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Stop Rajiv bashing and focus on Tamil Eelam

It is evident that majority of Tamil people in Sri Lanka have endorsed an Independent Tamil Eezham (The 22 elected members from the TNA have extended unconditional support to the Tamil Tigers). It is also evident that majority of Tamil Nadu people are endorsing an Independent Tamil Eezham (Recent Surveys by Indian Express & Ananda Vikatan).  The Tamil Tigers have built a military force that can defend this independent territory.

A grand majority of Lankan Tamil groups are behind Tamil Tigers today (TNA Members – EPRLF, TELO, TULF, Tamil Congress etc). There is still a minority group (among Lankan Tamils) that has a different view which is quite normal in any society. Rajapakse knows that his army cannot eliminate the Tigers. All he is hoping to achieve is to reduce Tamil Tigers territory and improve Sri Lanka’s negotiation power.

However the challenge for Tamil Indians today is to convince Delhi to endorse Tamil Eezham. Tamil Indians cannot do this by bashing Rajiv/Congress at this juncture. Some may feel that they can expose Rajiv’s ill advised Sri Lanka venture and garner popular support from the people. However, that is a waste of time and energy and takes the focus away from the real objective.

Its is a popular belief that there is an involvement of an external super power and some local agents in the death of Rajiv. Many Tamil Eezham supporters are making huge mistakes by bashing Rajiv, because by doing so they are validating the opinion that Tigers were the sole parties involved in Rajiv’s death.

The deadlock caused by Congress’s stand on this issue has to be resolved in a meaningful way and that can be done only by not raking the Rajiv issue again. If you truly analyze the situation, even though some members of Congress & Tamil Iyers are opposed to the creation of Independent Eezham, it is the lack of unity within Tamil parties such as DMK, ADMK, PMK, MDMK, VC & DMDK and the lack of courage by the state leaders Karunanidhi and Jayalalitha that has caused the impass. If the focus had been on the common enemy Sri Lanka, rather on raking up internal issues, the state could have seen better progress regarding this issue. Their bashing only pushes the neutral spectators from those segments away. There must be some space left for people to cross the border with dignity and join the mainstream. It is easier said than done. But it is the right thing to do.

Two fighting brothers will forget their difference and join forces, when they see a BIGGER common enemy. When the Indian Tamils identify their enemy and focus on it they will make headway for the endorsement of Tamil Eezham. One Enemy, One Focus, One Goal.




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