I am sorry to say this but you really need to get a life. I can only empathize with your brainwashed state of mind but unlike you, I look at a problem from all angles. No, thanks I don’t need any lessons on Tamil history from you. You, on the other hand, need to reflect on the history to straighten your warped thinking. For a start, I am glad to help you in the process by asking a couple of questions.

    Q1. Why did Ponnambalam and Chelvanayagam *not* see eye to eye even though both were working for Tamils’ rights?
    Q2. Why do Jaffna Tamils call hill country (estate) Tamils coolikkaaran and sakkili? Out of love?

    Go figure.

  3. Kumar,

    I am with you on this.

    Nithiyanathan and Other Rebel supporters, below is what was mentioned by a Tamil Radio Station in North America.

    It takes a lot of courage to come out and accept things the way it is and was:

    As a Tamil, I have to agree with you for your reasoning:

    * The way we treated the Indian Tamils – and we still look at them as low class individuals, yet we watch Indian Movies and listen to Indian songs and even invest in India. We are holding the flag – which we claim that it is the original Tamil Flag – Chola’s. This is only now and only because it is convenient for us. And we still make fun of the Tamil dialect and accent Indians and even Colombo born Tamils. We call Muslims as ‘thoppi piratti’ and I don’t know what to call our actions now!!

    * The way we treated our own people – I don’t want to get started on this as we all know what we did and do.

    * The way we treated the Sinhalese people – This is the very reason for Sinhalese to bring up Standardization.

    It is very true that ‘what goes around will come around’ and this is evidence to that. And unfortunately, speaking in a spiritual sense as 99% of the Tamils ‘do’ go to temple and ‘pray’ – in Mahabharata – whoever took the side of Dhuriyodhana –even how good they are, end up dead.

    This is what is happening in Vanni right now.

    And the Tamil Diaspora should wake up and realize that they are citizens of where they live in (Canada, UK etc.) and should adhere to the standards of those countries. Especially their children whom were born there should not be misled by their parents (us) for our own anger and hatred. This is very wrong. This is the very reason that we don’t have any international representation in an intellectual and intelligence level.

    It takes a lot of courage to come out and state the facts and speak out your own mind and express freely your opinions.

    We still can control the damages if we push the LTTE to surrender – why aren’t we doing that?

    LTTE never expected things to get beyond their control, and they never had plan B, C or D etc.

    Vellupillai Prabakaran’s empire was built on Killing anyone and everyone whom he perceived as a threat to his position. He never wanted this to end – that is my take.

    And he sent all the child soldiers and forcefully recruited people to die for him and – when his life is in danger what does he do? Hide among the civilians and claiming that the civilians don’t want to leave because it is their birth place!

    Let me ask you a question – Then how come LTTE kicked off the muslims from North whom were born and lived there for their all along?

    If they can do it to the muslims, then they can do it to these civilians as well.


    I am a Tamil as well.

  4. Mr. Nithiyananthan,

    Regarding your dog in the haystack comments – it is VP who is the dog – as he never wants a solution neither he wants anyone who wants a solution for Tamils – which is exactly why he is where he is.

    No point in getting worked up on this.

    It appears that all the Pro LTTE protests and chants shows the desperation of their situation. Even now, no one cares about the civilians as along as LTTE is ok.

  5. Mr Drave and Mr Kumar: One thing I dont understand sir – Sri Lanka says there are only 500 to 1000 Tamil rebels left. But how come 1000 rebels are holding 100,000 civilians? Did they construct barb wired detention centers like Sri Lanka? or did they deploy 1 rebel for every 100 civilians?. Then who is fighting the 50,000 strong SLA?.

    This sounds impossible. If the rebels are doing this, they should posses extraordinary skills…

  6. Some smart undercurrent arguments are being played about Eelam Tamils not respecting Indian Tamils or talking about Dalits or treating Sinhalese..to condone killing the right to self-determination..or killing the rebels..

    We’ve seen many such slippery morality arguments and crocodile tears..You are not fooling anyone with you sense of righteousness..

    Tigers have made mistakes and they will have to pay..But opposing right to self-determination is an altogether different politics..

  7. Mr Kumar and Mr Drave,
    I think there are better things to do in your life than exposing your half-baked Singhala chauvinist (chickens) brain disguising as if you were Tamils. If any two of you think that anyone in this forum is buying your arguments of “as a tamil, I..”, you are just treating yourselves for a comical break (This is not Kopi-Kade in your Sinhala Tele-drama). It is pathetic, that neither of you don’t even have the guts to reveal your true race.

    Firstly, it would do all of us wonders if you get some basic education, preferably some high-school at the least. I know it may sound bit too hard for you as your singhala elite goons have elected a gas-station attendent as a secretary of defence of a S**T H*** country.
    Can either of you answer the questions raised by Mr. Murugan?

  8. nice to see the SINHALESE propaganda racist coolies writing rubbish under Tamil names (like Kumar). It won’t do much you LOOSERS!

    You might fool a few gullible people. Good luck and please continue to waste your time. (I’ll admit that nowadays supporters of Karuna and Pillayan also do this. So doesn’t have to be a Sinhalese goon. they usually are)

  9. LTTE wanted to be king of tamil elam. Any body opposed was removed. The list of tamil leader killed by ltte is bigger than that of sl army.

    If tamilian who have been given refugee behave like ltte they will also be thrown out like what most of the western coutnries are doing with regard to muslim after the 9/11 epiosode.

    Many day dream in internet about the ltte and tamil elam when ltte has effectively been neutralized. The invincibility has been disapprove and complete wiped off.

    I am not talking about what is right or wrong because once in war human life on both the sides go. LTTE has made numerous attack on civilian as part of their guerilla warfare. So it is their turn to pay back that is all. As you sow as you reap. What goes around comes around.

  10. Sonia is responsible for completing the story of ltte. See the double standard of tamilians, if kannagi burnt the whole madurai for the wrong judgement of kovalan and it is praised in all our literature, then there is nothing wrong in sonia schema

    What is our dravidian leader who are holding power doing.

    Why donot you blamce mk who holds the key of the centre powers. Fact of the matter is that he is also shaken up after the killing of rajeev gandhi by the ungratefull terrorist LTTE.

    If you look at it in a dispassionate manner, i donot see any tamilian greatly worried about the SL tamilian as they have got feed up of them and left. Invariably it started after the IPKF return and rajeev killing.

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